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Affordable Coastal Living in Belize's Corozal District

More hype from International Living with a noxious presentation, two pop ups to close and social sharing buttons overlaying the text. As usual a dreamy view of paradise: It’s hard to beat waking to the sweet trill of birdsong accompanied by a glorious view of the sun rising over the Caribbean Sea. Open windows allow the balmy sea breeze to c


Panama law firm safeguards murky offshore secrets

Attorney Client privilege is a core concept of the legal system in the United States. The issue here is not that a law firm "keeps secrets" about its clients. The issue is that excessive taxes, or more importantly in many cases, excessive and burdensome reporting requirements inspire some to "keep secrets". It used to be "Swiss Bank" accounts, now


Early Footage From Assassin's Creed Creator's 1666: Amsterdam

In 2010 Assassin’s Creed creator Patrice Désilets left Ubisoft to form his own studio within THQ to work on a game called 1666: Amsterdam . Here’s our first look at how that game was shaping up before being sold back to Ubisoft and left in limbo for three years.


The Ratchet & Clank Movie Is A 90 Minute Cutscene Looking For A Game

What works as a series of video game cutscenes doesn’t necessarily work as a feature film. The Ratchet & Clank movie is living proof.


Lawmaker offers bill to impose 'exit tax' on expatriating companies

I think what the US Congress fails to see is that if they want to keep American companies in the US, they need to make it beneficial for them to stay. Not try to punish the for leaving. I am sure that an "exit" tax would be just one financial factor in the decision of a company to leave or not. Since such a tax would be a one time event, it would b


Press Releases: On the Occasion of Poland's Constitution Day

On the Occasion of Poland's Constitution Day Press Statement John Kerry Secretary of State Washington, DC April 29, 2016 On behalf of President Obama and the American people, I congratulate the Polish people as you celebrate the 225th anniversary of Europe’s oldest written constitution on May 3. The President and I look forward to joining you


Bitcoin Price Watch; The Weekend Ahead

It's been a great week for short term traders. Price almost hit 470 on Tuesday the 26th while it went down again to 438 the next day. Judging from the relative strength and also the volume of transaction, I can see that it will consolidate at around 450 after it breach the resistance at 442 last weekend. Looks like it will be an interesting weekend


'Global citizenship' on the rise, poll says

The numbers in many industrialized nations go in the opposite direction. So, country that was based on democracy, in fact is losing their support of globalization and in turn going back to the old ways because of xenophobic attitude after the refugee crisis. Well, in that case, let's start the globalization from the third world country then, if it


This $70 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Is Great For Normal Typing Too

While this Tesoro keyboard is marketed towards gamers, it looks basically like any other office-appropriate keyboard, and its clicky Blue mechanical switches are a dream for typists. Read more... ..


120-Sided Dice, For Your Most Hardcore RPG Sessions

There’s now a d120 out there, made by the folks over at The Dice Lab , and while it’d be interesting to see what it could be used for during an RPG session, it certainly looks like a fun gimmick. Read more... ..

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