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NSA Hacking Chief: Internet of Things Security Keeps Me Up at Night

The leader of the National Security Agency's hackers says that putting industrial control systems online has made America less secure. The trend to connect devices such as air conditioners and door locks to the Internet is making life easier for the National Security Agency's hackers - but also keeping their boss awake at night.


The Witness: how to open the white door with the blue and green maze boards

The Witness doesn't insist on linear exploration, but that white door is really bugging you, huh? The Witness: how to open the white door with the blue and green maze boards After you solve the first puzzle in The Witness, you set out along a path, pausing to take in a beautiful view, and maybe spotting the back of a locked door or finding some int


Finding Insecurity in the Internet of Things

The world of connected devices is growing fast, but how secure is it? As we connect everything from Barbie dolls to front-door locks and cars to the Internet, we're creating more-and possibly more dangerous-potential ways for cyberattackers to wreak havoc.


This Glowing Rock Wants to Monitor Your Internet of Things

Can a special security system keep hackers from messing with your connected baby monitor and door lock? There's a smooth, dark brown stone sitting in front of me on the table with a bright circle pulsing on its face-a signal, apparently, about the security status of Yossi Atias's fictional Internet-connected home.


DOJ wants court to force Apple to decrypt the iPhones - Market Business

The key word here is "Commercial Software License". DOJ used Apple as a pawn in this entire consumer privacy protection that Apple has. The way DOJ attack Apple is quite novelty if i might say. It is a battle between the wording of the word on the TOS and End User Agreement. Apple and other software manufacturer specifies that the software is 'lice


EZ Moving Labor Pennsylvania (PA)

Moving is a stressful event for anyone. From organizing, packing, cleaning, changing your address and all the other preparations that are necessary, moving can be overwhelming. EZ Moving Labor can help take some of the pressure away and ease the process of relocating your life. We offer residential and commercial nationwide moving labor services, s


How not to get your car carnapped

1. Always lock car doors and windows while traveling or while parked. 2. Always park car at a safe and secure place. 3. Avoid leaving valuables inside the car to preclude temptation. 4. Avoid waiting inside the car while parked. If it cannot be avoided, lock all the doors. 5. Avoid making stops in isolated places. 6. Avoid stopping for strangers. 7


Co-pilot deliberately crashed airplane

The Germanwing flight from Barcelona to Dusseldorf that crashed in the French Alps is said to be a deliberate action by no less than the co-pilot of the plane. Playing the onboard recording recovered from the black box, it was clearly intentional that the co-pilot locked the main pilot out when he stood to visit the comfort room. The pilot begged t


Residential Locksmith MD

Top Locksmith Service provide the best quality residential services that you will ever find in District of Columbia area and Maryland area. We provide great customer satisfaction and proudly stand as number one among local locksmiths. Our technicians are expert in providing complete locksmith solutions to your house and your family. We value each p


Locksmith Washington DC: 5 Tips on Choosing A Locksmith

op Locksmith Service provides 24/7 emergency locksmith services at your doorstep. Our experts specialize in replacing locks and solving lockout situations as well as door installations and intercom repairs. We care for your safety and security and it is our #1 concern. Our vehicles are fully equipped and ready to provide you service within 20 minut

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