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Verizon to Use Blockchain for Digital Rights Management

As a telecommunications company, Verizon is required by both local and international regulations to keep all sensitive user data for the law enforcement or governments to access. Regardless of the ethics or principles of the company, by law, Verizon has to be ready to provide any kind of data in any circumstances. In other words, more surveillance


Alleged Silk Road Admin, Gary Davis, to See No Mercy if Convicted

This is really stupid! Not because the crime that they have done, according to the book anyway, but because for the following: Davis is an Ireland citizen. Who give the US the right to prosecute him? Even the Ireland government do not charge him with this Silk Road fiasco since the internet cover the entire planet and no single government entity h


What do you study?

As someone who has a Dutch blood in me, I found Amsterdam is a great city in Netherlands. Of course you still have to be careful since drugs and prostitution is legal over there. Depending on what you study, if you like arts, the national museum or "Rijkmuseum" and Van Gogh museum is close by and it's interesting place to see. Across the street fro


Bitcoin Confiscated in €1 Million Finnish Drug Bust

...its proprietors began marketing themselves by sending out free LSD to potential buyers. Free LSD? What kind of idiots are they? As far as I know from what I read on deepdotweb, this Valhalla is still operational. I don't know where are they located, but if they are in Finland and included in this bust, this could be another big bust by the law e


FAQ: Advertising Placements

BitSoapBox and associated sites offer CPC advertising (paid via bitcoin). Four different formats are available and there are 12 different positions for ads on the pages. The ad formats are: 230x60px banner, 125x100 banner, text ad (formatted for 230x60px space), and single line text links. Currently the 125x100 banner format is only available for o


Never Run A Bitcoin Node and Wallet On The Same Device

Of course! Lots of bitcoiners did that under the assumption that it's easier to run both on the same machine. Wrong! I personally lost all of my bitcoin in the early days (although it's not much) due to my stupidity. Right now, I used cold wallet to store most of my bitcoin and several other including local PC and also web based wallet to spread th


Not really

Not really. If you know what to expect in a place, for example, that there is a widespread epidemic in the area, of course, you will make sure that you're safe when you go there. Now, we know for a fact that the Zika virus is transmitted through the bite of an Aedes mosquitoes such as A. aegypti. This kind of mosquitoes could easily be avoided if y



Please see the link below for the newest ERDC publication. - US Army Engineer Research and Development Center CEERD-IS-L 3909 Halls Ferry Rd. Vicksburg, MS 39180-6199 (phone) 601-634-3419 Link: Report Number: ERDC TN-EMRRP-SI-36 Title: Review of Invasive Riparian Trees that Impact USACE Ec


Changes to EU's Telecom Rules Are Coming Soon

"Unlike Telco's, OTT, (web based), are global players that are allowed to commercially exploit the traffic data and the location data they collect,"... In other words, they want similar legal umbrella that can make them collect the metadata from customers! The problem in EU is similar like in the US. Those telecommunication companies are regulated


Australia's Taskforce Argos Hacked Computers Located In The US

The Electronic Frontier Foundation have argued that using a hacking tool to discover the IP address of a Tor user is a breach of rights, Well of course, it's violating the fourth amendment rights despite the court decides that it's not a violation. This would make the federal agent or even a local law enforcement authority roaming the dark web mas

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