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Sarajevo is the capital and largest city of Bosnia and Herzegovina, located in the heart of South-East Europe and the Balkans. Through the city flows the river itself Miljaska. Around the city are mountains Jahorina, Bjelasnica, Igman, Treskavica and Trebevic which are visited by especially during the winter months when it snows. In Sarajevo, there


Lepetane ,Montenegro, Boka Kotor Bay

In medieval times the area was called Lepetane by the St. Lovijenca by the Church of the same name that is there (in place of Plavda), which is tied to the legend of the brothers martyrs (Andrew, Peter and Fort Lawrence), whose relics are kept today in the Cathedral under the name Petilovrenci. Until the first half of the 20TH century in lepetane w


French Polynesia signs first 'floating city' deal

This is an interesting concept. The question is whether this artificial island floating like a cruise ship all the time or they will be pinned down like the Japanese had made before. I wonder why they pick Tahiti for the location. Heck, if this a US company, why don't they try it in Hawaii or some sorts. Maybe the government are stifling their inno


Unusual side of Vienna - Places you won't visit on the regular tour

In the museum of magic tricks in Vienna you can experience magic moments. Over three thousand magician's box of three centuries old and from all around the world, fascinates visitors of this unusual museum. With the largest collection of magician's box in the world this museum entered in the Guinness Book of Records. If you like everything to be t


Haunted Hotels

One of the main reasons to go to the hotel is peaceful sleep. Good location and excellent service are not as important as a comfortable bed for some people. And what if you can't sleep because you fear that some mysterious ghosts will disturb you?! True, if it is a tourist attraction or a good marketing, these hotels are not for everyone.


Spa Koviljaca

Koviljača is a spa that is located 6 km away from my home town of Loznica. Banja adorned with beautiful environment, between the Drina River and mountains Gučevo, is also known under the name of Royal Bath. Thermal, mineral water and mud, most lenses bone disease, fractures, injuries, recovery after orthopedic and other surgeries. One o


Pretoria - NEW conference venue opening in March!

From: "The Capital Hotel Group" ("The Capital Hotel Group" (, To: "Thabm" ("Thabm" (Thabm), Cc: ! **IMG** **IMG** **IMG** **IMG** **IMG** # (**IMG**) INTRODUCING OUR NEW CONFERENCE OFFERING IN MENLYN We are very excited to bring you our very first hotel / apartments in Pretoria this March. The Capital Menlyn Maine is mor


Zuma Rock

This is one of the biggest rock in Nigeria, located at Abuja. Among the whole rocks that are in Nigeria, the rock has being one of the well known and recognize rock in Nigeria, because of where it is being located. Just take a look at it closely and see the beauty on it, and it's shape is just like an ark or a ship on the sea shore. Guys in Nigeria



Salzburg, a beautiful city in Austria. That's where I was born, lived for several years. It is located on the border with Germany, at the foot of the Alps. Salzburg means hill of salt, because were there a large salt mines, this city was for centuries known for its music, because that's where Mozart was born. He has beautiful squares, houses, stree


Did you ever drove this way? Do you dare?

"The North Yungas Road (Road of Death)," Bolivia They call it The road of death. Its length is 70 kilometers, and for the most part is only 3.2 meters wide. The road connects La Paz, capital of Bolivia and Koroiko. It is located at an altitude of about 4,650 meters above Kumbri dogs, and at 1,200 meters above Koroika. Since one part of the road wit

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