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Drug Listing Images Could Have Shown Vendor Locations

Well, duh! Do you think that those drug dealers do not realize it by now? Just like the example above where Agora start deleting picture and retake everything for it. On the other hand, there are several market who are also providing tutorial for their user on how to take a safe picture where it can't be traced by law enforcement authority.


I don't see any problem

First and foremost, you invested all your time with your children, which is a very good and powerful thing. Secondly, you have 401k which you can use to start a business, one located at your home or nearby. And as of now, you are still at your 40s, there are still a lot of time before you retire. Try to grow the money you have without degrading you



I like to travel with my car. And so every summer I find a new location for summer vacation to spend. So I did that as well 2 years ago. After a few days of just enjoying the sun and the sea, I decided it was time to explore. So I got into my car with my friends that were there with me and we just drove, exploring city by city, street by street, si


AMarkets launches trading in Bitcoin CFDs

What a bunch of crap! Located in the tax haven country and operates primarily in Russia. You could tell that doing a derivative transaction in bitcoin could give you trouble the next day. This is what happen with Bitfinex who gives people 1:20 leverage on BTC/USD pairs on derivatives. It's dangerous and that is the one that cause the world is pilli


Link from Taiwan Guide: Finding your rental home, The property search in Taiwan:

Confirmed link from to World Forum: Location Listings for Taiwan: First click through viewed: 09/22/16 11:21


Link from Trabajar en Bélgica: un mercado competitivo necesitado de mano d

Confirmed link from to National Career Centre: Location Listings for Belgium: First click through viewed: 09/22/16 10:22


How blockchain will grow beyond bitcoin

Of course, but the issue is not a private permissioned blockchain, but a public permissionless distributed ledger. If they want to create a private blockchain, then it's the same to say that they create a simple distributed MySQL databases located in multiple locations throughout the world. Just like now!


Czech-based Maximus Coin Moves to Malta amid Bitcoin Regulation Issues

What a bunch of craps! You could move the company anywhere. The only thing you need to do is just switching the server domain. The question is where the location of the mining rigs. So far, if those is still in Czech, then there is no way people buy it since the electricity cost is higher plus there is no way you could have that high amount of retu


Next Level OPSEC with PORTAL

While PORTAL leaves the task of obfuscating your hostname and MAC address to you, it would have meant a Tor exit node querying that FBI server rather than your home IP address. Well, but if this less likely to be paired with the obfuscated IP, then soon or later the feds could find out about the MAC address since all the MAC are registered when you


BitStarz Refuses To Pay Out Player's Bitcoin Earnings And Demands Credit Card Scans

BitStarz is a scam. Their operations are shady and location are pretty much unknown. The transaction shows on their site is basically fake and use their own people transaction on PayPal and other major credit cards company. Trying to take bitcoin without the added security is just another way to swindle customer from their money. Avoid this meatbal

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