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Commonwealth Bank and Wells Fargo Finalize Cotton Trade On A Blockchain

Really! Most cotton were traded in the US, China, India, Pakistan and Uzbekistan commodities market. So, what's is the role of Aussie Commonwealth bank in this issue? Admitted that you can trade anything in this world as long as you have connection to the internet. But this sounds fishy since the company that manages this cotton trades is located j


New US surveillance rules raise privacy concerns

The change, due to take place on December 1, would allow judges to issue search warrants for remote access to computers located in any jurisdiction, potentially including foreign countries. Very funny! Does the Justice department has a guts to issue a search warrant for North Korean, Russian and Chinese hackers suspected of breaching the US network


Google Maps Now Lets Users Order Food Delivery

In other words, people are getting more and more lazier each days. Of course this is one sector that need to be tapped by the F&B industry. By putting their location on Google maps, they can get fast food gooey service from third party delivery services. What worse, now google know your exact location and your personal detail including what you lik


Visa to Launch Blockchain Payments Service Next Year

...near real-time settlement platform is aimed at providing a more secure... What is a "near real time settlement"? If the business is located in multiple countries, how in the world your system could be operated instantly since lots of them are locally stored in a distributed network.


Authoritarians Seek 'Real-Time Surveillance' of All Individuals on the Internet in Global Conference

Even without them, the US is still in control of the ICANN. The reason is that they are still financed by the US through the UN. Moreover, they are located in the US soil to the point that it will create animosity on who actually control the ICANN.


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Things to remember when buying a condo

Things to remember when buying a condo. 1) Reservation? what is it? Well, reservation are the usually the first payment given by the payee when he or she is about to get that unit. 2) Reservation has already been deducted to the total contract price of the unit you desire. 3) Do not be confused when you are being asked by your agent to pay the Rese


Scientists Seek UN Approval to Create Asgardia, Earth's "First Space Nation"

Interesting project! But this is mean that the citizen of the earth will have their own country on earth too? If there is, where is this located exactly? If the legality of this idea can be passed through the UN, I'd love to sign up for it. Aha!


Link from Real estate agents Taiwan - Directory and resources

Confirmed link from to World Forum: Location Listings for Taiwan: First click through viewed: 10/25/16 12:45


Link from Moving to Thailand

Confirmed link from to World Forum: Location Listings for Thailand: First click through viewed: 10/25/16 06:07

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