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Crappy old cinema

I am a millennial and from my childhood, I clearly remember the vibe of restlessness and hopeful expectations right before the show began -- when you sat down on the chair at the movies, lights still on. And then... THAT moment when the whole cinema sank in dark, the speakers went on, and the grainy screen was finally brought to life tickled my sto


Brave to Integrate Bitcoin Micropayments: For 'Users Who Will Take a Stand and Fight Back'

In March, Bitcoin Magazine covered the launch of the Brave browser, which offers faster browsing by replacing ads with clean and light ads. The announcement stated that the forthcoming version of the Brave browser, planned for April, would include micro-payments and a built-in Bitcoin wallet.


RYMAX Laminated Calcium Silicate Board | Drywall | Ceiling

RYMAX Laminated Calcium Silicate Board | Drywall | Ceiling RYMAX Laminated Calcium Silicate Board is a kind of new green building materials which is to meet the demand of wall decorating revolution for environment friendly, energy saving, radiation reducing, easy installation. Fiber reinforced calcium silicate board is used as basic materials; proc


RYMAX Magnesium Board | Magnesium Oxide Board | Ceiling | Drywall | MGO

RYMAX Magnesium Board | Magnesium Oxide Board | Ceiling | Drywall | MGO RYMAX Magnesium Board is a kind of environment friendly material which has a wide range of application. It can replace the Wooden Board, Medium Density Fiber (MDF) Board, Gypsum/Plaster Board and Calcium Silicate Board. That is, it can be applied in indoor partition wall and ce


A Hot Affair

I am a nurse. But not just an ordinary nurse. I am a community specialist nurse, and my work takes me to different places around the Middle East where I am currently based. We spend weeks in one place before moving to another. I am not an Arabic person, and my palate is not as adventurous as other people. I cannot stand the heavy smell and spices o


Hitachi Seiki VK45 has 5065 TF start alarm

Getting this error on my VK45. 5065 TF START ALARM What is a TF? Anyone know what this abbreviation stands for? I have tried tracing it back in the ladder program (I am far from an expert doing this) and it seems to lead back to a pair of timers that toggle each other back and forth and I don't see a way to stop them. About a month ago I lost one i


Optical-chips team sweeps Clean Energy Prize

A team that aims to drastically boost the efficiency of computing with silicon chips that move data using light - not electricity - took home both grand prizes at Monday night's MIT Clean Energy Prize (CEP) competition, earning a total of $275,000. Optibit , which includes two MIT graduate students, beat out five other finalists at the eighth annua


150w led high bay light

Energy saving 150w UL DLC listed led high bay light replacing 300w-450w traditional high bay light 1. LED high bay light specification: Item No.: SP-HB-150WXA Energy usage: 150 W Reflector: 45, 120degrees Chip supplier: Cree(110-130lm/w) Driver: Meanwell driver Color temperature: 2700K-7000K Imput votage: 90-295VAC Luminous flux: 12, 000-14, 000LM


2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee Indicator Lights flashing off and on

My 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee continues to have the indicator lights flash off and on over and over again. The Jeep still runs and has power while this is happening. I've noticed it more so when I first start up my Jeep. I have seen a lot of post in regards to this same issue and people talking about replacing the ignition switch. Has anyone else had


jeff jiang Profile

Thanks for the advantage of stamping process, stamping process is widely used on each field.It plays an important role in the automobile, tractor, motor, electrical appliance, instrument, toys and daily necessities production. However there is many parts made by forging, casting, machining method at past, Now it is replaced by good stiffness

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