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What humans are missing

Lasting peace is in heaven..... Unfortunately here on earth humans lack the COMPASSION that would be needed to achieve lasting peace. We all have our flaws in our own way and I think people are to proud to admit what those flaws are. But if we all worked together and actually cared about our neighbor this world would be a better place and we would


Why rest and relaxation are such a serious business

The world has changed. The way people works themselves so hard even do not care about overtime to make their ends meet are considered enslaving themselves to death. Many times we see that lots of business encouraging their employee to take vacation or sometimes off to clear their minds. But in the tight workplace especially in the corporate world,


Dishonored OST

This is song from the greatest video game ever - I assure you. If you didn't play it - I strongly recommend you, you will get new point of view on life (if you of course have such necessity and inner readiness). It's true masterpiece of art. And soundtrack is just nice and can cause nostalgia.


The Psychology Behind Enjoying Fear

Adrenaline rush! That was the primary reason for people that able to face the fear. Hey, you do not need Halloween to do that. Try to get in into the highest or most scarier roller coaster all over the world. Then you know that adrenalin rush sometimes goes up to your heart. If the argumentation is about monotonic life, then this psychologist is ou


The Nation Where the Most Under-35s Live With Their Parents

There is nothing wrong living with your parents. In fact, in many cultures not to mention the west, having to lie with your parent is saving lots of money. The problem is whether they're psychologically stable to continue their life. After all, you do not want your parent whoops your asses all the time.



Well, my mom has been and will be my favorite among the parental thing. She is like a mother and father to me. Because she's always been the family planner among us all. She always have an idea of how life gonna work. She's hardworking and I really see that her goals in life is to earn money and spend it all to her children. And that's what I admir


Where have you ever traveled outside of your own Country?

Are you a World traveler? Have you only been to a country that borders your own? Maybe you have never been outside of your own Country in your whole life (That's not very Worldly, is it?) If you haven't; why not, what's keeping hostage? If you have, where'd you go? Is it a place you'd go to again?


Success part 2

I agree with thought that you can have some material achievements like much money, expensive house, solid car and etc. but still be unhappy. These all things can give us some comfort in life but no more. It doesn't cure our soul, it's a personal task. So the right way - firstly understand and accept myself.



In my personal opinion, success does only involve material, fame and financial achievements in life. Because some rich and famous personality can have it all materially, but they can't consider themselves successful because family life is not happy. If there is contentment and satisfaction in life, we can consider that, that is attain successfully.


Who had the biggest impact on the person you have become?

Good morning, it's another day in your wonderful life. You're older and maybe more responsible than you were when you were a kid (or not), and you find yourself pondering the things that have gotten you to this very place today. Whose most responsible for helping you to experience the things that have made you who you are, now? Tell us how this per

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