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Its referred as medical condition in many literature , but today you can find it also labeled as "disease of society" , made by society ; by making people live their life faster then before and making everyone eat more and more junk food and sugar drinks. Obesity is caused by a combination of excessive food intake, lack of physical activity, and ge



Live comfortable life ? What this mean ? For someone a good meal and place to live is enough but for other being able to visit famous restaurants or buy a brand cloths and shoes. All is depended what standard you want to have. I don't know a lot about Belize but for normal life probably 1500 2000 euro is enough.


This is the key to happiness, according to new study

The older you are, all of those experiences in life that you gather will determine your cognitive process to make a better decision. So, mental health is more important than material. Once you reach that stage, your are thriving for enjoyment from your gathered wisdom that you accumulated all of your life. Of course this theory works in general whe


India - Penniless man carries wife's body to home village

When you live in the third world country where more than half of the population live below the poverty level based on their income (duh!), you will see many indignities like this that rarely being seen by others since they are not being reported. Meanwhile, we who live in other part of the world who never see or even experiences something like this


Beautiful Names of Allah

Did you know that there are 99 beautiful names of Allah s. w.t From my source [URL deleted] These 99 names or attributes are classified under six categories: 1. First category has seven names, which describe the absolute being and unity of Allah; 2. Five names present Him as the Creator of all; 3. Four names present His special moral attributes; 4.


Tracktion eNews - BioTek Sound Designer Edition available!

!! BioTek Sound Designer Edition view in browser THE BIOTEK SOUND DESIGNER EDITION! BioTek's new Sound Designer edition (BioTek SD) is now available for download! It allows users to deep dive into the inner workings of this immersive instrument. Utilizing the all new Acktion! Engineâ„¢, BioTek now provides unprecedented control, wi


An amount of money equal to the amount of responsibility

Unless you inherit a truckload of truckloads of money, win lottery or be one lucky dunce (like someone who mined thousands of bitcoins on their laptop in 2009 and never wasted those on pizzas), there's no way you make/hold onto much money with this kind of attitude. Oligarchs, magnates and inventors are the busiest people ever. It's one thing to bu



It depends on what you like to do with your life. If you live a modest, boring life then you could easily do it on $500 a month if you live like a local. If you need medication then it may end up costing more than what you pay back in the states so keep that in mind.


Why it's considered a drug?

Who decides that Ayahuasca should be considered a drug? FDA or DEA? The Uber food and drug agent of uncle Sam who can't even figure out what goes into the recipe of simple meatballs? My answer would be yes. Heck, I live among a traditional herbalist over half of my life and this thing is no difference. Every local culture has their own beliefs that


Strength and Opposite Attract!

One thing I know that if you dream about lion, it's symbolize strength within you. And since you do not say that you have children or wanting to have children which this could also be a sign, then the lion in your dream shows that you are a strong person psychologically and adept into many aspect of life. Regarding why the male cub is much more att

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