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Biggest Irritation in Life

What is your biggest irritation in life? Does it come from within? From outside? Is it beyond your control?The world can really suck. Something are much worse than others. What is the worst part of your life?The thing that irritates me the most Other People: 40.0% Windows: 20.0% The News: 20.0% My Family: 20.0%


How much would you give to save ... your mother in law?

Apparently Bernie Ecclestone’s mother in law has been abducted in Brazil, and her captors are only asking ... just under 28 million pounds for her life. Bernie, the F1 billionaire, is a popular target for kidnappers; they have also demanded in the past 200,000 pounds to leave his daughter alone. But is he going to give the money for his moth


While Shrem, Ulbricht Enjoy Cults of Personality, Shavers Abandoned by Bitcoin Community

Well, Schrem and Ulbricht doesn't have any victims, but Shavers has plenty on records. The problem is that the sentencing did not reflect that. Of course the justice system sometimes overlook or even create a new problem in life. That seems to be the court specialty these days.



don't really know what I'm doing with my life anymore


Syrian refugees resettled on remote Scottish island of Bute complain their new home is 'full of old people waiting to die'

Hey! My advice to these refugees, look on the bright side, they are alive and well on their new places, so stop complaining. Moreover, you get an education on how to integrate to the society and also allowances from the government to sustain your life in the meantime. Psychologically, maybe this is what lots of government in EU did. As lots of coun


New inheritance tax 'penalises 28,000 for dying early'

War, famine, poverty, and in the developed country like the western world where those are practically do not exist, government tax is the one that going to kill you eventually. No difference here in EU and in this case is in UK. For once, they do not want children inherited taxes from their parents as a way to make them to work hard like their pare


Now Even Watching TV Can Kill You, Study Finds

Really! And how long has this been going on? Exercise regularly is also important in your daily life. Even if you decide to have a strict diet. Of course these people that they are testing are commonly known as "couch potato". No job, drinking beer and eating pizza while watching TV or play video games is a basic recipe for disasters.


Is 'Big Bitcoin' Watching How You Spend Your Cryptocurrency?

"If your service provider is going to be your parent, then it's time to move out and life your live on your own terms!" I couldn't say it better. Besides, no one want to use Coinbase for gambling or anything else. Even the regular transaction is being monitored by Coinbase. Secondly, why the gambling site do not generate multi-sig or multi address


5 Reasons Why Bitcoin Value Must Increase In Future

Of course I agree with Mr. Smart here. I've been telling the same thing and the same reasons that bitcoin value will keep increasing no matter what. If you look at the fifth reason, you know why that the supply of money in this world is based on debt and not logical to keep owning a debt for the rest of your life. Bitcoin is much more feasible opti


Cryptography vs. bigotry: the debate Australia needs to have

Well, there is not much what I can say about the Kangaroo country. Looks like when people coming in, there will be scan on what religion are you. Of course it will make people who has different believe will leave the country, and that's no big deal. But what happen to those who already live most of their life there? Are they going to be kicked out

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