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John Fountain: Keep classrooms free of surveillance

...real-life "Enemy of The State." The classroom. No place seems sacred from surveillance anymore. Not even the university classroom. I agree completely. What the business of university administrator to monitor their faculty teaching. If the reason is to caught criminals, then do it outside the classroom environment. This would lead to more totalit


Quiz: We Know When And How You Died In A Past Life

Do you think that there is a life after death? Do you think that you will born as new you in someone else body after you die? Then this is a perfect quiz for you. You should definitely check it out.



In life, you don't get anything for free. So how do you think you can get rich by doing absolutely nothing. To be rich, and in first place to get rich, you need to work hard and improve your skills through out life. But once you got enough money to play around with it, start investing. That is the best way to get rich and stay rich. Invest in any o



I think my lucky number is 7, since it has been in my life from the start. In every school I was, I was number 7. In sports i was wearing outfit with number 7. Even my birth day has a 7 in it. But if you ask me, that is not the only number that follows me around. If you pay attention, you will see that many numbers are always there, always repeatin


Start to end

Well, I have more then one best friend in my life. But I met them all in school. Some were there from the very start, others I met in high school or later on in life. But the two closest friends I got are both school friends. I know I would do anything for them as well as they would for me.



I come from a place (and nation) where the family relations matter a lot. But I myself am more oriented to the "west style" of living. Being free from strings and thinking about my future on my own. With that being said, I love my family and I care for them, but my life is mine. I would as well do anything for them, but I go my own way, as I see it


Usually Not

When a beggar comes at me asking for a penny, I usually refuse because I always think that these beggars are not really beggars. Most of the time, these people use the money they collect to play at computer shops or buy illegal drugs or paraphernalia. I know I'm being too judgmental, but I just really want to be careful not to further ruin the life


Wawrinka Cruises Into St. Petersburg QFs

Oh well, pretty easy previous matches for Stan Wawrinka. Lets remember that he won US Open against Novak Djokovic no 1, also he is playing on this tournament for first time in his life. Next opponent for Stan Wawrinka is Victor Troicki and they are playing tomorrow. Good luck to both of them!


No or Yes

The answer to the above question is either NO or Yes, because of individual differences. Every individual has his or her own opinion concerning where to spend their retirement life base on their financial capability, thought Costa Rica is a place of international living and comfortable environment, but you have to check your financial strength as a


3 Ways to Spend a Million Dollars

A million of dollars to be spent, what the dream I had last night? for me, spending millions of dollars like below: 1. Building a School for Poor Children In some countries, many poor children who cannot attend school. They are in school age are forced by circumstances to work to earn money for the family. 2. Investments Build or buy a company, thi

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