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Hack-proof RFID chips

Researchers at MIT and Texas Instruments have developed a new type of radio frequency identification (RFID) chip that is virtually impossible to hack. If such chips were widely adopted, it could mean that an identity thief couldn't steal your credit card number or key card information by sitting next to you at a café, and high-tech burgl


Link from Sentinel Gun Safe Replacement Key - New Storage Solutions

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The one on the left still functioning perfectly. The one in the right, after 6 months of use requires a screen change and a new keyboard (because the ENTER key is not working properly). It already had a RAM replaced too.


Trump wants focus on 'mental illness problem,' not gun control

The issue of mass killings, and even individual killings (the ones not related specific to another crime, ie: robbery), are likely not an issue of "mental illness" but rather a culture of anger. The key is not declaring people mentally ill and submitting them to torturous procedures to "cure them". Rather, the culture of anger needs to be replaced


Rare: China controls the US Feds now?

Janet Yellen's rare comments on China reinforced US weakening economy that it will head to a deeper slump. On Thursday September 17 FOMC meeting, Yellen mentioned China along with inflation after all Fed governors put off a long expected interest rate hike. This is very unusual for the Feds which usually limits its focus to the domestic only US eco


Cold storage, like a pr0

This, is one of my cold wallets private keys. Encrypted in several methods, one on top of the other. giving this litle strip of paper wich I can also "rewrite" later using mnemotechnichs to decode when needed. It is based on a method we had at school for passing notes, a garbled language + writing + base encoding. On top of that there's character r


TPP Founders - and That's a Good Thing

Trans-Pacific Partnership delegates fail to reach final deal; pharmaceuticals, cars, dairy key sticking points ... Delegates negotiating a Pacific free trade agreement have failed to reach a final deal after several days of intense talks in Hawaii. The talks were halted after a dispute flared between Japan and North America over autos, New Zealand


Privacy Policy - Terms and Conditions

Privacy Policy The policies here relate to all websites operated by Tropical Moon, LLC and/or GLR Sales, LLC. Our websites offer a number of social networking / publishing features which may include: user registration and profile hashtags direct messaging between users bulletin board / message forum photo gallery member profiles classified


Devon Keys

Can someone direct me to a site that sells replacement keys for a W. H. Harper Devon file cabinet?? Thanks


SharpVision Weekly Update 06/09/2015

Top posts... The Associated Press explains, "Australian doctors told not to prescribe homeopathic items as 'they do nothing'." The attack on homeopathy thus continues in Australia. Royal Australian College of General Practitioners says pharmacists should not stock such products because there is no evidence they are effective in any way. The Roya

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