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For Disciplined People, Yes!

Middle east is a very wealthy region. Great job opportunities are everywhere in this region. The region however has very strict laws and are very direct to people who violate any rule. If you are thinking of working anywhere within this region, then its great! But keep in mind that you should be very disciplined when you get there and familiarize y


Increased Job Opportunity Rises Demand for Blockchain Courses

Increase in the jobs opportunity doesn't mean the person who qualifies for the jobs will take it. The reason is that most people that understand the technology such as core engineers and hackers are unwilling to work in such organizational environment where they will be enslaved by those big boys. They need to wait probably another 2-3 years to get



I was in a horrible accident back in 1997. I walked away after peeling the radiator off the engine of my Toyota Tercel hatchback. Jeep barely had a dent... 18 years later I'm still suffering from chronic back pain and can't do a traditional 'job' Crypto has opened many opportunities. I have been able to make some money for myself, and even give som


Too close

Too attached that I cannot risk contacting them for a week. I received several job opportunities abroad but unfortunately declined those offers because I don't want to leave my family. I hope I can take them with me abroad though.


Psychological dilemma?

If I'm not mistaken, the state of Oregon use quarters instead of semester since I used to have two roommate from that state when I was in college. Graduating high school with 2.8 GPA doesn't kill your opportunity if you want to go to college. What determine you to enter college is where do you want to go and what field that you want to study. There


Chinese Airlines Eye Expat Pilots

I know about the shortage, but not only in China, but throughout the region. The reason is that the traffic is alarmingly tripled for the past 10 years, even the smaller cargo plane is needed to reach a remote areas. This is a good opportunities actually for expats. The only thing that could hinder them is the immigration process in China is very t


Retraining Program for Immigrant Engineers

The Cooper Union's Retraining Program for Immigrant Engineers provides admitted participants the opportunity to update their skills and work in their chosen fields by offering them professional courses and job placement assistance free of charge for those who qualify. The program includes courses in information technology as well as chemical, mecha


Kotaku 'Shop Contest: This Is A Job For Torbjorn

Just because Overwatch 's resident turret-banger is getting toned down on consoles doesn't mean Torbjorn can't still be a productive member of society. There are plenty of employment opportunities for dwarf with a robotic arm, like whatever you guys come up with this week.


Job and Employment Links for the Week of June 5

U.S. Census Bureau - Ongoing Recruiting on Monday, June 6, 2015 8 am - 5 pm for Field Representative (100 P/T openings) at the Department of Labor sites across the 5 boroughs. Location, dates, and times will be given upon applying. If you are interested, please contact DOL Recruitment Department at 212-584-3495 or E-mail: new.york.recruit@censu


Job-hopping: Millennial's best economic trend (No, seriously)

Yup! They do not care about salaries anymore but opportunities to become better. Why? Because in this tight market, skills are much more important compared to money. When the mindset think that having a better skill will make more money eventually, millennial will make most of the job as a stepping stone to the next one until they find out that the

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