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Creative Monkey

Inside the mind of a freelance worker Q: You live in United Arab Emirates, are most of your clients there too? A: No, my clients are from all around the world, although I do get a significant number of freelance jobs from clients based in the UAE. Q: Where are most of your clients located? A: Scattered. I have clients based in USA, Canada, Paraguay


Best Job Industries in 2016

Best Job Industries in 2016Which of the following jobs do you think are the most in-demand and most popular in 2016?Simply tick the box of your choice and let us know why.2016 Jobs: Freelance (stay-at-home jobs): 24.5% IT & Social media (computer and technology related jobs): 22.4% Engineering, all discipline: 20.4% Education (Teachers, Professors,


Free Job Training: A Career in the Transportation Sector

Cypress Hills is offering a freeCommercial Drivers (CDL) License Course and job placement assistance for a career as a para-transit driver. Para-transit drivers operate buses and vans providing service to people with medical mobility issues.


Britain to hire 1,900 more spies to combat Islamic State militants

Question is, where he going to get the money? Just print it? They already slash the NHS budget that caused quite number of medical personnel to look for job abroad. And last week Osborne slash the budget on social welfare and public service in favor of cyber defense. And now Cameron will increase the budget for three top intelligence agency in Euro


Osborne slashes welfare, injects £1.9bn into cybersecurity to counter ISIS hackers

"Osborne announced the injection of cash into the security system as he prepares to unveil a fresh round of cuts on welfare and public services next week as he attempts to push Britain back into a budget surplus." For the last three month, there are lots of medical personnel looking for a job abroad because of the cut on NHS. Now, he wants to cut


How to choose a wheelchair for elderly parents

As parents grow old, how to choose a wheelchair for them has become a sore point in the heart of their children. So many people are wondering how to choose as they are unprofessional, here it would be shared how to choose a good wheelchair for parents. Wheelchairs are the most common assistive devices in the hospital. A wheelchair is needed tempora


Cameron tells EU leaders to send economic migrants home - as ONE MILLION head our way he's saying! He and the rest of EU's leader promised them refugee status for five years and after that they can request asylum to stay or go home. I bet most of them will stay after 5 years since they will get everything they want including medical, education and benefits for 24/7. They also said on the BBC that as soon as they get into UK


MIT joins $171M public-private consortium on manufacturing flexible electronics

MIT is one of several universities in Massachusetts that will support a new federal initiative to boost manufacturing innovation in the area of flexible hybrid electronics (FHEs), a high-potential new generation of electronics that are still in the early stages of development. MIT will work closely with the University of Massachusetts at Amherst -


VMST Employment Services: Why Choose VMST?

There doesn't lack headhunter companies in Vietnam that are qualified to meet your human resource demands? So why recommend choosing Vietnam Manpower Service & Trading Company (VMST)? What make this company shine out? 1. VMST is truly experienced and trustworthy in the employment supplier business. Founded since 2000, it has claimed its indispensab



I want to post a message in respect to an online medical housemanship job i had applied with the national hospital Abuja as directed i do by the hospital via its chairman medical administrative committee whom i spoke with on 8 august, 2011 at the hospital enquiry stand using its mobile landline around 9 AM to 11 AM.

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