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Uruguay and China Want to Expand Business Relationships

Xinhua tells us that China, Uruguay will expand trade, investment cooperation. In fact, Uruguayan President Tabare Vazquez has traveled all the way to China to meet with Premier Li Keqiang on various trade and investment issues. While some in Uruguay believe that little will come of the ambitious trip, Vazquez has attracted positive business attent


IMF warns Pakistan of looming China-Pak Economic Corridor bill

Well, with every Foreign Direct Investment there is always a risk. The question is how the Paks handled the Chinese is much more important than how the IMF sees this deal. IMF is pretty much western controlled institution to the point that they are not seeing what other people can see. Of course the Indian complain since the CPEC passing through th


China's billionaires club of entrepreneurs embarks on cross-Canada tour

Well, when you are in deep economic recession, find someone from other country that can help you and give them tax amnesty. This is typical upper one percenter moves toward tax shelters and monopoly. Canada is not as bad as US in term of public debt, but their harsh economic policy plus high level corruption under previous PM cause the country losi



In life, you don't get anything for free. So how do you think you can get rich by doing absolutely nothing. To be rich, and in first place to get rich, you need to work hard and improve your skills through out life. But once you got enough money to play around with it, start investing. That is the best way to get rich and stay rich. Invest in any o


Cash Inflow In Emerging Markets Can Be Positive For Bitcoin

The question is which emerging markets that are suitable for investment right now. Despite the recommendation, not all investor aware of such opportunities. The reason is simple, in this uncertain economy, they want to play safe. Even if the stock and bond market getting a haircut, the current emerging market is still rigging with debt nonetheless.


Hello everyone i am a serious private investor looking for positive investment opportunities and business partnerships

Hello everyone i am a serious private investor looking for positive investment opportunities and business partnerships with positive and encouraging profit margin needing additional capital for expansion , i am investing like a private investor and i have ready capital of $70,000,000 ( Seventy Million United States Dollars ) i am looking for inves


Collected Department Releases: Secretary of State John Kerry to Deliver Foreign Policy Address to Pacific Council

Secretary of State John Kerry to Deliver Foreign Policy Address to Pacific Council Notice to the Press Office of the Spokesperson Washington, DC April 10, 2016 US Secretary of State John Kerry will deliver a speech to Pacific Council members and local government officials at 10:00 am. on April 12, 2016, at the Omni Hotel in Los Angeles, California.


Ecuador Signs Deals Totaling $1 Billion to Boost Production at Mature Oil Fields

No one can escape the Chinese right now. They are businessman not like the US. Now their expansion is all over the world without a catch in the beginning. The one country that usually quiet for centuries now open for foreign direct investment and expanding their wing for the last decades. "Opportunity knocks, then we should take it" attitude is kil


Lifestyle and economic consideration when moving to Mexico

Lifestyle and economic consideration when moving to MexicoMexico is fast becoming a favorite of foreigners, mostly of Europeans and Americans, to live and retire. Its culture, food and perfect beach communities are just so beautiful, it’s hard to say ‘NO’ everytime the opportunity to move arises. What is your desired lifestyle?


Indian firms to showcase investment opportunities in China

Hey! China will jump on this on the first place. Similar to my response in other article about the revival of the old Silk Road, infrastructure especially along the border must be strengthened. If India can convince China on building a better support system to make the logistics even cheaper than before, then the Chinese who already have a plan alo

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