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Introduction to Freenet: A Censorship-Resistant Network

Interesting project, but this is still on the surface of the internet. The buzz that I heard from down below is that once you install it, it hard to get rid of it from your PC since it takes chunks of your drive as a file sharing drive (similar to torrent). Use it at your own risk. You could downloaded here: //l[2]


Nathaniel Popper: 'Borders End Up Mattering A Great Deal' In Bitcoin

This is actually a great series to watch. Made by Tech Crunch media, and it's a good general social introduction to what is a digital currency. The shows start with a series on how a handful of hacker or cyberphunks created a crypto currency (not shown) called bitcoin in 2009. And the rest is history like we are known up till now. You can watch the


Arms Control and International Security: Revitalizing Military Confidence-Building, Risk Reduction, and Arms Control in Europe

Revitalizing Military Confidence-Building, Risk Reduction, and Arms Control in Europe Remarks Bruce I. Turner Deputy Assistant Secretary , Bureau of Arms Control, Verification and Compliance OSCE Security Days: Roundtable on Re-launching Conventional Arms Control in the OSCE Context Vienna, Austria October 3, 2016 I appreciate the opportunity to sp


Introduction to Zcash, the anonymous Bitcoin

So far, it's all about description and guidelines for general population or crypto enthusiast. Only developers and internal got a chance to see what's going on. Of course the mining guide (//l[2]) seems interesting, but so far it failed and needs more improvements on it. Zcash wouldn't be launched until the end of October 2016. Until then, I reserv


It became boring

With the introduction of Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter, Friendster became outdated and it wasn't able to cope up with the variety of entertaining offers of its competitors. Facebook in itself introduced different games and communities which hooked people from all over the world. In contrast, Friendster never made an action to match its competitors o


The era of Blockchain: Impacts of digital currencies on the financial systems

This is a good introduction or description about digital currency from the advocate of the Kenya judicial system. But I like the final sentence though: Bitcoins and digital currencies is the idea which has come, stopping it is mission impossible. That's true. Stopping it would be impossible for any countries, governments, banks or financial institu


Clear path to Ariane 6 rocket introduction

The company set up to manufacture Europe's next-generation rocket - the Ariane 6 - says it is open to orders. Wow! The next generation rocket Ariane-6 has came and will be ready to launch in 2020. The European space Agency gave their final nod and their CEO said that this Ariane-6 will be needed by many commercial satellite customers and they will


Collected Department Releases: Remarks at the Airbnb Luncheon for the U.S. Department of State's Gilman Scholarship Program

Remarks at the Airbnb Luncheon for the US Department of State's Gilman Scholarship Program Remarks John Kerry Secretary of State United States Institute for Peace Washington, DC September 12, 2016 Nathan, thank you. Thank you for that very spirited introduction and for your story.


Developers Are Flocking to Blockchain Bootcamps

That the reason why education is the most important thing. And now people who has tech background are racing toward this new technology. It's not a question what, but when the world will adopt this technology. It's inevitable and at the rate it moves, it could be faster than the introduction of world wide web in the 90's.


Red or Black

Someone here told me about steemit before some days. Posted pics in this topic are all mine if you are any interested how I look over the years you can check my post and comment on it. This is my introduction.

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