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MH370 search: Tanzania debris 'part of missing plane'

A large item of debris found off the coast of Tanzania belongs to the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, Australian investigators say. It's the news about the plane which was disappeared on March 2014 with 239 people. Australian Transport Safety Bureau is investigating on this case, and experiments are going on the debris for further clue.


Thailand and Malaysia discuss erecting border wall to curb trafficking and cross border terrorism

This is really stupid. Instead of running a more concrete de-radicalization program, they are strengthening their sovereignty stronger. The 10 members of ASEAN countries are moving toward one economic, politic and cultural region and these two meatballs are planning what Trump wants to do with Mexico. I think this is mostly come from the Thailand s


Different country, different system

There is something you should know about medical school in the US, they are independent in nature and lots of procedure are completely different that what you will expect in your home country. I notice that you are from Malaysia. And since Malaysia is used to be a British territory, why don't you try UK for example. I'm not against medical school i


ASEAN Summit May Bow to Chinese Pressure on South China Sea - New York Times

Not necessarily! This opinion come from western journalist who doesn't know anything about ASEAN or China. You see, the Chinese expect to have a sideline meeting with Duterte which he already said yes. The reason is simple, with the right legal framework, they want to reduce US influence in the region and with the case with 1MDB in Malaysia against


September 2, 2016 | Najib confirmed as MO1: web of deceit or a foreign conspiracy?

One thing that I like to know is how long this MDB corruption has been going on. Certainly this is not only involved the current MO1 since MDB has been in existence for so long. If a bunch of people being dragged into this, I'd like them to sing on how many that actually get percentage of this grand corruption. Of course Malaysia doesn't have a RIC


Aung San Suu Kyi hosts ethnic tribes in Myanmar

It's about darn time. I think Suu Kyii could finally bring peace to lots of ethnic tribal war especially in northern Myanmar. I wonder what they will do with the Moslem Rohingya who were displaced lately. They number are staggering to over 100,000 people now taking refuge in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.


Malaysian student protesters demand 1MDB arrest

Things are not looking good for Najib and his cronies. Not only he got lots of opposition from inside, but also from his own people. But, Najib is a strong arm man. He rules like his predecessor, Mahathir did to open up Malaysia to foreign investment. But it's also a honey pot for local politician to perform a corruption at the highest level since


Where are you going to stay?

The question is where do you want to stay during your trip. If you are a backpacker and want to stay in hostel, that's cheap and your dollar or euro can go a long way. Besides, those 5 countries that you mention is bordered each other so, you could start your trip from Vietnam and go down south to Malaysia or vice versa. Be more specific on what yo


The hidden costs of China's lifeline in the 1MDB scandal

Do you think the Chinese care? Heck, they can buy the entire country as far as I'm concern. Everyone, including the US knows that 1MDB has lots of strategic project in the country. After all, they are somewhat a cover for massive corruption to suck in country natural resources. Even if people complained about this article, and I'm pretty sure they


Indonesian president pledges to defend 'every inch' of the country, proposes 2017 state budget

He's not going to strengthen the defense department. What he did was building an infrastructure along the border area with Malaysia. He knew that the Navy is in dire needs of new ships and equipment. As always, he will present an increasing budget for defense department for next year, not to increase on military arsenal but to increase the welfare

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