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Vietnam the new global hot-spot as pirates become hi-tech hackers to find high-value cargo

I don't know how Verizon could assume that this is a global hot spot. In fact the piracy mostly occurs in the border between Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia. This place not even in Vietnam. The one that Verizon mentions here is actually in the far away section of South China Sea and already almost enter to the Pacific Ocean. But the joke is not


Press Releases: Assistant Secretary Russel Travel to Laos, Vietnam, and Malaysia

Assistant Secretary Russel Travel to Laos, Vietnam, and Malaysia Media Note Office of the Spokesperson Washington, DC May 5, 2016 Assistant Secretary for East Asian and Pacific Affairs Daniel Russel will travel to Vientiane and Luang Prabang, Laos; Hanoi, Vietnam; and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, May 6–12. On May 6, Assistant Secretary Russel will


Illegal gold rush hits Indonesia's forest

This is not surprising. Not only in Sulawesi, but the biggest one is in Borneo or Kalimantan. Deforestation has been halt by the government this year after last year smoke burning infected many in the area including Singapore and Malaysia. Of course gold is secondary, but in the rocky mountain such as this national protected forest, people are more


Militants Free 10 Indonesian Hostages in South Philippines - New York Times

What we know so far is that the MNLF was helping the release of the hostages since the owe a favor to the Indonesian natives who feed them during Marcos term. As most people are unaware, the Mindanao island who predominantly moslems were suppressed their freedom during Marcos' term so lots of them were taking shelter into a smaller islands in Malay


Drones will widen surveillance area, save costs, cops say

“Some criminals study out patterns ― they know our patrolling schedules and the routes we use,” he said. That's mean he's an idiot if his and his team movement can be tracked by criminal. These criminals are smarter than the chief of police and his team since they can monitor police patrol and the routes they use. Does the poli


Malaysia police open four investigations on Mahathir

Sedition for what? During Mahathir regime, he sided with both east and west, primarily the west (US and EU) to make Malaysia a grey country. All the racial, discrimination, etc. was subdued before it can make into public, but if you have money, Malaysia welcome the investment. There are lots of people primarily Chinese and local tribe especially in


Top 10 Destinations in Malaysia

Top 10 Destinations in MalaysiaGeographically, Malaysia is one of the more interesting countries in Asia. A country divided by the South China Sea, separating Peninsular Malaysia East Malaysia (Malaysian Borneo), it is one of the 17 megadiverse countries on earth, with a large number of endemic species. What is your favorite destination in Malaysia


The Best Malaysian Cuisine

The Best Malaysian CuisineWhenever I hear of food from Malaysia, that aromatic grilled meat, Satay or Sate, comes to mind. But Malaysian cuisine is more than just satay. Most Malaysian food I've tried has to do with either rice, coconut, noodles and and lots of spices. Here are some of my favorite Malaysian dishes. What is your favorite Malaysian d


URGENT-Malaysia's 1MDB board offers resignations after parliament report - Reuters

Those Panama Papers really something isn't it! Despite only a handful of it, they already create a stir all over the world. Of course people are eagerly wait for the entire 1.2TB dump in May 2016 as they promised. On the other hand, the PM Najib Razak along with other high class citizen are being investigated for corruption. This doesn't look good


Tips for the successful business in Asia

While global economic powers China, Japan, India, and South Korea continue powering through, some countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Sri Lanka have entered the path to long-term and stable growth. Their charming culture and people may hold you back for an idea of expanding or starting up your business. What do yo

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