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Manila and malaysia time

Manila and Malaysia time is at +8 right so we have the same time. Usually I use their time to be sure. Right now it 10:30 in the morning and still waiting for the time. I am currently in a computer shop near were I live so.


My longest airplane ride.

Got on a Boeing 747 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Flew to Cape Town, South Africa. Stayed on the ground about 1-1/2 hours. I didn't leave the plane. Flew to Johannesburg, South Africa. Stayed on the ground about 1-1/2 hours. I didn't leave the plane. Flew to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I left the plane after having been on board about 25 hours. A very ni


US fast food chain in Malaysia told to change hot dog name

Why not just banned a fast food restaurant that selling pre-processed meat? In fact, who knows what goes in there. Malaysia has a strict rule on "Halal Food" for Moslem people. Changing the name from "Hot Dog" to "Pretzel Sausage" will not change the fact that it's still junk food without the people knowing what goes in their production.


Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation Says It's Cooperating With Feds Over The Wolf of Wall Street Probe

So, this is how 1MBD launder their money! They sponsored a foundation and receive kickback from it. Perfect! But, the DOJ smells it to the point that it ties to the Malaysia One. Heck, why don't the government make the charitable foundation like this can only receive money from individual instead of foreign organization?


Blockchain in Practice: How to Drive Crypto Business Forward

I think this article is more toward financial issues rather than looking at the bigger pictures. The examples mentioned about Southeast Asia is far from the actual picture that happen in the region. Indonesia and Philippines are the biggest bitcoin user in the region compares to Singapore and Malaysia. Admitted that majority of those third party co


Biyahe ni Drew: Drew Arellano goes to Aklan (full episode)

I have never been personally in Aklan, but when I watched this video about the province, it incurred interest in me to visit and experience the beauty of the Minuro it Akean. Based on what I know, the province of Aklan is considered as one of the oldest provinces in the Western Visayas. It is considered as one of the oldest because almost all ethni


Malaysian court lets off Aussies who partied in swimsuits - USA TODAY

Aha ha ha! Dudes, you wild kangaroos must respect other people culture. Don't think that if you go to foreign country, you could do whatever you want like in your own backyards. These idiots were not nailed because they were wearing a skimpy bikinis, but create a public nuisance. Malaysia rules are very strict. Anyone who creates nuisance will be h


PM Najib Is Committed To Make Malaysia More Competitive

The only bad thing about Malaysia is that they are gray country. Similar to Singapore with a little bit more restriction on investment which must be paired with locals natives. I mean, "natives" and not descendant of immigrants that has become the citizen of Malaysia. I think Malaysia could become big if they can clean up those messy corrupt cultur


Carter: US-Philippines Military Relationship 'Ironclad' - Voice of America

Like this meatballs could understand Duterte. All ASEAN especially Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia already signed a pact to whoop terrorist group in southern Philippines in the Sulu sea. Besides, Duterte is from Mindanao, he witnessed himself what the US capable of doing. And based on his experience, there are more terrorist in the region after


MH370 search: Tanzania debris 'part of missing plane'

A large item of debris found off the coast of Tanzania belongs to the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, Australian investigators say. It's the news about the plane which was disappeared on March 2014 with 239 people. Australian Transport Safety Bureau is investigating on this case, and experiments are going on the debris for further clue.

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