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Now Even Watching TV Can Kill You, Study Finds

Really! And how long has this been going on? Exercise regularly is also important in your daily life. Even if you decide to have a strict diet. Of course these people that they are testing are commonly known as "couch potato". No job, drinking beer and eating pizza while watching TV or play video games is a basic recipe for disasters.


Deloitte Luxembourg Pilot Tests Blockchain Platform for Banks

I heard lots of things about this DLT stuffs, but none of them mention what kind of protocol that they will be using. So, I consider all of that as "vaporware". Moreover, even if they manage to implement this private blockchain system, it will only be to cut cost by cutting lots of people from their jobs and do not pass such cost to their customer.


Spain’s pension system paid out $330mn to dead people in 1 year

It's much interesting to find where the money goes rather than shifting the record of the dead people. Of course if the money has been budgeted or allocated by the government, the pension should go somewhere since lots of this are former government employees anyway. Spain, Italy and Portugal is not far behind like what happened in Greece. Similarly


Mobile Apps are Taking Over Jobs of Financial Experts As Millennials Prefer Fintech

Yup! Do you think that the new generations want to waste their time to sit down for more bullshit on their lives with these meatballs who are about to collapse anyway. They value their time and want to use it to their full extent. This evolution will continue and banks or financial institutions are facing the pressure from all sides where technolog


Link from Onusri Kerajaan Bandar Sembilan

Confirmed link from to Bit Soap Box; All Sites Combined: Search on Bit Soap Box; All Sites Combined for: First click through viewed: 07/24/16 08:53


settling down in Uruguay

I will like to settle down in Uruguay, I'm fluent in English, can i get a job in Uruguay?


Picture Books for Working Moms

All moms are working hard all the time, and moms who work outside their homes could sometimes use a hand explaining their jobs to their kids and handling their separation anxiety. These picture books do just that.


Bitfinex Outages Raise Questions of Reliability and Regulation

This is not the first time that Bitfinex server is down or having an outage for some hours. In fact, this has been going on for the last 2 years. Of course people will start accusing Bitfinex that this is just the inside job that intentionally shutdown the system only to make more money. But, the needs of redundancy is badly needed for them Despite


Link from ( TOP 10 SITES...AND THE BEST: ayurveda jobs europe

Confirmed link from to National Career Centre: First click through viewed: 07/17/16 10:47


Link from ( TOP 10 SITES...AND THE BEST: ayurveda jobs europe

Confirmed link from to National Career Centre: First click through viewed: 07/17/16 10:38

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