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Trump vs Bitcoin

Which is more likely to save the economy? Jobs? Liberty? Donald Trump or Bitcoin? Which are you voting for?


Nigeria Navy Warship, NNS UNITY, Arrives Dakar

The Nigeria Navy Warship has just arrived Dakar sea port on Sunday concerning the situation going on in Gambia to restore peace and democracy. The ground troop have already move into the Gambia territory before the warship arrived and there was no confrontation by the Gambia Army. O yes, the Gambia Chief of Army Staff did a better job by not engagi


Presidency: Public Officers Now Afraid To Steal With Impunity

I agree with the media publicity officer on this one, there has been serious reduction of stealing of public funds in the government today, this is a good step forward, i hope it continues like this, so that the country will experience a massive development, public funds are meant for the affairs of the country not for one man to start stealing the


Reps Uncover 'Secret' Account By Infrastructure Commission

This is not surprising to me anyway, i was wondering what they were expecting, in a country that is full of corruption like Nigeria, it is very possible and common among firms to be running secret accounts, those are the accounts they uses in running illegal businesses such as money laundering. The house of reps should carry out a proper investigat


Philippine outsourcing sector braces for Duterte and Trump effect

This is a worrisome thing for Filipinos working in outsourcing companies. As you can see, here is a President who wants to recall all US businesses back in their country. And of course, if that happens, it will significantly affect Filipinos employed in such companies. At present, 36 BPO firms are operating in the Philippines, and half of these ent


Artist Making His Own Awesome Overwatch Statues

Blizzard is doing a terrible job at getting us official Overwatch figures and statues. Until they sort that out, there are artists like Mankej doing good work in their stead.


Internet jobs

I am a little in this business for a two years but I not living from that. This is just hobby for me, but it is nice to earn some money. I am not so good at that jobs, but learning every day more and more. People around me don't understand this jobs still


Unfortunately, yes

yes, life is somewhere else better, we are officially in our state touch the bottom. Young people do not have jobs, they want to have jobs, to rise a family but we are in the border of be poor. I think that only country which have standards and conditions for the better life in Europe is Switzerland. I want to go there.


hard work

Some jobs are very heavy and difficult to operate. I believe that it is not easy being a ceramist and install floor tiles. Killings are human. Prevail sweat. Muscles begin to shine. It's easier with music. A little of this launch, catch the rhythm. It's easier for a nasty work. It is nice to watch, especially for people who like men. I am sincerely


Filipino expat remittances from UAE hit $1.9 billion

Enough of these remittance craps! This is why Duterte was so pissed of to his predecessor to not be able to provide jobs to locals. The fact that remittance is increasing proved that lots of locals are pursuing the work abroad since there are no jobs in the country. And what Duterte gets: Millions of drug dealers and users that has faced his wrath.

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