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Verizon CWA & IBEW Union Members Go on Strike: America's Communications Future is at Stake. - Huffington Post

Well, there it is! Typical workers union who think that they are in the customer side. The one that need to be examine is their superior officers. Verizon and AT&T doesn't want to fix customer line if they still use copper. They want customer to upgrade to fiber as soon as possible. But on the other hand, the regulations mention that both of compan


This Theory Explains Why the US Economy Might Never Get Better

Seems like everyone who contributed for this article recommended the same: The federal reserve needs to lower the rates again to boost up the economy! Woot! I think all of these meatballs theory are doomed to failed. Why? Because we all have seen how the feds lower their interest rates to near 0% and still doesn't not have any effect after the 2008


Anti-government march in Bogota ends in violence

Everywhere in South America, people are raising their flag against the government. Low job opportunities, low income and no fulfillment on their basic needs will turn people against their government. Of course, there is no reason for the leftist FARC to support this demonstrator as they will do it themselves since Santos are not able to find a way


Why Your Business Needs to Consider Blue Collar Worker Engagement

When discussing the importance of corporate culture, work environment and employee engagement, it usually refers to white collar jobs. It's a big shortcoming of management if employers don't take blue collar workers into account. In the US, professionals and managers account for 40% of the workforce. The remaining (60%) belongs to other occupations


Save the Philippines in Six Years

Save the Philippines in Six YearsPresidential elections are just around the corner. The next president will hold the highest position in government for 6 years. What do you think are the most important things that the Philippines need to focus on to alleviate itself from poverty?How to save the Philippines from Poverty in 6 Years: Invest in public


Dying Light: The Following community bounty tasks payers will running over 5M zombies

Techland has announced its first Community Bounty for Dying Light: The Following and if the goal is reached, players will earn a gold paint job for their buggy. The goal sounds a bit challenging: within 48 hours, Dying Light: The Following players will need to collectively run over 5 million zombies with their buggies.


We need a native English speaker for nursery, bachelor degree,5-6K per month,China

this is a nursery from Jinzhong,Shanxi Province of China, we need a native English speaker agent. requirement: an African female teacher have TESL/TEFOL certification perfect oral english Job responsibility: teach oral english,write. 5 work days every week Benefits: 5000-6000RMB per month we provide free apartment 2 days off on weekend If you are i


Congress Is About to Take Food Away From the Poorest People in America

My gosh! Like a raw meat inside a lion cage. In one side, I agree that capitalism must make these lazy people to work, and not becoming couch potato collecting welfare. But on the other hand, these productive people also couldn't not find the job they need as the job is not available. This is what we call completely screw up. Do they need to line u


How to keep productive when you are in sleep deprivation

Most people need 7 to 9 hours every day to sleep. There is no doubt that sleep deprivation has a big impact to your job performance. Did you always see yourself need a cup of coffee to join the rest of society activities? You are not alone. According to a recent survey of Inc., a third of U.S. workers only sleep less than 6 hours per night and it c


English Instructor in Beijing Foreign Studies University

1. Job Title English instructor 2. Job Description Work location: Beijing(15 campus all around in Beijing) Teaching content : English (Journey's Leveled Readers published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Press) Teaching Assistants are allocated. Teaching hour 20 hours, others are office hour. Regular work time is Wed-Fri :1pm-7pm and Sat-Sun : 9am-6pm

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