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I use to be that guy. The one that writes stuff. Stories, songs, anything that I thought was worth writing down on a piece a paper. But then came life and obligations and job. So now, when I am holding a pan in my hand and got paper in front of, its cause of the work, or cause I'm studying something new that involves my profession so I'm writing th


Escape Artist Pouille Claims Maiden Title In Metz

Oh yeah, this was the best match of today without any doubt, well including turn over in the St. Petersburg from Alexander Zverev. Anyways, impressive work for Lucas Pouille who won against Thiem Dominic in grand finals and claimed his ATP world title. It was surprisingly easy job for Lucas, who won 2-0 in sets.


2 days or 48 hours

My current job requires a lot of overtime work and client fieldwork so I don't really had a lot of time sleeping. Except of course during the weekends. My longest record of having no sleep is 2 days. It was when the deadline for filing of the reports with the regulatory bodies are required to be completed.


Goldman Sachs To Cut Jobs In Asia While Bitcoin Thrives

Of course they have to lay off these people. They do not care about people that work hard to make them money, but only for their bottom line. It's starting in Hong Kong and Singapore, the two most greyish country in Asia. Go figure!


Glen, you mosquito-minded!

Glen, you mosquito-minded creature! Indeed the school overreacted in this case because they immediately contacted the parents and even resorted to police investigation, however, if they didn't do so, students will just keep on vandalism. It might not be a mature move, but it really helped in resolving the situation! Even if the school properly did


Secret report reveals Ericsson is ending all manufacturing in Sweden and cutting 3,000 jobs

First was Nokia in Finland, and now Ericsson in Sweden. Looks like the telecommunications industries in the Nordic countries is dying. Ericsson has been jumping into service business due to the their lack of innovation and losing the hardware market with other manufacturing giants. What are they going to do with all of those people? 3000 is not a s


Entrepreneur ( sent you 0 files

From: "Entrepreneur" ("Entrepreneur" (, To: "Williams Gardner" ("Williams Gardner" (bill), Cc: DotLoop Entrepreneur ( sent you 0 files in an email. 7 Ways to Make Extra Income Even With a Full-Time Job peoplework, not paperwork **IMG** dotloop is the largest network in real estate where over 900,000 prof


Several Bitcoin Activities And Services Should Be Exempt From Money Transmitter Requirements

It ain't matter. The policy makers do not and will not understand the concept of bitcoin and its underlying technology, the blockchain so, you can guarantee that everything that they passed or will pass doesn't affect the system at all. It's their job to stifle the innovation to the point that they want to protect their own interest by making a use


Can you insult and degrade me without using any 'bad' or 'profane' words?

A truly horrible event occurred thousands of miles away from me, yesterday. The news report began: ANN ARBOR, MI - Ann Arbor Police are investigating graffiti discovered the morning of Wednesday, Sept. 21, at Skyline High School. The high school principal wrote a letter to parents about the incident. In part, he wrote: "These individuals entered to


For Disciplined People, Yes!

Middle east is a very wealthy region. Great job opportunities are everywhere in this region. The region however has very strict laws and are very direct to people who violate any rule. If you are thinking of working anywhere within this region, then its great! But keep in mind that you should be very disciplined when you get there and familiarize y

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