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Long-Term Scenario of Economic Stagnation and Financial Instability: US Federal Reserve Chair ...

"decline in estimates of the neutral interest rate" was "related to the fear that we are facing a prolonged period of secular stagnation." The latter term denotes a state of indefinite economic stagnation and slump, in which low interest rates are ineffective in boosting growth. So, if the low interest rates are ineffective, why they stick with the


Carpe Diem - Seize the Day!

I think all three of the choices above could be encompassed into the teaching of Mr. Keating (played by Robin Williams) in "Dead Poets Society". The basic philosophy is of course "Carpe Diem" of "Seize the day", based on the Roman's poet Horace in Odes circa 23 BC (source: Wikipedia). Don't worry about the future as you should see yourself today. T


Tunisia PM warns of economic austerity, job cuts

Aha ha ha! Every country in the world now start to experiencing problem. Seems to me that the Mediterranean area is the biggest hit for the last couple of years. Malta, Cyprus, Greece and now Tunisia. They will ask IMF and World Bank for another loan I presumed. It seems common in the area to prevent total default of their debts. Who's next? Italy


Another Southeast Asian iPhone Supplier Is Making Headlines for Labor Abuses

First thing first, China is not in Southeast Asia, and certainly not Shanghai! Duh! The author of this article should get a geographic lesson. Anyway, this is no surprising. When Cook took over Apple after Jobs, he shifted most of the production to Pegatron instead of Foxconn Shenzen factory. This is a political move to make Shanghai metro to be mo


White House proposes new immigration rule to attract international entrepreneurs

Really! Back in the mid 90's, they told me to put $250K minimum for business. Then in early 00's after 9/11, they raised their cap to $500K. And now they try to do it again with a bunch of another craps such as: ...grants of at least $100,000 from federal, state or local government entities. Do they know that immigrant can't get grants unless they



Paraguay has less English speaking expats in comparison to other Latin American countries so it may be a good idea to learn Spanish. I took a look at the different paraguay classified sites and I found some tech related jobs there. It may be a better idea to work online to make more money as local wages are lower.



Would you move to Japan to take a job as a blockchain expert? If I'm a blockchain expert, then I would like to know what kind of proposal or protocol that they are interested in, unless I can decide my recommendation for them. Secondly, what kind of blockchain they are talking about. If this private blockchain, then I wouldn't even bother since the


Ask your school counselor or just search online

Doesn't your school offer a part-time job for students? I know some schools offer work with their students for them to experience the real world they're about to face in the future. But if ever your school doesn't offer this kind of program, then I suggest you try your luck online. There are lots of online jobs out there that doesn't look at age as


keep looking

If you do not have any experience or skills then perhaps you should go around asking neighbors if they need their grass cut, or driveway cleared of snow in the winter. You can try charging $20 per job and obtain references and regular customers. You can also use Amazon's mturk for extra money online. You can make something like $5-10 a day.



Found a job in many countries is really difficult. For 17 years old better tray to search a job connected with your study. As far I know there are many companies searching for students. Company daunt pay you full celery but the time work count as internship and you get experience this will help you a lot in the future.

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