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I just did a cylinder head on the Hyundai elantra model is 2002

Now my problem is that it does not have power and when its hot it take longer to start again. What did I do wrong?


2001 Hyundai Elantra

My 2001 Hyundai Elantra randomly starts and stalls. It will start and run fine for sometimes a day sometimes a week. Also same with stalling.when it's running it runs great. It seems to have a mind of its own. It won't start and a minute later it will start. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions please.


car wont start!!! HELP PLEASE

I have a 2000 Hyundai Elantra.. Today I left my lights on and when I got off my battery was dead.. It would click so I got someone to jump me but car will not start. Head lights, radio, windows will not work but flashers and dome light work. So I went and got a new battery and still will not work..


Hyundai electrical problems

Hyundai electrical problems - Had an 03 Santa Fe and the alternator fried and it damaged the battery. The fresh air/recirculating button would click back and forth until it stopped when it wanted. Amazing, but both of these each cost $850 to repair. Have a 2000 Elantra and the alternators keep failing. Replaced 2 and 1 battery in the past 2 wks. Al


Hyundai Offers Europe A Wagon

Hyundai is one of the Asian brand that's been making news in the US for very well executed cars. But while it has a good share of the American auto market, it is still a struggling brand in Europe. In order to catapult its presence in the European market, Hyundai is aggressively positioning itself in the heart of European car enthusiasts. It built


Forum: ignition problem

This forum discussion: ignition problem, Hyundai-Elantra has some interesting comments. Here is a sneak peek. "car will not start, clicking of solenoid and clock reverts to 12:00 indicating a loss of battery. this has happened twice over a period of" I am having the same problem. It is weak on startup, but then is fine. same problem with th


Video: Preston Hyundai Elantra Special Offer New car Preston Maryland

Preston Hyundai Maryland presents the new Hyundai Elantra GLS Automatic new car with full warranty at a great price. Located near Salisbury Maryland and just over the road from Delaware and Virginia areas. Come and see what makes us number one.


New Hyundai Elantra competes of all levels

South Korean automakers have never been one to lag behind in the technology department, so it should come as no surprise that Hyundai are keeping everyone on their toes by offering the least expensive large touch-screen navigation system on the market.~~ The new screen will be fitted in the 2010 Elantra which will fall in the same class as the Toy


Superb Driving Skills

Every Olympic Games, one of the most anticipated sports event is the swimming competition. And one category in swimming is even more anticipated by many is the synchronized swimming. Seeing people execute exhibitions in a sync is really fascinating. However, since we are in Classifieds1000's Car Blog, we have to relate that paragraph above with ca


NHTSA On the Hyundai Elantra Investigation

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced that they have already received more than 500 complains for Hyundai's Elantra models. The complains are chorus, its all about the airbag malfunctions in 2001-2002 models. Both Hyundai and NHTSA have collected data of 22 Elantra car crash of which 15 of these resulted in grave injuries and

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