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I have tried making my own website during my high school days. It was part of the project in our computer class particularly on HTML codes. Bragging aside, my website was one of the best during that time. Back then I was really great in using HTML codes. But now I totally forgot what I have done. I no longer recall what happened to my website.


HTML5 Introduces New Security Threats!

Aha ha ha! It seems that HTML 5 standard is written by a bunch of hackers so they can gain advantage of the entire network system. Duh! One thing that familiar here on cross server side scripting is that lots of company, mostly the big boys that always check for the authenticity of the user hardware and software link that number whenever you are on



Yes I tried it before, I made my own website when I was in college. The website is about Titanic, and I'm proud to say during that time, I got the best website in our class. During those years I use manual HTML and upload pictures manually. Unlike today, there are software in website making.


I use 'Freehostia' there is both free and pay options....

Well, for hosting a website for free, use FreeHostia. When I first started hosting a site there, it was for free, a year or so later when it was time to renew, I chose a paid option. We love our email from them (Through the website, of course, but would hate to have to stick to cloud mail like google, etc). But that's hosting. You didn't ask about


Online store ... not?

First thing first, what shop do you plan to open? Are you planning on opening an online store or are you thinking of opening a store in a particular place or location? If it is the former, what you need to do is purchase a website and let someone design it for you (if, for example, you're not good at HTML, CSS, or javascript). Tell that person what


Update: Links on posts, responses, etc.

A number of updates have been added with respect to links in posts and responses. Please read the complete details and rules: . Additionally, it would be a good idea to review this too: . Quick Overview of Changes: A link took is displayed to add new links and/or update or delete existing links. Links can be added to a post or response when you



> > Dear AT&T Customer: On 08/09/2016 the AT&T Global Billing Resolution Team assisted you with a billing request for your company, tracking #080416BCW55633SY. AT&T continually evaluates the quality of service provided to our customers and is interested in your opinion of the service provided by Carole R Kirkland, the AT&T Global Billing Resolution


Google Chrome to soon join others in blocking Adobe Flash content by default - Digital Trends

So, it's official now that by the end of this year, Flash will be taken out completely. For those site that still having flash as the only video better start to convert it to HTML 5 based video. I think this should help lots of people especially the one that ever experienced flash infection. Apple already dropped flash long time ago and now, it wil


Malaysia's Leader, Dogged by a Billion-Dollar Scandal, Proves Untouchable

Thing are getting worse and worse for Najib and his cronies. From one side, they are leading in the world as the world most corrupt country with a thin red line in the middle. In one side, they also known as a semi tax haven country. I said semi since by BS law, business there must include another Malaysian native citizen or 'Bumiputra'. This is wo


Facebook Finds Another Way To Increase Its Possessive Control - Forbes

I agree with the assessment of the author here. By doing this, Facebook force publisher to share their revenue with them and no question asked. This is not a new things. Since second half of 2015 when Facebook start using the Instant Article features, they already push lots of contents into their platform. After all, prior to that, Facebook was kno

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