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Chinese immigrant convicted of conspiracy to send US drone, military jet engines to China

Wait a minute! The issue is not how she shipped the materials from the US military to China, but how in the world she got the materials in the first place. The immigration law in the US specifically stated that no NON US CITIZEN can work in the military sector. This is include the permanent residence or green card holder. So, how in the world she m


Human Spirit vs Citizenship: World Citizen? Global Citizen?

I recently ran across a post on Facebook that showed a "passport" indicating the holder was a "global citizen". That is a phrase people often use when they discover I am stateless. "Oh, you're a world citizen". I responded to a post with a copy of the cover of my "travel document", captioned, "my flag-less (no allegiance to a country) passport". A


So You Want To Move To Canada Eh?

Searches that involve the phrase "immigrating to Canada" seem to be growing and some Canadian communities are seeing it as a marketing opportunity to attract new people. No doubt! Marketers, especially those pushing "paradise" have some very nice sales pitches which include everything except whether it is the right place for you! U.S. citizens are


What the new Muslim mayor of London has to say about Donald Trump - Washington Post

Yup! The son of Pakistani immigrant bus driver who were against all odds defeating all of his opponent speaks for himself. This is a true champion and example on how a hardworking immigrant can prove themselves in one of the most conservative country in EU (I consider Brits are more conservative than the European counterpart). Now, can he turns the


US Plans to Conduct New Immigration Raids - Wall Street Journal

but court backlogs often cause delays of months or years. The joke is not on the illegals, but US officials. First thing first, how in the world they can enter the country illegally if it's not arrive in the US before they hit 18 yrs of age? They are also under social services if they get caught. The border issue is the problem. Border patrol is la


Accused spy served in one of Navy's most shadowy squadrons -

First thing first! How this meatballs get commissioned in the Navy before he got his citizenship? The military law is very clear that only the citizen of the United States can enter the Academy or enlisted in the military. Since he was immigrant since he was 14 years old, then the US should naturalize him when he was 18 then he can enter the milita


Road to North Korea (an epic photojournal)

Although I was born in Southern California, and am an American citizen, now living abroad in Belize, my parents immigrated to the United States from South Korea. Before they met in South Korea, both of my parents' families escaped from North Korea. I am of North Korean descent, and besides what I've been told and have seen in the media about North


Acquired taste

As immigrants to Uruguay trying to integrate and enjoy life, what are those typical Uruguayan things ("uruguayeces") that are just not to like? No matter how much you try, you must have grown with them to acquire the taste. Some things are easy to "get": candombe, tango, asado, football, beach going, taking it easy...but others, they have to be an


How will SC rule on Grace Poe tomorrow?

Arnado renounced his US citizenship but later used his US passport, allegedly while waiting to receive his Philippine passport. Brion considered this an “isolated act” not contrary to his renunciation. This is really strange for a number of reasons. First, when you renounce your US Citizenship, the United States cancels your passport.


Who is Glen Lee Roberts and What's he got against citizenship? Cops? Surveillance?

"I hereby absolutely and entirely renounce my United States nationality together with all rights and privileges and all duties and allegiance and fidelity thereunto pertaining. I make this renunciation intentionally, voluntarily, and of my own free will, free of any duress or undue influence. - Glen Lee Roberts, June 21, 2013" These are a couple of

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