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To rent or to buy?

Men! I never understand why people buy an apartment or condo in foreign country. If you married to a local, then go buy a house with the land on it. Seriously, buying a land property is much more viable for me rather than buying a high rise apartment in the city. Of course if job is an issue, then I wouldn't argue. But whenever I got a chance to bu


Collect candies

By the time Halloween comes, I'll probably assist my niece in collecting candies house to house. It's quite fun seeing how the kids love to roam around asking for candies and chocolates. I might not go to the cemetery to visit the dead. It's just not my thing.


Donald Trump, Somewhat Subdued, Admits He Might Lose Election - New York Times

He already lose the election. Heck, he lost the election last summer. The most hated candidate in the history of US election popularity is getting worse and worse. But the other side is not better either. She was the least candidate to hold the title as the next POTUS. In fact, she could be impeached the first year she's in the White House, like he


Trickiest Treat

Well my friends and I are planning to have an awesome Halloween party this year. We'll choose the scariest characters we know and pool them in a draw lot. Each of us will pick on the draw lots and prepare the coolest outfit. Booze, foods and sweets will be prepared and treats for kids who will be dropping by our house. We plan to give a prize to th



I would like to have a huge cottage house, with garden, near forest and with small river or pond. Or both, actually. Doing yoga, walking, cooking, gardening, having family and kids coming over. Besides that, having money for trips to the sea side would be splendid too.



Well, depends. I would definitely watch movie in my house if is not 3D and if I can watch it on my TV. Otherwise I would go for theater. I mean, I have watched so many movies, especially horrors on my laptop, and I did enjoy it but that is not ''IT''.. You know..



It is debatable, for sure. Anyways I would say like this, running your own business, not something large but something steady and normal, having your own family, living with them, in your house. I would say that what success means for me.


Pyramids Centre ( sent you 0 files

From: "Pyramids Centre" ("Pyramids Centre" (, To: Williams Gardner (bill), Cc: DotLoop Pyramids Centre ( sent you 0 files in an email. Exclusive membership offer ends soon, Only Fools and Haunted House Party peoplework, not paperwork **IMG** dotloop is the largest network in real estate where over 900,


What's your favourite animal/pet?

I like cats most of all. Because they literally can calm and bring peace into house. Also it's very funny to play with them and of course take on hands and stroke. I also heard an opinion, that women are like cats. You "stroke" them and they "purr".


Message the White House with its new Facebook chat bot - SlashGear

Okay! How many people want to complain to POTUS like Obama in regular basis? How many of these are actually bot that were setup by user just in case the White House is using their own politically correct AI to answer people question? I wonder how long before some hackers start flooding the White House message board with some stupid issues!

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