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I was so mischievous, maybe it came with the fact that i was always watching kiddies movies like home alone, Dennis the menace and others, i was in every mischief around my house, but will never be caught, i think of them now, and i just laugh at the memories.


Bitcoins Becoming Popular At Many Online Casinos

Good to know and this is inevitable anyway. What else that you can get money in advance in short time without worrying who's on the other side. Moreover, the value of bitcoin is kept increasing. Remember, the house is never loose. As a result the house make more money than ever.


Yes I do have a job!

Yes, I do have a job. You see that every morning I do a typical house chores like sweeping the mop then washing the dishes after I eat or doing the laundry. If that not consider a job, then humanity is in deep trouble. Job doesn't have to be remunerated with money. But if the intention is to pay for your education, then that's a different type of j


Politics|US Health Spending in 2015 Averaged Nearly $10000 Per Person - New York Times

Duh! That's Obamacare for you. Instead of reducing resident spending on healthcare and get a better service, they increase it with more garbage on it. Imagine a low to middle income people who only make less than $25K gross income every year! 35% to the IRS and another 40% to the HHS! In other words, unless you are not in the system like public hou


The entire house!

I consider my entire home a giant room with lots of dividers in it. Yes, concrete and wooden dividers. I like spacey room with minimal stuff in it. My house is also my office, so if guest or client is comfortable coming in, then it should be good enough for me. Make them feel at home, you know.... before making a deal. Duh!



There's something about the color blue that's so calming, as a color as choice for clothes, it looks great with my coloring, there's a brightness to it, that signifies happiness for me. With blue, i can never go wrong. Not in clothes, not in cars or house paints.



Weird, right? I did a lot of birds collection that kids from other houses just come to watch my birds play, i loved them, and dedicated much of my time trying to familiarise myself to it. It actually worked on some, because i let them out, and most will still come back home, whilst others just, don't. It was fun back then, then my big headed uncle


Do What I Can Do With It

100 dollars in my current is 48,000 Naira, believe you me, that is a cash I can squander in 1 minutes, but if I am to manage it for a month I need to very careful, I'll stock the house with food using half of the money and keep half for basic amenities.


NCC: Why we reserved the plans to hike data price

It's kind of funny how this people play with the emotion and plight of the common Nigerian, So now they see it as inhumane to increase data price? I don't know if the House of representatives finally got to them with sense of reasoning. This guys should think before they act, this not the right time to implement anything as this. It's good they pau


US Imposes Nationwide Ban On Smoking In All Public Housing - NPR

I think this is idiosyncrasy. Back in the 90's, most of the states banned smoking in public places. But the weird part is, it doesn't include public housing. They said that it's a violation of privacy. But smoking in public housing is much more dangerous since they are practically being abandon and barely being maintained by the government.

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