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The 5-Second Rule: Should You Eat Food After It Has Fallen on the Ground?

Any meatballs should know that once food drop into the floor, they shouldn't eat it regardless where they are. You never know what kind of microorganism that grow on the floor including your own house. Even if you clean it with disinfectant, those creeps still there regardless. But of course, you can't guarantee that if the food that you're about t


US economy won't grow fast until we unleash entrepreneurs

Because entrepreneurship is the key to creating jobs, increasing the pay of working people, resurrecting struggling communities and spurring growth and innovation. Really! That theory only applies for traditional business model. In the digital domain, you could be an entrepreneur by running a business from the basement of your house. Technically, t


Dotcom's appeal against extradition to U.S. winds up in New Zealand, ruling likely weeks away

If the New Zealand extradite him, then the world will open their eyes that New Zealand is the US minions for so long. It ain't matter what they will do next. Although I admit that Dotcom is a douchebag from time to time, but he's not a US citizen and I believe what gives the US an authority to ransack his house and now want him to be extradited.


Yangon government to clamp down on renting apartments to foreign tourists

Now that something new to learn when you visit Myanmar. If you enter as a tourist, then you can't stay in guest house unless it has a license from the government. This has dichotomy in business and protecting expats. For once, Myanmar has just emerge to become a democratic country. But on the other hand, Suu Kyi area also learn that she doesn't wan


SpaceX Rocket Parts Rain Down over Indonesia

Don't worry! No human or animals were injured in this case despite the debris fell into someone houses and their cow's pen. I shouldn't say it survived since it was a space garbage. Of course to some people in this island who doesn't even know what it is, they think this is like a souvenir from above. But in reality, if we keep polluting our low ea


Need Brain and Capital

'Lazy' here if means lazy to move the body does not matter. Just sit and lift foot on the table, then bath a lot of money. Every person in the world have dreamed about it, you know. In the modern era like now with the high technology, everybody has a chance to be rich. The requirement is simple, just need Brain and Capital. For an example, you just


Santa Paws is in the house!

The mouse is in the house. The cat is in the garden. The cat came in the house and now the mouse is in the attic. The cat drank all the milk left for Santa Claus. Now, Santa Paws must come in and save the day! What the hay!


Which do you prefer?

If you were about to spend your money into an investment in Real Estate properties what would it be? Buy a Brand new house and lot or invest your money into a Condo-hotel where you may get shares in one unit at the same time you can ask the Management of that Condominium to manage your unit and earn some huge money from it? If you ask me, I will in


Expat citizenship could help solve Dubai's economic challenge

Some may not want to work, while others may not have to because of private wealth, or generous government handouts such as free housing and energy subsidies. See, that's the problem. Local are lazy and do not want to work like foreigners do. They tend to suck in into the government free program such as free housing and welfare. People like that sho



For many years I was just like everyone else. But then I realized something had to change. So it did. I changed. SO, my strongest quality is that now, I am a person who can handle anything you throw my way. I learned how to meditate, how to focus myself and not waste energy and nerves on things and situations. Patience is the key to everything. Be

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