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White House proposes new immigration rule to attract international entrepreneurs

Really! Back in the mid 90's, they told me to put $250K minimum for business. Then in early 00's after 9/11, they raised their cap to $500K. And now they try to do it again with a bunch of another craps such as: ...grants of at least $100,000 from federal, state or local government entities. Do they know that immigrant can't get grants unless they



The level of comfortable lifestyles are varies from one person to another. Some people may have a dilapidated house but proud to live there but can spend hundreds for entertainment and other things such as booze. I do not know the current budget for your type of lifestyle right now, the last time I was in Belize was on the college project and it wa


Responsible Gaming Policies Make Online Casinos Better

The problem is that the house always offers 5x or even higher margin to the players. Even with bitcoin, the house offers the players higher handicap in order to retain player to keep playing. These are the reasons why people is hard to get out. It becomes addiction similar to nicotine or alcohol. Psychologically, it already another branch of study


Canada (Politely but Firmly) Escorts 1500 Illegal Rafters Back to US -

Busted! The rafters who just break out of US penitentiary to escape warden Trump just got caught in the wind! If that the other way around, upon landing in the US, the government will give this people a free schooling, monthly stipend, welfare, food stamps, medicare and section 8 housing! Where's the Canadian compassion? END SARCASM! Duh!


you have to marry a Filipina

Well most of the Americans who stayed in the Philippines for good they marry or married a long time girlfriend who resides in the Philippines. Once they gotten to know each other usually the American travels here and meet with his or her partner once decided they marry. That's of course if you want to stay here for good and own a house and a car. M


Simple but neglected!

The prevention against mosquito in your home is very simple. Do not let calm water near your house. If you live by the lake or river, make sure that the water is flowing continuously and there is no calm spot. If you own a plant in a pot, make sure that you do not water it too much as the water could be the next incubator for mosquito eggs. That's


Germans to store 10-day emergency stock of food, water in case of attacks - leaked defense plan

Over half of the century since the fall of the Nazi, looks like it's deja vu all over again in Germany. Germany is being held by a bunch of psychopathic politician that make people afraid to go out from their houses at any time. Time to change folks. Delusional and paranoid will never win against these meatballs.


FIELD of 3,5 hectares close to Piedras Blancas, Montevideo

Large property in development area of the city: The ground is located in the North of Montevideo, close to the neighborhood "Piedras Blancas" and the National Route 84. It has access to three important roads of the area: Rafael Street in the west, Santos Dumont Road in the north and Teniente Galeano Road in the south. The field is ideal to develop



Best Real Estate Market in USA?

I am looking for the best region (ie: city or rural area) to do a bit of small time real estate investing. I have a couple projects in mind: 1) Buy a medium size house and remodel for renting rooms on Airbnb. ie: add an in-suite bathroom to each bedroom and put 4-6 rooms on Airbnb. 2) Buy several small one or two unit homes and rent on a long term

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