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Zippie - 46179465

I live in Bosnia, country in which orthodox, Catholics and Muslims live together for five centuries. If that was possible through the history, I don't see a reason why it wouldn't be possible in modern France. However, if you go to Arab countries and do stuff you do in the west freely, you end up in jail. That is all matter of traditions, and maybe


Nathaniel Popper: 'Borders End Up Mattering A Great Deal' In Bitcoin

This is actually a great series to watch. Made by Tech Crunch media, and it's a good general social introduction to what is a digital currency. The shows start with a series on how a handful of hacker or cyberphunks created a crypto currency (not shown) called bitcoin in 2009. And the rest is history like we are known up till now. You can watch the


Citizenship for expats in the UAE - progressive or elitist?

The argument here that Arabs and Khaleji sometimes doesn't even talk to each other is correct. In fact, who's the real Arabs. History shows that the original Arabs is only the small fraction that live in Yemen right now. All Arabs or middle eastern that we know now are primarily immigrant from other places. Since the creation of most country in the


Why Republican expats in Europe are afraid to openly support Trump

I don't blame him. Trump is the most hated candidate in any US election history. Like the expat said, he was worse than when McCain was running for POTUS. Maybe in French where Le-Pen was a far right. But I don't think they will have much support either despite the rising far right movement over there.


Huge UFO visited Dracula's home over 534 years ago depicts medieval painting

Well, it might be true. After all, the existence of count Dracula is still being debated scientifically. Anyway, why don't they as the Roma or Gypsy people. There should be someone in their society that keep track with the history. After all, if anyone wants to know the complete record or the history of Europe, you should go ask them.


Forget Duterte. The Philippines loves the United States. - Washington Post

His not leaving the US. When he said that he pleased the Chinese by making Philippines to be more open toward the Chinese instead being under the US for over 6 decades. Duterte wants Philippines to be able to stand on their feet and open their eyes that relying in the US alone will not making the country strong. History speaks for himself for the p


Gold And The USD: You've Been Warned

in a globalized economy and interconnected financial markets, no asset can move totally independently from other ones What a crap! In term of Gold/USD perhaps. History shown that if gold is up then the USD must be down and vice versa. This is typical old core investor where when fiat currency is down, they are shifting or hedging their assets to pr


Donald Trump, Somewhat Subdued, Admits He Might Lose Election - New York Times

He already lose the election. Heck, he lost the election last summer. The most hated candidate in the history of US election popularity is getting worse and worse. But the other side is not better either. She was the least candidate to hold the title as the next POTUS. In fact, she could be impeached the first year she's in the White House, like he


'Brexit,' Migration, Trade: E.U.'s List of Crises Keeps Growing

Yup! And within 10 years, the entire EU could collapse nonetheless. The primary reason is that every country in the EU thinking that they are superior compared to the other. Especially the founding members who start this entire union half a century ago. The EU is in the process to go down in history as part of human greed and stupidity. Nothing wil


Christmas - I know some interesting tid-bits about the Early history of Christmas....

In the 1600's Christmas in England was a crazy out of control party that had nothing to do with religion - as what was being celebrated was the beginning of the Winter season. People went "door to door" in their town looking for food and drink as gifts (it was a very social Holiday). A child or a beggar was often chosen as "King of Mis-rule". In 16

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