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Big Banks Band Together to Launch 'Settlement Coin'

...they would use digital coins that are directly convertible into cash at central banks,... WTF! I though Santander already works together with Ripple and the R3 consortium is not even ready to release their so called private permissioned blockchain. Does people never learn from history that every time there is a different system from one country


Bitcoin Is Winning The Payment Tokenization Race

Heck, in the beginning of human history, peer to peer is the original form of transaction. As time goes by, then bank or financial services were born as an institution where you can keep your loot safely. But as humanity enters the modern world, things have changed. Human get greedy and create many useless form of transaction just to get a percenta


India Plans to Enforce Internet Censorship With 3 Years Jail Time

So, Modi's draconian system is starting to become reality. Of course this is got something to do with TATA, one of the largest ISP in India. Originally, this is to crack down on copyright infringement on Bollywood product, but it doesn't mean that they can do whatever they want at later time. History shows that the more oppressive the ruler is, the


How hard is it to pass the US citizenship test?

This come from UK expat opinion that finally get her US citizenship. The question next is whether she will renounce the UK citizenship or not is another question. If the title of this article is pertaining to me, my answer would be "too damn easy". 100 question, and all about history that got nothing to do with the current practice of the governmen


Exclusive: U.S. withdraws staff from Saudi Arabia dedicated to Yemen planning

War is good for military industries. Especially the US who keep feeding the Wahabi Saudi with weapons in order to get their ideals be implemented. In return, the Saudi will pay US with their oil or even worse, they borrow money from the IMF or World Bank. Something that happened couple months ago for the first time in history.


Mimblewimble: A Stripped-Down Bitcoin Version Improves Privacy, Fungibility and Scalability

Well duh! Once bitcoin is sent from one address, it becomes an UTXO and part of UTXO block. Any SPV doesn't need to verify the history of transaction and just verified it since it's already in the block. There is no need to use a sidechain since this is part of the entire bitcoin blockchain anyway. Maxwell idea on Elements Alpha sidechain is simila


Japanese Banks Plan Blockchain Currency Exchange

One using Ripple protocol and the other using Chain protocol. Why don't these meatballs make up their mind. Assuming that these two protocol will talk to each other to make it uniform across the board, then it could be useful. Otherwise, it could be another vaporware. This is the problem with the current SWIFT and ACH system. The network looks like


'Gangster grannies' and China's shadow banking world

Shadow banking history has been in existence as long as human existed. It even longer than the real banking system where people put their trust on the third party govern by an authority called the government. Just take a look at 'hawala' system. There are more people in this world that trust such system rather than traditional bank. If the Chinese



If there is no money involved, why you need to take a second passport. First you probably has to pay taxes in both states. Secondly, there is no advantage other than travel purposes. Remember Peru in early 1990's. The country were flat broke so they offer citizenship to anyone for $25,000. You don't even have to travel to Peru. Just go to the embas


The secretive cult shaping Japan's future

After reading this article and get some news from my contact in Japan, I don't think this is a secretive cult. Of course there are cults everywhere including in the western country, and people perception on this group is no exception. But in my personal opinion from learning about the Japanese culture, it's true that they need to find their root ag

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