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July 28, 2016 is the 10,000th day of the World Wide Web!

Today, July 28, 2016, the World Wide Web that most people on the planet called "The internet" celebrating its 10,000th day of the web. On March 12, 1989, Tim Berners Lee submitted a proposal for a distributed information system to CERN which at later we all know now as World Wide Web. The rest is history!


Column: What we need to do to prevent food shortages on a global scale

War. Famine. Drought! It's all part of human history. Despite the efforts of using GMO for lots of species on food sources, the political imbalance in the world cause more problem than the food production ecosystem. Of course life will find a way, but like aquaculture and hydroponics urban based farming, seafood can't pick up the slack on what land


Dota 2: The International $18.4M prize pool breaks its own record for largest pot in eSports history

Dota 2's annual global championship remains the most financially rewarding eSports event. Dota 2: The International 2016 is still two weeks off but the crowd-funded prize pool has already passed 2015's effort.


Cybercrime Outshines Traditional Crime in the UK

In other words, the law enforcement officials are getting dumb and dumber everyday. The availability of technology is evolved so fast that these meatballs couldn't keep track on it. Long gone the old ways of carrying gun and wearing a ski mask to the bank. Now, you just need to sit down on your desk and crack open their vault electronically. Whethe


Dragon Ball Z Manga and Anime Compared

Dragon Ball Z ’s “ Final Atonement ” episode is one of the most famous moments in the DBZ history. Let’s see how the manga and anime stack up.


Here’s the debut trailer for HD remake of The Silver Case.

Here’s the debut trailer for HD remake of The Silver Case . While at Bit Summit, I spoke to game designer Goichi Suda about the game and about the need for Japan to preserve its game history.


The Best Website for Free Online Courses

The Best Website for Free Online CoursesThese days, you don’t even have to be physically present in a university to get enrolled in university courses. There are a lot of free online courses, also called Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC), that are waiting for you. I have enrolled in at least 5 courses online through in the last


Pokémon Go fever helps Nintendo break Tokyo trading records

Pokémon Go has made Tokyo stock market history for Nintendo. Pokémon Go has become insanely popular since its launch and is still rolling out across regions even now.


How Bitcoin's Second Halving Came and Went, and Not Much Happened

Bitcoin's block reward halved for the second time last week, from 25 to 12.5 bitcoins. The event, commonly referred to as “the halving” (or sometimes: “the halvening”), was a key moment in Bitcoin's history.


Artist Captures Bitcoin’s History And Uniqueness

"Bitcoin was never about the money, I believe, it has always been about the people," he added. "It is these people who are seeing, believing, and achieving. As a community, these people are making dreams possible." He said it right out my mouth! Even the artist understand it. Bitcoin is about all the people on the planet who has a common goal. And

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