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Conversion to local currency

We'll probably have the same answers on this question. I was introduced to bitcoin by a fried last July 2016. My greatest moment in bitcoin history so far was probably the time when I get to accumulate a lot of satoshi and was able to convert it to our local currency. Though it was just a minimal amount, still I find it very grateful that I can hav


I think so

Yes i think so. Throughout the history human being produce goods and services, exchanges one good they produce to get what they do not produce and human being is aware of improving his living condition. And throughout the history one noticed that the living condition get improved.


Try to Re-perform

Try clearing your browsing history, including cookies and cached images. Then re-open your email account and check the latest password rest received from twitter. Click on the link for password reset in that email. After redirected to twitter account, renew your password. If this doesn't work, try using a different browser window or new device and



If you ask me, the governments are the real problem to start with. Different political and religious standings and views of the world are bringing whole world down to its knees. And as history can show, it has been like that since there was humans around. Every war, every disaster, every bombing is a result of tension between different sides, diffe


Bitcoin Traders Should Pray for a Federal Reserve Rate Hike

Not only the feds interest rate hike, but PBOC action to devaluate the Yuan is also important. Most of bitcoin trades are in Yuan. And if the feds hike, then the Yuan will be weakened again, thus making bitcoin as a safe-haven for assets hedging. Of course not many people in China plays on-shore/off-shore foreign exchange market. But if whaler play


Bitcoin's history deserves to be better preserved

If the IRC log on bitcoin is being manipulated or altered, there are several sites that maintain such conversation among core devs. (Official IRC doesn't maintain log or record of conversation) Of course BitcoinStats is one of them, but even with Wayback Machine, those logs still can have a hole in it. I agree with the author here. But back then, o


Roam Around

There are a lot of things you can do while in Dominican Republic. You can visit the Santo Domingo's Zona Colonial where you'll be brought back to the history of the oldest city in the new world. You can roam around the Playa Rincón beach and do sun bathing. Or you can just take the pleasure of peacefully resting in Peninsula de Samaná. Fo


On High Seas of Bitcoin Trading, Whales Still Make Waves

It's true that whalers can drop the price significantly. But the market sustain the volatility by depending on the smaller trader. In fact, if you look at the history of money, despite government encroachment, the people still the backbone of the transaction. Without the individual people, it doesn't matter whether it's a bank or feds, they can't d


Sztorc: Digital Cash and Prediction Markets Share Similar Histories

Prediction markets have been known to "predict the future"... Isn't that the formal definition of the word "prediction" under the Oxford English Dictionary! Backed by angel investor Roger Ver, Bitcoin Hivemind will be a peer-to-peer oracle protocol that allows Bitcoin users to speculate on a decentralized prediction market. The concept is great.


Man and time

We can't really say that history of man is the history of economics or vice versa. History of man goes beyond the time of economics; man was here before any way of trade or economy was born. So to say that history of economics makes our total history would be wrong. But on the other hand, every rise and fall of any nation that was, can be described

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