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Electric cars

Electric cars are really useful invitation. This cars can help us a lot because they do not polite our environment and they are much more profitable because electric energy is cheaper then oil.


LIDS Smart Urban Infrastructures Workshop highlights emerging research

Data can reveal valuable insights about the ways humans interact with their urban surroundings, helping to determine the types of services and systems they need and how those services and systems should work. Transportation, the electric power grid, and other services people rely upon can become more automated and more responsive - and ultimately s


Letter: New Zesco Tarrifs Favour The Poor | Zambia Reports

This is very good for those poor Zambians, electricity bills are not suppose to be inflated and at the end of the day makes consumer pay more than they consumes, i wish Nigeria can adopt this kind of system not the one that they will go and accumulate bills for consumers to pay for light they hardly see to use. If Nigeria should adopt this method,


Photo of robber electrocuted to death by electric barb wire fence in Lokoja

Everyday for the thief and one day for the owner of the property, just seeing this guy hanging on the fence makes me wish all robbers can suffer the same death. This will help me secure my house when I build one, this robbers don't need pity at all. He deserves what gets to him.



For frequent sinusitis is more persistent inhalation, a mixture of chamomile and sage. People who frequently suffer from sinusitis, it is best to include a small radiator or electric hot plate and the boiled and hot tea put on them to evaporate overnight. Doing so will this all night inhale essential oils from these plants, for which it is known to


La Union adopts 4-day work week

Government workers in La Union might be very happy with this memo. They are able to have at least 3 days a week without work. However, it will only last until second day of June. Still, it was a cause of rejoice for some employees because they can spend more time with families and even go out for summer outing. It is also a big help to lessen the c


Poverty as a key factor

Poverty is a key factor regarding the health of the nation in general. Africa is known as one of the poorest continents in the world. Living conditions are poor, without electricity, clean water or sanitation. In such circumstances, one can not expect prosperity of the nation. We all need to help make these images as soon as they become part of his


Nigeria: 50% of fruits, vegetables get damaged daily - NEPC

God has really bless this country Nigeria with every natural resources that we all need to survive, but the problem we have in the country is that our government are not looking into and also taking the agricultural sector seriously. Every government and citizen are focusing on oil only and not taking time help in developing the agriculture proceed



Bioenergy is the energy of life, literally "life energy". The treatment with the help of bio-energy therapy that can balance and harmonize physical and spiritual health. This therapy is focused on bioenergy fields, energy centers and channels by which energy flows in the body. To try to explain every cell in the human body functioning with the help


75 million Nigerians lack access to electricity - world bank

In as much as I am happy that the world bank has noticed the plight of Nigerian in the power sector but I would like stand to correct them that more than 75 million Nigerians is suffering lack of power, in fact the Entire country is suffering from lack of Power. I just hope they can come out and help us fix this power issue.

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