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The advertising system here on the BitSoapBox community of websites has been expanded and enhanced with Ad Social Engagement (Ad Social). This is a system where all members can (and are encouraged) to engage socially with advertisers. The goal is to create a self-regulating system so that members can alert members of Ad Offers that are inappropriat


Yes, electric cigarettes

Proud of user-e cigarettes. I smoked for 20 years and stopped 5 years ago, just with the help of electric cigarettes. For smoking cessation analog cigarettes made me health problems. I would be happy to take all smokers of this world leaving analog cigarettes, switch to the electric cigarette and so preserve their health.


Do you know what are the biggest problems of immortality?

Immortality is a theme that deals with mankind since its foundation. It is present in numerous literary works and philosophical considerations. Mainly attributed to the gods and mythical creatures. However, this may change in the future. The man has historically improved their living conditions and life expectancy (though not all scientists agree e


utilization of nature and sun

In order to improve the distribution of electricity in Nigeria, I think it is a good solution sun, power supply through solar energy. Maybe it would be good, and to make and hydro, or solar energy is the best solution for me. If the state does not have enough money to fund these projects should seek assistance from other countries to donate and hel


Nigeria: Factors Hindering Exports

Since the emergence of the Buhari led administration, there has been a massive approach on sensitizing the public on producing home made products for export so that the Nigerian economy will not depend on only oil export, what i liked about the article is that it point out all the requirements for a successful diversification on exports. The fact s


How To Make Fire With A LEMON

How with the help of a lemon can make a fire.! To make a fire with the help of a lemon, we need (a little more money) six copper staples, six nail, a piece of wire and steel wool. Although you these above items make strange, with their help it is possible to make use of electricity within the lemon to warm up enough steel wool and then burned Citri


Interesting facts about the various inventions

This time we bring you interesting facts about various inventions, or if you want interesting facts on the inventions that still are in use and which are very important for humanity. For each new invention, the life of humanity becomes easier .... Of course, we all know who invented the steam engine, telephone, electricity and so on. However, have


See what happened to a 80 years old witch on her way after completing her mission

Witchcraft is just one thing I wonder why people still venture in it, just look at the 80 years old woman still practicing witchcraft, she's very lucky that the transformer has no electricity and that people were even willing to help her down.


Ask Dr. Nerdlove: Am I Not Enough Of A 'Real Man'?

Hello, all you electric love treats. Welcome to Ask Dr. NerdLove , the only dating column that can help you wrangle your chocobos and canoodle your moogles.


Volunteer with PermaTree at the edge of the amazon in Ecuador

"Animals are the messengers of the tree, and trees the gardens of animals. Life depends upon life. All forces, all elements, all life forms are the biomass of the tree." Bill Mollison Permatree is a permaculture farm & regenerative lifestyle research reserve in Ecuador, Latin America. Our vision in a nutshell is, to live a sustainable life in harm

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