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Satellite images of Earth help us predict poverty better than ever

In one side, this could be a tool to map which area that doesn't have any energy infrastructure such as electricity or light. If you look at the map and the corresponding number, lots of this areas are underdeveloped to the point that government doesn't have resources to build the sufficient infrastructure for the people. On short argument that I w


Robert Fano, computing pioneer and founder of CSAIL, dies at 98

Robert "Bob" Fano, a professor emeritus in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) whose work helped usher in the personal computing age, died in Naples, Florida on July 13. He was 98.


Link from Dash lights and parking lights don't work - Nissan Forum

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Deadspin Here Is Sam Hinkie's Full 13-Page Letter Of Resignation To The Sixers (UPDATES) | Jezebel T

Deadspin Here Is Sam Hinkie's Full 13-Page Letter Of Resignation To The Sixers (UPDATES) | Jezebel The People and Things the OJ. Simpson Trial Helped Make | Gizmodo Venezuela Switches to Three-Day Weekend to Conserve Electricity | Gawker Hillary Clinton Just Received Her Most Important Endorsement | Read more... ..


Creating postdoc connections

"What I liked the most about the Postdoc6 Workshop was the playback theater!" says Zizhuo Zhang, postdoc in the Computational Biology Group with Manolis Kellis, professor of computer science. Improv theater is just one of the tools the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) is using to help its postdocs beef up their leade


A jumpstart for entrepreneurs

There are myriad challenges for entrepreneurs when first starting a company: fundraising, recruiting talent, developing an innovative product, networking, scaling, and - not least of all - finding customers. StartMIT, a course offered during MIT's Independent Activities Period between semesters, aims to help engineering students navigate those earl


About Car Auto Solutions

Car Auto Solutions is a forum for those seeking answers from their car related problems. Questions are posted by users and are also answered by users based on their own knowledge and experiences. From simple hardware problems, to engine failures, to electrical wiring etc., share them and you might just get the answer you are looking for. Get start


DHS Issues Warning About Vulnerabilities Of Electrical Power Infrastructure From Cyber-Attacks

Isn't this kinda oxymoron? Issuing a warning where they are the one who supposedly responsible for protecting national infrastructure including energy grid. Sometimes I don't get it why they do it while what they need to do is just put their resources and effort to fix the actual problems on hands. Funny that they actually helping Ukraine, where th


"Plant Lamps" Turn Dirt and Vegetation into a Power Source

Researchers in Peru have a new way to capture electricity from plants and bacteria to help rainforest communities. Researchers at the Universidad de Ingenieria y Tecnologia (UTEC) have developed a technique for capturing the electricity emitted from plants.


Save Money Save Power With Active plus solar water heater CLI0388AA

ACTIVE PLUS - the name that stands for "Quality, Reliability and Long life". Active plus solar, the manufacturer is one of the pioneers in promoting use of solar water heaters. Emcee Solar manufactures eco-friendly and pollution free products that not only go a long way in helping global efforts in conserving the environment, but also helps custome

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