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Planning to flee Donald Trump's America? It might not be that easy

It’s much, much trickier to actually move to Canada – or anywhere else – than to just utter the phrase. And if you do leave – well, brace yourself for the financial consequences. I would agree completely with the first sentence there. And, add that is especially so if your motivation in moving is based on anger, or runni


The Republic of Tea Issues Voluntary Recall of Organic Turmeric Ginger Green Tea

The Republic of Tea is dedicated to the health and wellness of each and every citizen (customer). As such, we are issuing a voluntary recall of our Organic Turmeric Ginger Green Tea in response to a possible health risk...


Hormel Food Corporation: Where's The Beef? A Total Return Growth Company

If you invest in any corporation in the US, surely you put one or two food processing company in one of your portfolio. Well, Hormel and Coca Cola are two of them. I know, they are junk food, but the US resident are so embodied with Spam and Soda to the point that lots of them use it on their daily diet. Money wise is good, health wise is .....! Ju


Total/Exxon/Mobil drilling offshore Uruguay a record-deep well; first since 1976

Considering that 94% or Uruguay power come from renewable energy, I wonder why oil and LNG that never been exploited for the last 40 years suddenly become a hot commodities. Will Uruguay use the revenue to balance their budget and to improve education and health care? After all, they do not want to make the same mistake like Venezuela. Or this is j


Chile to eliminate junk food from schools

Also in the works is a regulation that will require junk foods to include the label 'ALTO EN' (HIGH IN), likely for products that are high in sugar, salt or fat. Products with the 'ALTO EN' label will not be able to offer toys, competitions, accessories, stickers or other products that can attract the attention of children. Now that's definitely wi


New collection to focus on health and wellness

Photo: Christopher Harting The MIT Libraries will begin building a new health and wellness collection at Hayden Library this spring with support from MIT's  MindHandHeart Initiative,  a campus-wide effort to enhance mental health and overall well-being at MIT. The Libraries will purchase materials, including forei


Venezuela's Latest Little Sign Of Economic Desperation

Pity it happened to such a lovely country but there’s no stopping socialist stupidity once it really gets going. Well, that's what happen when you trust the country into a bus driver. A little socialism might work in the beginning. During Chavez first term, the deal was to use the money from oil sales to pay off the debt and use the remainin


English Instructor in Beijing Foreign Studies University

1. Job Title English instructor 2. Job Description Work location: Beijing(15 campus all around in Beijing) Teaching content : English (Journey's Leveled Readers published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Press) Teaching Assistants are allocated. Teaching hour 20 hours, others are office hour. Regular work time is Wed-Fri :1pm-7pm and Sat-Sun : 9am-6pm


It's all in our heads

A typical political scientist is not likely to develop a research plan that employs data from national archives, survey experiments, public health data, and an fMRI study in a single dissertation. But then, Marika Landau-Wells is not your typical political scientist.


Why the International Postal Network Holds the Key to Global Well-Being

Measuring well-being in the developing world is a difficult task. Now network theorists have discovered a number of proxies for health and wealth that are much easier to measure instead...

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