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Jiva Spa Toronto

Jiva Spa Toronto (, conveniently located in the heart of Toronto in the Annex, is a health and beauty spa. Specializing at improving your health, beauty, and well-being through treatments designed to help with anti-aging, rosacea, acne, stress lines, dry skin, sun damage, scars, and much more! Our relaxing treatments will leave yo


I can see their use

Let me be clear right now just in case i go on blabbing and forget my point - i do not condone smoking because research overwhelmingly shows that it is terrible for the health. That being said e-cigs as they are more commonly called have a very important role to play (along with nicotine patches) in the recovery of someone trying to quit smoking re


Better be safe than sorry

Check with the Food and Drug Administration or similar agency of your government. Health standards differ from country to country and the point of safety for mercury intake varies to each countries as well. Mercury is considered to be very dangerous to someone's body and it's really hard to get rid of those from your immune system.


Health, mind, tablets

Nowadays, in western culture there is some problem which isn't noticed by people. I tell about tablet religion. It means, that person, when he feels something bad with his organism, takes a tablet. Well, it's not normal, because we are from nature and there is no any tablets. Nature is our mother and there we can find any cure. This conception is o


Some thoughts about health

It's interesting how people solve their problems with health. When I look at it, I understand how it's really valuable to know something very well, be an expert in some field or just know true knowledge. Most people in Russia consider that's totally normally to take drugs for decreasing headache or for any other reason. And if you come to doctor, w


It's an epidemic: Hackers eye health records to net big cash

In the US alone, it was said, about nine in 10 healthcare institutions suffered a security breach,... Well, if they can't make Obamacare works in the past 8 years, what's the odds that they can secure their own network from hackers? The HHS couldn't even manage their own network or even intranet not internet moreover the entire health care system.


Global Poverty Declines Even Amid Economic Slowdown, World Bank Says

I never get the idea of measuring poverty is solely based on money. Heck, poverty could be defined as the well being of individual person. No matter how much money do they receive, but without significant social support, they will still live in poverty. Education is the utmost important then followed by health care. Isn't that the government were c


I don't like it

I am a health manner person, I believe people shouldn't be eating between meals, it's not good for health. After breakfast, the next meal should be lunch, and the next should be dinner. The body need about 4 hours to complete the process of digestion. If in between meals, you have to be around Junk foods, then your digestion system will never have


Congressional Proposal Seeks Blockchain Solutions for Health Fraud

Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services, and the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond hi


Brutal Central African dictator who rules his country with an iron-fist and 'skins enemies alive and eats their testicles'

Duh! Well, if he's convicted, I'm pretty sure that he can afford some barbecue sauce to go with grilled testicles and perhaps a refrigerator to chill the brain (remember Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom). One other problem is the west, who has been sucking oil from this country will send aid to these people to improve education and health care

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