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Good hashtag goes a long way

For some, it seems that the hashtag innovation and exaggeration among kids on Instagram. Some might go too far, or hashtag is a useful thing that can significantly improve the success of online campaigns. Good examples teach us what all the hashtag exist and how best to use the # sign that connects us all. What hashtag used by companies on the Inte


#ReadersUnite to Share the Books They're Reading

This week, readers and writers are celebrating reading by posting the books they're reading to social media , joined together with the hashtag #ReadersUnite. If you haven't joined in yet, it's simple: post a photo or title of the book you're reading to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other social media platforms-and include the hashtag #ReadersUni


The most defining beauty moments of 2016

2016. is almost behind us and in a beauty world we had some new/old things that marked a year. I remember when everyone put #nomakeupmovement hashtag on Instagram and twitter. It was crazy popular, most women said that Beauty finally got honestWhat you think?


The December Business of Talent

From: Bersin by Deloitte (, To: william.malatestinic, Cc: ! To view this email as a web page, href= "" >click here **IMG** Business of Talent Newsletter William, Welcome to the December edition of the Business of Talent newsletter. This email includes links to new research, upcoming


Patrick Stewart's Post-Election Tweet Says It All With A Hashtag

That's all he need to say! Simple and to the point. The picture says it all. Why worry about all of this election mumbo jumbo while you can just buy a small safety pin at the nearest convenience store and wears it to show your solidarity. Isn't that the vision of Star Trek creator, Gene Roddenberry!


Facebook fires trending team, and algorithm without humans goes crazy

And who says that the Facebook's algorithm is based on machine learning or AI. They are curated by human and they can be attached to anything. Just look at the example above where Ann Coulter news was actually attached to Rob Lowe hashtag. Any smart algorithm will catch those keyword easily, but not on Facebook.


Dirty Harry Message for #ThankObamaIn4Words

Well, we know that Clint "Dirty Harry" Eastwood supports Trump. This is his tweet when tweeps ask anyone what they will say to Obama under #ThankObamaIn4Words hashtag. He even told Schwarzenegger that he already load the bullet in his gun for shooting practice the next day. Well, after 86 years, Clint's 44 Magnum is still loaded to blow anyone who


Battlefield Twitter posts distasteful tweets under hashtag #justWWIthings, pulls them following outcry

Perhaps it's a bad idea to put "WW1" in your social marketing campaign for a game. The official Twitter account for Battlefield tried to rally users behind a new hashtag.


Battlefield Account Posts Dumbass Tweets, Deletes Them

Earlier this morning, the official Battlefield 1 Twitter account posted a number of tweets using the ridiculous hashtag #justWWIThings. Met with negative feedback, the account soon deleted the tweets.


Share Your Summer Reading Spots with #ireadeverywhere

This summer, we're celebrating and showcasing all the passionate readers out there with our hashtag #ireadeverywhere. Join authors, librarians, and other readers from around the world in sharing your favorite reading spots, whether it's someplace comfortable, unusual, or far, far away from NYC.

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