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Fwd: FW: ITEL Unpaid Invoice Attached - Payment Inquiry: Kelly Beckley CRS4615506-08

---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: Glen Roberts <glr@[deleted]> Date: Mon, Mar 30, 2015 at 2:56 PM Subject: Re: FW: ITEL Unpaid Invoice Attached - Payment Inquiry: Kelly Beckley CRS4615506-08 To: "Baldwin, Rhonda" <> Cc: "ServiceMasterDisaster@[deleted]" <ServiceMasterDisaster@[deleted]>, "Arancio,


PlayStation games are coming to PC, and other signs the end is nigh - CNET

That's users want since long time ago. The issue is just infrastructure. The speed of the network is not capable of handling the large bandwidth. That's all. I never really enjoy console. I mean for someone that ever play Atari, Commodore, NES, PS and Xbox until the mid 2000's, I found out that computer games are much better. In fact, if I need a b


Pro and Cons of Drop Shipping Business!

Drop shipping business is like affiliate marketing, only it caters to a more specific items. US's Herbalife lose weight product or Amway is a good example of drop shipping business. They are also MLM type of business. You do not need a quite big capital where you basically route the order directly to the supplier or sellers where the inventory bein


Zippie -73545847

The pros are that you do not need inventory and you also don't need capital as the client pay the company that supplies the product. No handling of stock.


Bitfinex 'Bail-In' - New Financial System Offers Laboratory For Handling Unexpected Losses

Well, despite the author argumentation that Bitfinex offers the same solution similar to traditional banking industry back in 2009, the valuation and the concept are completely different. Bitcoin number is fixed a so it's Bitfinex's tokens. While the cause of economic meltdown 7 years ago caused by banks, but in bitcoin world, the hack got nothing


Japan in talks to deliver two coast guard ships to Philippines - Reuters

Despite the Philippines prefer to buy Japanese navy products, they are still being haunted by the US present in the area. Duterte knows that he rather plays on his own turf with the Chinese rather than the US. Of course the idea is to make the Chinese getting more and more mad with the addition of the two Japanese vessel, but with the US backing th


Coinbase Reddit AMA: Inside Job Poses Biggest Security Risk

This is just a PR article for Coinbase as they just want to promote the way they handle user bitcoin. Of course they do not mention that if user is known to transfer the money to their competitor, they immediately being shutdown and their bitcoin is confiscated. What a joke!


Poverty beyond the numbers

Hmmm! If this organization, Fundación Paraguayas works is so widespread in Paraguay, why don't they go to the government for bigger solution on how to tackle the poverty in the country. Aim small, miss small. Start in the capital city of Asuncion first then spread into the neighboring rural areas or vice versa. I think this author opinion is m


Justice on Blockchain: Did Bitfinex Handle its Problem Well?

Yes and no! In one side, it's better for the user rather than losing everything like in Mt. Gox case and having to file a class action lawsuit that goes nowhere. On the other hand, the socialized risk has been approved. And the only thing they need to do is to gain their trust back from their customer with a better security system.


The Nauru files: 2,000 leaked reports reveal scale of abuse of children in Australian offshore detention

I only got one thing to say to this people: If you can't handle the heat, then do not fool around with other people lives. This is prove how Australia pressured small country in the surrounding area. Oceanian country whose live dependent on big country such as Australia is giving part of their land for them as a detention center for immigrant. Of c

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