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London Banking Sector Create Bitcoin Contingency Funds against Cyberattacks

Isn't that kinda an oxymoron statement that the law enforcement agency couldn't assist them to decipher the Ransomware or clean up their cyber security network? This is the reason why it's so easy for criminal to spread their Ransomware. For once, it can't be denied that the entire country's cyber defense is sucks. Plus the employee that operate th


When your Matured

A person should not get married or rushed to marry just because they feel sad, alone, bored in life, experience sex or have family problems. Marriage is not the solution. Because marrying is a serious decision to make. So if a coupled decide to get marry, they should be mentally, emotionally and spiritual matured. That they can handle life on its o


Visa Taps Blockchain for Cross-Border Payment Plan

They don't need to tap blockchain to run a cross border payment for commercial use. They can simply use a distributed SQL ledger, but they never wanted to do it for a long time. In fact, cross border payment is still being handled by hand batch and paper. No will, no glory. The use of the word blockchain is just to make them look good in front of t


The Fight for Mosul: Kamikaze 2.0

Learn from the mistake of the Japanese in WW2 and become better on how to handle this type of attack. But time has changed to the point that IS is not only recruiting Kamikaze from the area, but also from other part of the world. Remember what happen in Paris, France last year. Even a female bomber refuse to give up and be arrested and to the point


The requirements to be an expert

The primary requirement to become an expert in a given area is to have true interest in that field. It may help to have some formal education, but that also may diminish your inspiration. You take that true interest, develop it into a grand inspiration and then start "working" things in your field. "working" means not work as in a job, but doing th



I'm not really sure why they break so easily, but those micro USB cables are annoying. Every few months I have to buy a new one. But, I am sure it's not just a users fault. I had 3 of them stop working on their own. Just plugged in, doing their job and after some time passed, they stop working totally. So I am positive that beside the user error of


IMF warns Pakistan of looming China-Pak Economic Corridor bill

Well, with every Foreign Direct Investment there is always a risk. The question is how the Paks handled the Chinese is much more important than how the IMF sees this deal. IMF is pretty much western controlled institution to the point that they are not seeing what other people can see. Of course the Indian complain since the CPEC passing through th


Duterte: Sea dispute will be discussed, but no bargaining in China visit

"We will stick to our claim. We do not bargain anything there. We continue to insist that that's ours and that the international tribunal decision will be taken up. But there will be no hard impositions," said Duterte, whose state visit to China will be the first for the Philippines since 2011. At least we know that President Duterte is not against


Singapore's economic growth slows sharply to 0.6% in Q3

Majority of Singapore revenue come from the service sector. Tourism and financial sector are also contributed heavily for this city state that people loves as a tax haven in Southeast Asia. But, they normally can stimulate the economy by giving lots of tax holiday to many expats or foreigner who want to keep their money there. Those who know Singap


Kim Dotcom: MegaUpload2/BitCache will take Bitcoin Mainstream

Aha ha ha! Hey, that survey that he did about the next US president is kinda funny. Of course people would love to see Putin as the next POTUS seems he can handle the issue better rather than these two comedians. Anyway, I wonder why Dotcom doesn't want to raise money through crowdfunding or ICO. He could blast into 5 to even 10 millions bucks in n

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