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Police Dealing With Pokémon Go Chaos In Tokyo

In the past few days, a rare Pokemon has been spotted in Tokyo's Odaiba. Loads of people have shown up to catch it, and the crowds have become so big that the police were called in to handle the situation.


FBI And Security Experts Are Fearful About The Future of Ransomware

The smarter the law enforcement agent, the smarter the criminal too. If the FBI and security experts are worried, then why in the world we need them in the first place. Don't they have an expert to handle this kind of criminals? As always, regulators are lacking talent and were left behind by technology.


Hackers Eye E-Commerce Platforms, Bitcoin-Based Openbazaar to Capitalize

Well, Bitfinex hacks gives everyone a lesson that even with 2FA or 3FA, there is no way that hacker can't penetrate a centralized databases. OpenBazaar still using a hot address and keep user private key. This is something that they need to handle even with the multisig authorization as an extra features for their users.


Ignorant SEO Spammers... worse than an unflushed toilet

Don't the fricking spammers every get tired? Aren't people smart enough not to fall for this nonsense. If someone was actually successful at SEO they wouldn't be spamming as they'd have all the clients they could handle just from their search traffic. Now, if people added these morons to spam distribution lists it could be really beneficial at a ka


NYDFS Introduces Cyber Security Guidelines For BitLicense Holders

"Consumers must be confident that their sensitive nonpublic information is being protected and handled appropriately by the financial institutions that they are doing business with." WTF! The NYDFS doesn't know anything about cyber security. What kind of crapola law this is. I think they just want to protect these small minion so the incident like


Is the Fed Smoking Weed?

The central bank actually argued that allowing a master account for the cannabis industry would be similar in nature to approving a master account for a credit union handling the finances for companies involved in illegal trading with North Korea. Last time I checked, marijuana and North Korea are two different entities and doesn't correlate at all


I don't think so.

Your church suit is something that every church patron would respect. Washing it in a regular washing machine would probably ruin it and you'll just regret doing so. Consider dry cleaning your suit twice or three times a week. Let professional cleaners handle it. It's not like the suit gets dirty everyday and it doesn't really get in contact with y


Just Misunderstood

I disagree that girls are difficult to read. Coming from the opinion of a like like me, I can say that sometimes, we are just misunderstood. The thing I know is that we girls are emotionally sensitive, fragile one. If only men understood what we are going thru you can say, we are easy to handle.


How can you prevent your kids from giving personal information to hackers?

It's simple! Stop giving your kids access to the internet, dummy! The most important question is why parents are so stupid these days by giving their kids a smartphone or any other gadget without knowing what they are going to handle it. Worse, they do not even know how to teach their kid since they are also barely know how to deal with the rapid a


Aung San Suu Kyi to Discuss Economic Help, Sanctions Change in US Visit

First thing first is their infrastructure. But I think the Chinese and the rest of ASEAN country will help Myanmar in that issue. Secondly, the diversity of the population like Indonesia. And actually, Suu Kyi could learn from Indonesia on how to handle the very diverse people that come from different background, religions, etc.

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