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Picture Books for Working Moms

All moms are working hard all the time, and moms who work outside their homes could sometimes use a hand explaining their jobs to their kids and handling their separation anxiety. These picture books do just that.


Some Real Talk On Piracy From A Witcher 3 Dev

Marcin Iwiński, co-founder of GOG and development studio CD Projekt Red, has some curious thoughts on how to handle a very thorny subject: piracy. Read more... ..


Stateless in Panama?

Did you get your travel document? How would I go about it in Panama? I have permanent residency here. As I explained previously, I have renounced my US citizenship and never received my naturalization certificate from the DR. Since my DR experience, Panama began allowing foreigners to apply for citizenship. However, lawyers have told me that becaus


UC Law Professor Sees Bitcoin Becoming a Tax Haven for the Gig Economy

Bitcoin wallets have no physical presence, and they do not require expensive assistance to create and maintain. That seems to be the understatement of the year. Bitcoin wallets require only an app to be installed, to create / use an active account. bitcoin wallets could become “super tax havens.” Now that is probably an overstatement


How Not To Scam Publishers For Free Games

So: there are loads of kids out there who try and ask publishers for free games. Most of them are at least up-front about their pan-handling, maybe pointing to a YouTube or Twitch channel that nobody watches.


Dark Souls 3 Dev Regrets How They Handled The Game's Controversial Poise Stat

Few things have frustrated the Dark Souls 3 community in the past few months as the ongoing debate over what the game’s “poise” stat does . While I don’t have an answer to that question, I can pass on an apology from series director and From Software president Hidetaka Miyazaki.


Can your smartphone really handle all your finances?

Soon or later, there will be no need for credit card or cash anymore. They are all being digitized and use as a medium of payment. To answer the question on the title for the time being is maybe not. But as long a technology grows, we will continue to support it


Marathon Man - Dustin Hoffman - Getting Grilled While Drilled - HD - YouTube

well... seems like biting was out of the options list... Under pain, people resolve to do ANYTHING to self-preserve, even if consecuences are worse later (one starts handling them "at the moment" as they come). Still, it's a good torture scene.


This Week In The Business: Kids And Their Cash

QUOTE | “It’s six figures of big money showered upon teenage boys, what can possibly go wrong?” - Peter Moore, head of EA’s competitive gaming division, discussing the publisher’s approach to EA Sports, which includes helping pro players properly handle their winnings . Read more... ..


Sweden Conducts Trials of a Blockchain Smart Contracts Technology for Land Registry

The Swedish National Land Survey ( Lantmäteriet ) recently announced that it is conducting trials of a system that uses blockchain technology for land registration. The project, if successful, could have a major a impact on how land deals are conducted. The Lantmäteriet , in partnership with Swedish blockchain company ChromaWay ‚

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