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Flipkens Flies Past Bogdan In Tashkent, Shapatava Upsets Buyukakcay

Kirsten Flipkens no 2 seed in this tournament in Tashkent continue with her great season. He won her match against Ana Bogdan in two easy sets. As far for other top seeds in this tournament, Lesia also wins her match and if you want to know how was it, the only thing I will say is that she won first set 6-0. That will say you everything.


Facebook the Key to Being Alone Online

This story is inspired by #thestokedlife. Some people that probably have a decent business and some great stories. But they chose to spam me on Facebook. They are by far not the only ones. They go by the name of "The Stoked Life". After going in circles with them on Facebook, ie: sharing my views on their posts on my Facebook wall, views which were


Shanghai easing way for expat talent

Aha! This is a good way to retain great expat to work in Shanghai. But they must know that this permit only works in Shanghai only. You see, China doesn't operate like US. When the Shanghai metro issue this statement, that means expats must continue and work in the Shanghai area and do not leave outside it. I know this since I have a colleagues wor


What you did in Iraq & Libya is the real barbarism - Russian FM spox rebukes US envoy to UN

Yeah, become hot. Hotter than desert at noon could be another global warming. Russia and US, both are recrimination and blame each other for the attacks that have occurred in Aleppo recently. The "Barbarism" to be a great debate, not only at the negotiating table but in the media also. The US envoy to the UN, who recently called Russia's actions in


i remember

I most certainly do remember name of my first love. Her name was Sandra, she had brown eyes, short hair as well as a temper and looked like a dude. Of course she came to be a lesbian, and we are now great friends.


Memories and age

I know I am getting older but I am still not going senile. So yes, of course I remember the name of my first and any other after love I had in life. We dated for 2 years and 2 months, we had great time together and what I thought was a good stable relationship turned out to be a feeling just from my side of our relationship. But that's a story for


Djokovic vs. Sharapova: The Challenge

Great video, I mean what else would you except from this two legends. Novak Djokovic and Maria Sharapova playing 4 different challenges. You will enjoy watching it, skills and entertainment in one place. You know Novak and his jokes, right? Check it out!


Lu Returns To Home Soil In Kaohsiung

Lu is preparing for his third ATP Challenger title in this season 2016. He pick new target and that is tournament in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Lu had really great season, as you may already see. Two titles are big in one season and he is chasing new one. Hopefully this 33 year old tennis player will get his third title in this season.


'Botched' Repair to China's Great Wall Provokes Outrage

This is what I called completely fu*ked up! But 1,2 miles out of 3000 is not that bad from the political standpoint. But for scientist, this is the reason that politician need to consult with the people who understand how to do it instead of using their own contractor and pay them without everyone knowledge (they said that the repair was done 2 yea



Yes, I already bet and played in a casino. There is one popular casino here in our country, Resorts World Casino, which is a very great place to spend your leisure time. I tried the bingo and dice but never been lucky in those games. I prefer Keno and Slots because the chances of winning is higher compared to other games. So far, my maximum win was

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