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China plenum: Looking for clues on China's economy

Well, no one knows until after the meeting. Most of these people are sequestered in the great hall until the times come to unleash the hounds. It would be interesting what would come out from it. After all, it's a five years plan and it' normally be a big one.


Hackers Can Intercept And Block Your 4G LTE Calls And Texts

Aha! And with this, it would be easier for law enforcement agent to spy on your network. Just by faking the RRC using a stingray as a man in the middle so they can tapped into your phone and gather all of your personal info. Great!


Natasha Annie Tonthola: My fight against Malawi's 'hyenas'

Sometimes, tradition or local custom or tribal law override the national law. The only thing that they can do is to push for government intervention so this thing can be changed. On the other hand, if the mindset of the people is still stuck on the old ways, then it would be harder to implement. Even with a great education but custom is the hardest


Nathaniel Popper: 'Borders End Up Mattering A Great Deal' In Bitcoin

This is actually a great series to watch. Made by Tech Crunch media, and it's a good general social introduction to what is a digital currency. The shows start with a series on how a handful of hacker or cyberphunks created a crypto currency (not shown) called bitcoin in 2009. And the rest is history like we are known up till now. You can watch the



From: Greater Fort Smith Association of Home Builders (, To: joe, Cc: Ready to Serve? **IMG** **IMG** **IMG** Nominations are being accepted for seat positions as a Board of Directors or Associate Council member. If you hare interested in serving; please contact the HBA office at 479-452-6213, for more information


Blockchain-Fueled Open-Source P2P Energy Trading System Wins Energy Hackathon

I see the reason here. There are some real application that already being implemented in Western Australia where the excess power grid from one house is being pass to the other who needs more so the entire community is working together to balance their usage. This would be great if one micro grid that has been used in a smaller neighborhood like in


Criminals Launder Money Through Virtual Game Currencies, Rather Than Bitcoin

Wow that something new and it's not the other way around. Of course they probably have a great bunch of good gamer all over the network otherwise they will loose those money. I wonder if this a new trend since you can launder the money with thousands or even millions participants while the law enforcement agency just sit down and watch.


Food drives gaining momentum in Japan

This is a great way to get involved with the community. I was surprised myself when I hear this since the Japanese society is not known to do this type of things. But, the era has change. The era of sharing economy is here and we might as well help each other while we can instead relying on the government subsidy.


Cibulkova's Singapore Debut A Family Affair At The WTA Finals

Great season behind Dominika Cibulkova, indeed. She is also into Singapore tournament which is also incredible result for her, I wouldn't be surprised if she actually wins this, she had luck as well with skills all season long, we will see if that is going to be case in this tournament also.


Thai junta says Google removing content with royal insults - Reuters

Aha ha ha! More and more censorship on the internet in Thailand. The question is what constitutes an insult and whether they can persecuted the foreign national who insult the royals? Why don't they just create a great fire wall like China and be done with it?

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