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JetAirways Want Their Passengers to Melt Away

I recently booked a flight to Dubai from Hong Kong. And the cheapest flight I could find was that of JetAirways'. It cost about half the price of Emirates Airline's direct flight. The catch for the cheaper airfare is of course you have to fly first to the base airport of the airline, which is in Delhi, India. Lay overs are no problem for me. I enjo


IRS clarifies documentation of FATCA exemption for savings plans

At first glance something like this would seem to be great news. However, I think in the end it will just result in more confusion by individuals, and much more difficulty for those trying to collect and correlate data between different sources.


Chicago Proposes Rebate Program to Encourage Residents to Purchase Surveillance Cameras

So, instead of them putting a surveillance cameras, they let the people pay for it and give them a 200 bucks rebate. Of great! Now not only cops, but everyone watch everywhere we move. Of course, the 200 bucks is nothing compare to the cost of the CCTV camera that can go up to $1000. But hey, they still cheaper than Washington DC, the home of all m


LIVE - Sergey Lazarev - You Are The Only One (Russia) at the Grand Final - YouTu

A great song for me actualy was the real winer of the Evrovision.


The Elder Scrolls V:Skyrim intro music - YouTube

This song is great for several things. Epic background music.


Take a look inside the Mass Effect: New Earth theme park experience

The  Mass Effect 4D Experience  was recently unveiled at California’s Great America in Santa Clara. Take a look inside the Mass Effect: New Earth theme park experience As reported on California Coaster Kings , the 4D experience boasts a 60-foot 3D LED screen which provides visuals allowing the attendees to "feel" as


Floating Wind Farms: Great Concept, Implausible Economics

There are much stronger winds the further offshore you go, but capturing them and turning them into electricity has proved uneconomical...


Logitech's Sleek New Mechanical Keyboard Just Got Its First Discount

Logitech’s new G610 Orion mechanical gaming keyboard is already racking up great user reviews, and Amazon’s taking $20 off both the brown and red switch model today, the first discount they’ve ever posted. Read more... ..


RIP Darwyn Cooke, A Comic Book Great

On Saturday, Darwyn Cooke passed away at the age of 53. He was one of my favourite comic book artists (and writers).



THE TOP 15 MOST HISTORICAL SITES IN THE WORLDThere is an abundance of beautiful things and places in this world, both natural and man-made. We've listed some of our favorite historic sites in the world. Which one is your favorite? Most Historical Sites in the World Machu Picchu, Peru: 16.7% Giza Pyramids, Egypt: 16.7% Parthenon, Athens, Greece: 16.

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