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OK Google, SOS! Android to Send Location Data to First Responders

Oh great! Now, not only the government spy on you through law enforcement agency and treasury or IRS agent, now they want to spy through medical personnel too. In fact, there are more people die each year at the hospital due to human error rather than slow respond to the emergency.


Cryptography as Democratic Weapon Against Demagoguery

Great Article by Nozomi Hayase! I completely agree with her here in this article. Cryptography is a tool that can bring trust back to individual people. Empowering the public is much more important that getting an order from the government and their cronies who thinks that they can enslaving us forever. Mathematics is a science and seeing is believ


Digital Currencies Can Fill in for Falling CBRs in Weaker Economies

Looks like the assessment from the IMF included all region in the world except North America! This shows that the IMF is pretty much controlled by the US and if the rest of the region is affected, then there are two possibilities. The US economy is stronger than what on the paper or they are about to confiscate all the foreign assets that were kept


Vancouver Real Estate Tax Hike May Drive More Chinese to Bitcoin

Oh that's great! While most country try to create a stimulus package by reducing property tax for first time buyer, Vancouver is increasing it. Who said politics and conspiracy is not interesting. This is a chance for the government to suck out more anyway since over one third of real estate market in Vancouver is owned by the Chinese. Aha!


New North Korea Hack Shows Enterprises Need The Blockchain

You know, I've been wandering myself. But since this news come from SCMP, Hong Kong major English Newspaper, I wonder about its truthfulness. The reason is this, in a country that so secluded from the outside world, ask yourself this question, how in the world they can have a great group of hackers that willing to expose themselves to the public. W


US and Canadian Expats Operated Scam VoIP Center in Costa Rica

Okay, from one side this is a great catch despite it's already kinda late, since the fraud occurred in 2012. I wonder how these people managed to get 202 area code, which is Washington DC. Of course if they bought a phone with 202 area code or manipulating the switch board or using a proxy with DC VOIP, then it all become clears. But I think there


Darksiders: Warmastered Edition has a silly name but some great upgrades

Don't call it a remaster – this is Darksiders: Warmastered Edition. Darksiders: Warmastered Edition has been officially detailed by publisher Nordic Games after last week's convention announce .


Oh Great, We're Naming Our Children After Pokémon Now

Pokémon Go has been responsible for a few unseemly things since being released: armed robberies , a murder hoax , car crashes , and sending people towards a nuclear disaster site . Now it’s even ruining future generations.


Is Bitcoin a Failure?

Dully noted! Great opinion by the author. And I personally agreed in some of his points here in his article. Nothing is perfect and maybe someday, there will be a better protocol that can give us a better decentralization permissionless open ledger in this world, but for the time being, the power lies on the people. Bitcoin and its underlying techn


Twitch Streamer Swatted While Playing Pokémon Go Outside

Normally, parks are a great place to chill and capture lots of monsters within Pokémon Go . This particular excursion, however, ended with cops pointing guns at a Pokémon Go player instead.

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