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Shopawl Introduces Option To Buy eBay Goods With Bitcoin

So, they act like an escrow service with 4% surcharge. The question is how long before eBay will shut them down since they prefer Paypal. After all, who want to destroy their own child business with bitcoin. Of course Shopawl is still new, so it yet to be proven. So far, I haven't received any great feedback from users.


6 great things about Slovenia that have nothing to do with Melania Trump

These are something that expats should look for whenever they plan to move to other country with their family. Take a look at Slovenia advantages here: Maternity/paternity leave Continuing assistance for families Government support for artists A non-draconian prison system Help for college students Bonuses for college grads and postgrads Seem


Open House and Ribbon Cutting

Good Morning! Tomorrow evening at 5:30 we are assisting the Dawes County Historical Museum with an Open House and Ribbon Cutting to unveil the new Marcus Cain Exhibit. We are asking that the Ambassadors arrive in time to be part of the Ribbon Cutting at 5:30 pm, this ceremony will be followed by an Open House and Pot Luck Dinner. The museum is pro



Since you do not say what's your current citizenship is, so I'll assume that you are global citizen. I wonder why your wife can't provide you with an answer. I think to stay in those luscious island living is great if you prefer to live in a sub-tropical island. But your wife should have a little bit of information about it since to obtain a Bahami


Respect local cultures!

I think the issue here is the theme of the "emancipation" festival in BVI. In some country the issue of emancipation is different than BVI. The arguments presented here is valid as long as you do not insult local cultures. Of course if this on other country such as US and then you drape yourself in Saudi or Iranian flag on Lincoln day's (Abraham Li


Meatballs publications

I found out that International Living is only tell you the good side and never the bad side. Of course it was good to steer people opinion. But once you get hooked on it, it seems lots of people believe in what they said. Many years ago, a similar publications like this offer me a property in Spain. This was the early days of Euro as a primary curr


im also for Europe

If u ask me, two best countries for living (and working), no matter the age, are without doubt Austria and Switzerland. Beside their government systems that are more then defined, they got so many great sites to see and to live in. I myself am thinking of moving soon to either one of those, preferably Austria cause of its lakes and mountain sites,


Code is Law? Not Quite Yet

TLDR! This meatball is writing a goat cookie article from lawyers standpoint. Since your code is immutable and cannot be changed, you need to be perfectly sure your code has no flaws. Duh! Let me ask him this, does the Magna Charta not have a flaw? Does the US constitution not have a flaw? Do all the clause on the Geneva convention not have a flaw?


What is the Breed of Dog that will get you Pie?

What is the Breed of Dog that will get you Pie? We've all seen it happen, or it's happened to you. You have a dog and Doggies need Walkies, So you gear up the Doggie, Leash, Water, Throw toys, Doggie poo bag and you're off on your way.. in no time you're at the park and girls come from miles around to pet your dog, "Ahhh, What kind of dog is he??"


Really a land-line phone?? Pfff.

What do you use for a telephone instead of a traditional land-line phone? Q: What type of telephone do you use most of the time? A: We use a land-line based wireless phone system in our home. It's the only one we have, and we like it that way. Q: How often do you use your traditional phone? A: Well, don't have any wireless phones, so we always use

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