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2006 Grand Caravan front end noise

My 2006 Grand Caravan 86, 000 miles makes a rattling sound front driver side when it goes over bumps (metal on metal sound). It also makes a grinding sound when braking in reverse on same side. Replaced front brakes and turned rotors 5, 000 miles ago and rotors are now grooved, causing steering wheel to shimmy at speed. Any thought?


Forum: thumping underneath in front end

The forum discussion: thumping underneath in front end, Dodge-Grand Caravan has some interesting posts. Here is a sneak peek. "2005 grand caravan. Thumping coming form front end on passenger side. I've read about sway bar bushings and linkage being a problem. But I" My '05 Grand does the same thing. Recently had it on the rack while putting

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