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What is the spiciest thing you have ever eaten?

Modern pepper growers have been tinkering with the "Heat" in peppers (known as Capsaicin) for decades. Now, growing and testing has advanced to a point the peppers are too damn hot! If you like to eat peppers and aren't careful, you can die!! or at least seriously scar yourself forever! (Can you imagine your throat inflaming so badly you simply can


Office-rooms with clear view in CIUDAD VIEJA, Montevideo

Luminous property just steps away from Matriz Square - suitable for housing: The single-room apartment of 45 sqm (*) is found on the 3rd floor on Rincón Street and is in a very good condition. Its 5-storey office building, with elevator and reception desk from 9 am to 6:00 pm, was built in 1951 (*) in the neighborhood "Ciudad Vieja", close to



I think that I would be able to survive for days on a desert island. All I need to have with me is water. The rest we can make, improvise and create. Surviving is all about believing in yourself and your abilities. The rest is all about being creative and putting to good use all the things you learned whole your life. Like, how to make a fire to ke


Who doesn't

I think that I know only two persons in the whole world who don't like snow nor winter time for that matter. One of those persons is my best friend. He only likes sun and heat of 30°C+. Me; I like the snow. I like the winter in general. Its somehow more pure then any other time of year. Must be cause it's all so white. Anyway, I like winter ca


eMarketer Daily ( sent you 0 files

From: "eMarketer Daily" ("eMarketer Daily" (, To: "Williams Gardner" ("Williams Gardner" (bill), Cc: DotLoop eMarketer Daily ( sent you 0 files in an email. eMarketer Daily - TV and Digital Are in a Dead Heat for US Media Dollars peoplework, not paperwork **IMG** dotloop is the largest network in re


Yup, no denying, I love junk food

I love it - Donuts, Potato Chips, Soda.... Mmmmmmm, Nothing' beats in Ice cold coke after working your ass off in hundred degree heat..... Then going' and wolfing' down a bag full of chips... not just a little kid bag of chips, I'm talking the Giant family sized one!! Yummy!! And then for Dinner, Fast food!! Like Mickey Dee's French Fries and a Str


Its logic

I like the summer, sure. Like every other person does. But I am not really a fan of heat and sweat and burning in the sun. I'm more for winter and clean air on the mountain hike. It's like this; at winter time you can always put more clothes on if you get cold, but at summer time, you can not get out of your skin, and it burns.


Winter is Coming: Bitcoin Mining for Heat (And Profit)

In the winter time, yes, you could run your water heater through bitcoin mining rigs. Just need to re-route your water pipe onto it so you could heat the water. Better yet, you could create an air duct to go through your bitcoin mining equipment so it blows hot air throughout your house in the winter. Looks like a good project this fall if you are



We are on the very edge of World War 3, its just waiting to happen. With all the destabilization that occur on daily basis, I am amazed that it didn't start already. And when it happens, all hell is gonna be let loose. Including the nuclear arsenal of the world. The nuclear winter is coming. But since I am aware of this for past 6-7 years, I am pre


45 Years Ago, a UFO Sighting In Costa Rica Impressed The World

I anxiously await for the day when these kinds of sightings become common place, a daily event at many places around the world. We must conquer the fear our governments have instilled in us and open our eyes , minds and heats to the universe and all beings that are a part of it.

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