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Philippines' Rodrigo Duterte threatens to leave UN

Good for him. At least we know someone is giving the worthless organization some heat. Similar to their predecessor, the league of nation that created after WW1, and failed to prevent WW2, the UN is practically a western ideology driven organization who has proven themselves as a bunch of comedian who know nothing other than failure in progressing


Best steam mop reviews how to make you win!

Would you like smooth feel to your bare feet and fresh smell in floor. The best steam home mop will be a mop that uses mainly deeper cleaning and dusting around the house to clean floors, carpets and gas grill, stove, range hood, counters, cupboards, windows, bathrooms, defrost my freezer, pretty much anything. It does windows better than any windo


Ripple CTO Says Blockchain Is a Complex Technology Than Interledger

Blockchains are a pain to work with. Everyone who has done it knows what I'm talking about. The fact that blockchain has been largely ignored by major tech companies and embraced by the financial industry is partly because that industry has a relatively high tolerance for arcane and complex systems. WTF! Dude, if you can't stand the heat, then get


The Nauru files: 2,000 leaked reports reveal scale of abuse of children in Australian offshore detention

I only got one thing to say to this people: If you can't handle the heat, then do not fool around with other people lives. This is prove how Australia pressured small country in the surrounding area. Oceanian country whose live dependent on big country such as Australia is giving part of their land for them as a detention center for immigrant. Of c


New lithium-oxygen battery greatly improves energy efficiency, longevity

Lithium-air batteries are considered highly promising technologies for electric cars and portable electronic devices because of their potential for delivering a high energy output in proportion to their weight. But such batteries have some pretty serious drawbacks: They waste much of the injected energy as heat and degrade relatively quickly.


FOR RENT: Office-rooms with clear view in CIUDAD VIEJA, Montevideo

Luminous property just steps away from Matriz Square - suitable for housing: The single-room apartment of 45 sqm (*) is found on the 3rd floor on Rincón Street and is in a very good condition. Its 5-storey office building, with elevator and reception desk from 9 am to 6:00 pm, was built in 1951 (*) in the neighborhood "Ciudad Vieja", close to


used 2001 Toyota Celica GT 2 Door

Selling my used 2001 Toyota Celica GT 2 Door, Mileage 116,773 Automatic Transmission, Heated Windshield, Air Conditioning, Center Console, Cruise Control, Power Door Locks, Power Mirrors, Power Steering, Power Windows, Rear Defrost, Tilt Steering, CD AM/FM Radio, Automatic Headlight, Trip/Mileage Computer, Anti-lock Brakes, Driver Air Bag, Passenge


Improving pavement management in Jordan

Omar Swei, a PhD student in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and researcher in the MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub (CSHub), has long been interested in addressing complex questions about sustainable infrastructure development in the Middle East. Swei, who was raised outside of Boston but whose family hails from the Libyan city


Pet Safety Tips

eoinlane on Flickr Hot Dog! It's Summer in the City! The sun is out! So is the heat and humidity. Every summer we hear horrendous stories of pets being left in hot cars and perishing. This is absolutely avoidable and the responsibility of the pet owner to maintain safe conditions for their pet. The American Veterinary Medical Association provi


No Longer a Conspiracy Theory: CIA Director Admits Plans of Aerosol Spraying for Geoengineering

Holy Crap! stratospheric aerosol injection, or SAI, a method of seeding the stratosphere with particles that can help reflect the sun's heat, in much the same way that volcanic eruptions do What the heck they were thinking! Making the world goes into the ice age by blanketing it with artificial volcanic ash? An SAI program could limit global tempe

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