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Yup, no denying, I love junk food

I love it - Donuts, Potato Chips, Soda.... Mmmmmmm, Nothing' beats in Ice cold coke after working your ass off in hundred degree heat..... Then going' and wolfing' down a bag full of chips... not just a little kid bag of chips, I'm talking the Giant family sized one!! Yummy!! And then for Dinner, Fast food!! Like Mickey Dee's French Fries and a Str


Its logic

I like the summer, sure. Like every other person does. But I am not really a fan of heat and sweat and burning in the sun. I'm more for winter and clean air on the mountain hike. It's like this; at winter time you can always put more clothes on if you get cold, but at summer time, you can not get out of your skin, and it burns.


Winter is Coming: Bitcoin Mining for Heat (And Profit)

In the winter time, yes, you could run your water heater through bitcoin mining rigs. Just need to re-route your water pipe onto it so you could heat the water. Better yet, you could create an air duct to go through your bitcoin mining equipment so it blows hot air throughout your house in the winter. Looks like a good project this fall if you are



We are on the very edge of World War 3, its just waiting to happen. With all the destabilization that occur on daily basis, I am amazed that it didn't start already. And when it happens, all hell is gonna be let loose. Including the nuclear arsenal of the world. The nuclear winter is coming. But since I am aware of this for past 6-7 years, I am pre


45 Years Ago, a UFO Sighting In Costa Rica Impressed The World

I anxiously await for the day when these kinds of sightings become common place, a daily event at many places around the world. We must conquer the fear our governments have instilled in us and open our eyes , minds and heats to the universe and all beings that are a part of it.


Abe, Modi discuss boosting economic, counterterrorism cooperation

Economy first, military and legal next! If Abe and Modi could get some agreement in economy, it will give China a little bit more heat especially the Indian has almost as big population compared to China. The only issue is that Japan wants to have guarantee from the government money if they invest in foreign country, while China will use their priv


Sexual trespassing

Why did you jump over the fence and stole from your neighbor's garden when yours are such lovely apples? Q: Why do you cheat, you cheap chippy cheat? A: Because I like to win. Q: How long have you been able to remain faithful? A: My longest streak went for about 9 years and it's still going. Q: How often do you cheat on your primary partner? A: As


Foods for Sedentary Beings

Well, I'm going to assume you still have two legs to walk on, and that you have things in addition to your Sofa, Television, and Computer. Such as, a Fridge, an installed gas or electric Oven, and likely a Microwave oven. Having had your servant load your food box with necessary items that are both microwaveable or can be heated in your oven; you s


Philippines' Rodrigo Duterte threatens to leave UN

Good for him. At least we know someone is giving the worthless organization some heat. Similar to their predecessor, the league of nation that created after WW1, and failed to prevent WW2, the UN is practically a western ideology driven organization who has proven themselves as a bunch of comedian who know nothing other than failure in progressing


Best steam mop reviews how to make you win!

Would you like smooth feel to your bare feet and fresh smell in floor. The best steam home mop will be a mop that uses mainly deeper cleaning and dusting around the house to clean floors, carpets and gas grill, stove, range hood, counters, cupboards, windows, bathrooms, defrost my freezer, pretty much anything. It does windows better than any windo

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