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I have tried making my own website during my highschool days. It was part of the project in our computer class particularly on HTML codes. Bragging aside, my website was one of the best during that time. Back then I was really great in using HTML codes. But now I totally forgot what I have done. I no longer recall what happened to my website.


Adding Adsense to Your Website

Basically, you submit an application to Adsense and when they approve it follow the instructions for adding their ad codes to your site. Also, read and pay very careful attention to their guidelines. They can be very arbitrary and unforgiving in their enforcement of the rules. Also make sure you NEVER, EVER, NOT EVEN BY ACCIDENT click on any of the


Microsoft lifts its kimono for Brazilian conspiracy nuts

This is 100% bull cookies. How would Microsoft willing to open up all of their source code to the Brazilian government and security experts? There is no company in the world that wanted their secrets to be known by outsiders, including the government especially a foreign one.


Read the FAQ!

The FAQ or Frequently Asked Question is pretty straightforward. I know some people are lazy to read. But like any other site, you have to go through the ToS or Term or Service and FAQ section to better get a grip on the site in reality. Remember, the code is the law that you have to follow regardless which site it is.


What Would It Take for a Sex Robot to Pass a Turing Test?

I think the argumentation here is incomplete. The based of this argument took lots of example from science fiction movie and novel. But the real philosophical argument is deeper and still can't be answered since the sex robot that most people see are only in the form of code or software bots. Try to merge those hardware and software together to cre


New Blockchain Solution Dragonchain Has Been Made Open Source of business data, fixed 5 second blocks, currency agnosticism, and interop features,... You gotta to be kid me! This is from the brainchild of Disney: //l[2]. Why not Mickey Mouse chain or something else? Duh! Heck, anything that support the new technology paradigm I support it nonetheless. But this code is somewhat leery in my opini


Bitcoin Solving Market Crisis, NYU Professor Argues

Heck, you do not need an NYU professor to tell people about bitcoin and its underlying technology, the blockchain. Even a tech savvy person can read the code and understand its meaning. Plus, what do they think has been happening for the past 7 years since the inception of bitcoin. Even the genesis block at bitcoin blockchain is already clearly sta


No one wants to buy NSA's hacking tools

The reason is simple, if they have this kind of weapon to bypass any corporate firewall, then why don't they do it themselves? There are other more interesting data that available rather than selling this code breaker into the public. And that's why lots of people have doubt whether this is real or not.


Hackers Hit US Senate GOP Committee

Aha ha ha! Now, let's see how Trump will blame the Russian for hacking the GOP this time. This is a simple js injection on the republican store. Yes, their e-commerce site that sell the "dumb dumbo" paraphernalia. They probably hasn't update the coding on this site since the turn of the century. Yes, that was the time when Windows XP came out. So,


You had the wrong idea

Chinese people love to call these restaurants as SHABU SHABU because they are fond of eating pepper soup meat and veggies. It's just a name coding which Chinese prefer to use so they will already know at first glance the food they will order in that restaurant. You might had the wrong idea of comparing it to Filipino culture. People should correct

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