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Why Big Bank Consultants Were Watching Ethereum's Hard Fork

The reason they are watching is because now they know that the public blockchain using ethereum smart contract features can be mutable or reversible. I think this is quite toxic. Instead of fixing the code so this thing never happened again, they were reversing the transaction. Of course this will allow double spending and maybe a cancelled the so


US computer-science classes churn out cut-n-paste slackers – and yes, that's a bad thing

Aha ha ha! Back in 2008 when I was still in KS, I calculate that only 10% of the US higher educational institution that still teach their students about coding. Lots of them teach about the philosophy and algorithm or data structure where they leave the "context free" grammar and the syntax of the computer programming language into the hand of the


Build Your Own Mini NES (Or Just About Anything Else) With This Discounted Raspberry Pi

You can seemingly build just about anything with a Raspberry Pi, including your own miniature NES , and here’s a great deal on the newest Raspberry Pi 3. The kit comes with everything you need to get started, and will only set you back $57 with promo code D9UXNAIL.


Deadspin Ohio State RB Bri’onte Dunn’s Girlfriend Calls 911: “My Boyfriend Hit Me Really Bad” | Jeze

Deadspin Ohio State RB Bri’onte Dunn’s Girlfriend Calls 911: “My Boyfriend Hit Me Really Bad” | Jezebel Code Pink Co-Founder Covered With Amercan Flag at RNC While Holding Anti-Racist Sign | Gizmodo This Year’s Record Arctic Melt Is a Problem For Everybody | Gawker Several Portions of Donald Trump Jr.’s Con


Hackers Attempt to Extort Polish Defense Ministry for $50000 in Bitcoin

The group then posted bank details where it sought to receive the payment, complete with the name of the beneficiary, account number, the name of the bank and the SWIFT code for the bank account. This is the most stupid hacker in the world. Of course by giving the SWIFT code, authority can trace who owned the bank account. Of course they immediatel


Blockchain Coders Win Grant to Fix Smart Contracts With 'Legalese'

Interesting! Code is law. And law is institutionalized by government. I'm pretty sure that this will not replace the "Law" in some sorts. But picking a name "Legalese" kinda interesting to me. Anyway, I'll look into this new language when they are done. It could be fascinating or bust!


Adequate Man There Should Be Movie Theaters In Airports | The Slot The RNC Apparently Has a Dress Co

Adequate Man There Should Be Movie Theaters In Airports | The Slot The RNC Apparently Has a Dress Code for Woman Reporters Updated | Gizmodo Hundreds Team Up to Figure Out Which Pokémon Go Monsters Are the Strongest | Black Bag A Theory: Donald Trump’s Ex-Campaign Manager Deliberately Sabotaged Melania Trump | Read more... ..


Could Hillary Clinton as President Give a Boost to Blockchain Tech?

Her plans include increasing spending commitments in computer science education, delivering high-speed broadband to all Americans, establishing rules to support innovation, and improving government efficiency by using new technology. "Spending commitments in computer science education"? Yo meatballs, only 10% of the entire US educational system tha


Podcast: Final Fantasy XIV Is The Best Final Fantasy In Years

Kirk’s off this week, so today on Kotaku Splitscreen I’m joined by Mike Fahey to talk Final Fantasy XIV , 7th Dragon III Code VFD , and fanservice games. Also: the story of why he wasn’t allowed to go to the Tokyo Game Show.


Pokémon Go Partnership With McDonald's Is On, Source Says

Several Redditors discovered decompiled code in the Android and iOS versions of Pokémon Go earlier this week that indicated a potential sponsorship deal with global burger chain McDonald’s. Now a well-placed source has confirmed with Gizmodo that the sponsorship is moving forward, and is set to launch in one country in Asia.

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