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LifeLock Says Startup Execs Pulled a Fast One

This is the reason why patent is making big boys richer and richer. Cesares know about it so he sold his previous company to Lifelock. The question of course the code that Cesares made was made when he was at Lemon and not after he build Xapo from ground up. People should be aware that intellectual property is destroying the development of technolo


Singapore Road Tests Future of B2B Blockchain Contracts

When it comes to non-quantifiable clauses, Moskowitz says "these will default back to arbitration or other human decisioning component." If the human reasoning interfere with the system, then where is the word "smart contracts" come from. This one using Ethereum system where I recognize the address and code. But the reason there is a "smart contrac


Don't ever have your brain damaged monkey write your post again!

This is animal abuse! No words are bad or profane enough as to describe what you've been doing! Stop it! And even if you do force your monkey to write the posts, code the whole thing and collect 'coins for you, at least stop squeezing its head like on that terrible pic for it obviously causes brain damage and we are the ones who have to suffer from


KPMG Lists Blockchain Startup OnChain among Top 50 FinTech Companies

This is similar to BitGo platform where it used 3 private key to open user account. The only thing different is just they are using Gem (//l[2]) as their base code for their API. I wonder if this is strong enough, who their clients are? After all, they claimed that they have more than 100,000 wallets that use their platform.


Ethereum Nodes Crashing, Under Possible Attack

Aha ha ha! Of course people suspect that this is the same hackers that attack the DAO or maybe even people that hate the hard fork. I'm looking at the generalization of philosophy here. Even if they are dying, the code and the concept of "smart contracts" will live on and someday, it might be incorporated into bitcoin. Who knows!


How Ethereum's Wallets Are Evolving

Technically, the word 'evolving' has been misused in broader sense. The internet is not evolving, the core system is already there, only the improvement that being made from one time to another. Similar to bitcoin core. The system, philosophy is already built in. It just people need to be aware of it and do some modifications or improvements of it.


Malware Targeting US Government Computers Available On Darknet Marketplaces

What makes this malware interesting is that they specifically listed the US government target. Of course if you get the entire source code for 6000 bucks, you could modified the target, but to make US government site as a primary target shows that how pissed off the creator of this malware with the US government.


Ignorant SEO Spammers... worse than an unflushed toilet

Don't the fricking spammers every get tired? Aren't people smart enough not to fall for this nonsense. If someone was actually successful at SEO they wouldn't be spamming as they'd have all the clients they could handle just from their search traffic. Now, if people added these morons to spam distribution lists it could be really beneficial at a ka


Accenture Executive: Blockchain's Immutability Its Own Worst Enemy

The main blockchain should be immutable. If they want to make something redacted, they could do it at the upper level which runs on top of the main ledger. The DAO wasn't hacked. Those people are the one who read the TOS and follow the code and found some bugs in it. Thus they are able to exploit it. Using DAO as an example of redacted ledger is ab


Your September account summary

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