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Nxt 'Megalodon' Offers Bounty of $150,000 to Support Ardor Blockchain

Hey, this might interest some people to run some nodes on the network. I've seen the code, and you could even run a node with your own PC and doesn't need a special ASIC chip. Anyone that has a computer to spare could help the network who in turn will get paid in NXT. I might be interested to do it. Who knows, it might be big some day. We'll see.


France and Germany Want EU to Ban End-to-End Encryption

This is really stupid! Doesn't the Apple vs. FBI already show that the hi tech company can't provide backdoor access to anyone including government. Even let say for some stupid thing, these meatballs pass the law. What happen if the user still using the same apps on their device. Who are they going to nail, user or the creator of such system. Are


Ransomware is the Next Big Business

Of course it's a big business. First, it traded freely in the dark market, and soon, the code may be obtained through a social media. In fact, there are probably some that lingers on the surface. Second, it's also show exploitation of cyber security on many institutions. The spread of Ransomware is the proof of guilt that the world of cyber securit


Commentary: Evidence points to another Snowden at the NSA

Snowden's leaks served a public good. He alerted Americans to illegal eavesdropping on their telephone records and other privacy violations, and Congress changed the law as a result. The DNC leaks exposed corrupt policies within the Democratic Party. So, is this make Snowden as a better patriot to the government rather than the recent hacks? Every


Open Source Windows May Not Be that Big a Long Shot After All - Fortune

Well, so far my opinion stays the same, it ain't gonna happen. Even until I see that Microsoft start porting some of their codes into the open source community, I still do not believe it. Do you think the biggest software company in the world willing to loose all of that by making MS Windows an open source system?


Find a web hosting.

Find a good web hosting first. I personally used HostGator for 2 bucks a month. After that, you could buy your own domain through GoDaddy which is the most popular one since they are reliable. Once you get your Web hosting and domain names set, tell your host to update their DNS so it can be routed there, based on the information that being provide


How Bitcoin helped fuel an explosion in ransomware attacks

The Cerber Ransomware campaign is one of many which not only demand payment in Bitcoin, but also passes the currency through multiple Bitcoin wallets, effectively a form of money laundering, in order to further cover the tracks of the cyber-criminals. It seems that ZD is thinking of persuading or lobbying the politician to outlaw bitcoin mixing se


Eris Industries COO: 'The DAO Is a Cargo Cult'

Of course. Because you exist by law or real world court system, it doesn't mean that you have a perfect code. In fact, the code is the law. Hacker was following the code and found some weakness on it. Similar to what Bryne analogy here. If you have a rotten apples in your package, soon or later people will discover it no matter how you mask it.


Expert Says BlockStream Mission Not Aligned with Community

Well, there were some rumors that Blockstream were funded by the people who participate in the Bilderberg meetups. Of course this is just a rumor, but the idea of Blockstream to make scalability issue on the smaller basis is approved by majority of the bitcoiners. There is no way to tell for the time being as general population of bitcoiners are al


Too Many Hacks! Waterhole to Tackle Blockchain Security Problems

Really! By requiring user identity and to upload the receipt, this is not a decentralized platform in some sorts. ...the app source code is developed in China and US by top engineers from various universities. Who are these people? How come we never heard above them? Even long term bitcoiners not aware of such project, especially if they are thinki

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