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We offer oil purifier machines as: 1 Insulating oil purifier 2 Turbine oil purifier 3 Lubricating oil purifier 4 Engine oil purifier 5 Diesel oil, gasoline oil and fuel oil purifier 6 Transformer oil regeneration device 7 Oil purifier specially for Hydraulic oil and lubricating oil 8 Cook Oil Purification System 9 PL Plate pressure oil purifier 10


transformer oil purifier

Application: It is special for treating the used and old transformer oil, mutual oil, switch oil. Comparing with the single stage type, this machine adopts the double stages vacuum system, which can improve the machine working vacuum value highly, so it can dewater, degas and remove the impurity more deeply with high speed. Also it can inject the i


Automobile Fuel Pumps

A [link below] is an essential component on a car or other internal combustion engined device Mechanical pump: In many earlier cars, the pump is mechanically driven by a lobe on the engine's camshaft Decline of mechanical pumps: As engines moved away from carburetors and towards fuel injection, mechanical fuel pumps were replaced with electric


Fuel Pumps

Fuel has to be pumped from the fuel tank to the engine and delivered under low pressure to the carburetor or under high pressure to the fuel injection system [link below] contain a flexible diaphram that encloses a variable volume chamber of fuel on one side Another benefit of a tank mounted fuel pump is that a suction pump at the engine could

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