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2013 Mercedes - Benz BLS four-door coupe

Despite being the first company that sparked the category of innovation, Mercedes - Benz could not prevent competitors from developing some of the concepts of that category and get the success of "think coupe with four doors", whether smaller or larger than the Mercedes - Benz famous CLS. In addition to the toast, set off a car Volkswagen Passat CC


Toyota Electric Supercar

Considering that Toyota's only offering to the supercar world is the Lexus LFA, it's rather logical to say that the Japanese automaker is still a beginner in the category. But Toyota will hold nothing more and wanted to go mainstream in the supercar competition, and this time, they want something more electrifying. Toyota is planning on an electric


The Art and the Heart In Jeepneys

The jeepney is a work of a genius that sprung out of coincidence. It was originally a private vehicle used by the American GIs which was later converted into public utility vehicle to solve the scarcity of transportation in the Philippines. Although originally used by the Americans, it is a pure testament to the ingenuity of the Filipinos.They are


Move it! A story of a harried employee

I can hear my boss shouting from the far end of the hall. Move it! That's him talking to me. Move it! Yes, I'm moving, I'm moving, am I not? I muttered. He keeps on telling, yelling me to move it because he wants me to finish transferring all my office stuff from my old office to the new one. Move it! He yelled again. That is just so typical of


Forum: tail lights / turn signals/ trailer tail lights chevy silverado 1500

This forum resource: tail lights / turn signals/ trailer tail lights chevy silverado 1500, Chevrolet-1500 Pickup has some excellent conversations. Here is a sneak peek. "I have a crew cab 1500 silverado , four lamps in rear. The 2nd lamps from the top are turn signals and I beleive tail lamps. The tail lamps" The truck is a 2005 chevy silve


Forum: four wheel drive not working

This forum conversation: four wheel drive not working, Ford-F250 has some useful resources. Here is a preview. "yes i have a 04 ford f250 with the 6.0liter and my four wheel drive will not engage i dont knbow what it is i have checked all the fuses" Carl, It might be your vacuum lines. I have a 2000 F-250 w/ V-10 4x4, with shift on the fly


2009 Cadillac XLR Kemna Auto Group, Iowa - Asa, Algona, Fort Dodge The new XLR blows away foreign performance car counterparts. Nothing else can touch the chiseled, luxurious beauty of the XLR. Cadillac went to exhilarating extremes so that you can, too, each time you get behind the wheel.Welcome and thank you for visiting Kemna Auto Group, family owned and operated for over fifty-four years! Our dea


Automotive Job Teaching Technology

If you love cars, enjoy helping people and can hold your own in a room filled with over zealous young car enthusiats, perhaps it is time for you to start considering an automotive job teaching technology. After all, you were known all around the tight knit neighborhood that you grew up in as the go to person for carborators, fan belts, four wheel d


Ford Edge Gives Counter-Sticker-Shock, AKA Surprising Value

When I agreed to review the all-new Ford Edge, I wasn't too excited about it. Sure, I come from a Ford family, own a Ford myself (my third, specifically,) and have was surprised when I reviewed the Eddie Bauer Explorer last year. This time, though, I was skeptical, hesitant, and fully ready to say something insulting… but I just can't do it. Auto w

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