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explorer wont crank over

my ford explorer wont crank over. it has done this in the past and i went to this forum and, someone said to go underneath the truck and tap on some kind of sensor and it will start. well i did and it started right up. this has been about 1 year ago and it is doing the same thing. the problem is i cant remember what it was i tapped on or the locati


Sunvisor problem driver's side

I have been reading the previous poswtings and I'mm sorry to see this is a more common problem than I expected. I have the same problem. The visor is essentially ok but the molding has crumbled to several pieces which just started dropping to the floor and causing the visor to sag from its main attachment. I have a 2004 xlt explorer and outraged to



The forum conversation: MY 199 FORD EXPEDITION WON'T START,WILL NOT EVEN CRANK, Ford-Expedition has some excellent resources. Here is a snippet. "I have a 1999 5.4L Eddie Bauer expedition. The truck was running fine before, but I parked it down for a while and now it will not start." I had to put an independent starter button under the dash

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