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Need Brain and Capital

'Lazy' here if means lazy to move the body does not matter. Just sit and lift foot on the table, then bath a lot of money. Every person in the world have dreamed about it, you know. In the modern era like now with the high technology, everybody has a chance to be rich. The requirement is simple, just need Brain and Capital. For an example, you just


Facebook the Key to Being Alone Online

This story is inspired by #thestokedlife. Some people that probably have a decent business and some great stories. But they chose to spam me on Facebook. They are by far not the only ones. They go by the name of "The Stoked Life". After going in circles with them on Facebook, ie: sharing my views on their posts on my Facebook wall, views which were


Why not?

You can go to the Philippines or any other country in Southeast Asia. Since the sale of organs and other body parts is rampant in these countries. Here in the Philippines, for example, the sale of kidneys and other organs are often done by the poor. Despite the fact that it is illegal, most of them are still doing it to earn some money to support t


How to sell one's kidney?

See? You've got this lovely couple and without one of them at least, you can live. Let's say you're short of income and sponsors. If you think you can sacrifice one kidney for a handful of cash, where do you go? And -- would you?


Sale of national assets no solution to economic recession - Bassey James

Of course it's not. But it's inevitable if the people that runs the country are mostly consist of corrupt official. Imagine this, even if they sell those strategic assets and get the money, where it will go? Does the money will go for the welfare of the people or just to pay off the interest on national debt along with those politicians and their c


Coinbase removes daily limits for buying and selling Bitcoin

$200 limit to buy bitcoin, and then it goes up to $10,000? What is this? A credit card company? Why everything has to revolve around the word "credit"? Is it a magnificent word that everyone must obey and listen onto? Bitcoin was created as a libertarian efforts. There is no credit or debit limit existed in bitcoin dictionary. Get out of Coinbase b


PayPal Remains on The Fence About Bitcoin, But Does it Even Matter?

Who cares? You want to sell bitcoin with Paypal, then the other challenge it, thus you are losing your bitcoin and your money at the same time. PayPal greatest service is fraud protection, but it's also their drawbacks since they can freeze people account (even if you honest) based on their opinion.


Buying and Selling Bitcoins Made Easy By Paxful

Just another hot based address runs by a third party company. Of course the advantage is that they are one of the few exchange that accepts PayPal as a payment. On the other hand, they seems to have plenty of client especially in the underground business due to their relation with Backpage, after they shutdown their Visa/MC services.


Link from Directory India accessories websites - Top results - page 6 - bigbozz.

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Two Germans Arrested For Selling Weapons On The Dark Web

Prosecutors say he allegedly sold weapons to an address in Paris. However, there is no evidence saying that any of the firearms sold by the duo were used in the attacks or even arrived at the French capital. So, how the authority caught them in the first place. Poisoned the TOR exit nodes similar to what the FBI did with the drugs network and chil

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