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Being broke is not an excuse to selling one's kidney

I think i would rather consider it as insanity for one to resolve to selling his or her kidney because of financial difficulties. I can only consider donating a kidney for free when there is an absolute need for it to save a loved one's life but selling it for money is totally out of question for me.


Cash's king: Customers rush to sell old gold

"Hence, low gold demand will lead to lower gold prices in the coming months." You tell them Mr. expert! In fact that gold has been predicted as pump and dump only trades for the past decades proves that it's no longer a safe haven since the government can control it. Worse, the price of gold even being controlled by only a handful of big boys at Lo


For Mosul perfume trader, militants meant business

Well, war is good for business according to the Ferengi. What this article does not mention is how those militant pay the perfume dealers on high class imported perfume? In fact that he manages to sell to both sides of the party in the middle of the war shows his resilience toward the situation. I wonder how he could get the product in. Some of tho


Former Cop Charged with Selling Fake IDs for Bitcoin on the Darknet

No one can resist the temptation of making money in the darknet, even the illicit ones. Heck, even law enforcement agency personnel jump into it. These are the people that were sworn to protect, but now must ended up on the other side of the law also. Something don't change. Instead of pursuing criminals, why don't the government clean up their own


Following up

From: "Dudek, " (" ( Michael" (, To: "william.malatestinic" ("william.malatestinic" (william.malatestinic), Cc: , x-originating-ip: [] ! Hello William, I hope you don't mind my persistence in trying to connect with you. The digital economy is changing everything, including how companies work, interact, an


For Sure, Buy It

What are you even waiting for, huh? If you can afford it now, I say 'buy it!'. Time and definitely technology waits for no man and the sooner you have it, the better for you. No technology lasts forever. Buy it now, if a better version come out in future, you can sell this one to upgrade to the better version and it would make you much more already


Blockchain Presents A New Model For Transactive Energy

Yeah. If one has an excess energy, he could sell that to his neighbors and everything is transparent in the blockchain. But the application is still far from reality. The concept of decentralized energy sharing is still far from implementation since the blockchain itself might be private and controlled by energy company. Think about it, do you thin


Zimbabwean Pastor Sells, Anointed Cucumber to members of his church

I keep asking myself one question "Did Jesus Christ Sold Miracle Or Sold Anything Thing As A Means For Miracle"? It's just so disturbing with the way African pastor's does things lately, selling Cucumber and tagging it anointed, God help them, the ladies buying what do they want to do with it?


In Scotland, Trump Built a Wall. Then He Sent Residents the Bill.

Trump has affinities toward wall nonetheless as his golf course in Scotland proof it. Of course it won't be long before the resident will probably drill a hole so they can see better. Similar to in New York City when he manipulated the real estate zoning so he could buy the property cheap and then sell it at higher price after building a tower on i


Chinese rubber rice now in Nigeria, a woman who fall victim raises alarm

I wonder where China is taking this world into, they now produce anything that sells in the market, imagine making a rubber rice, and they expect humans to consume it? It's time the world call on China and give them specific warning, the other day it was rubber eggs now rice.

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