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Venezuela's food prices skyrocket as people go hungry

Of course, once the government ease the sanction on food price controls, the price will go up significantly due to uncontrollable inflation. Yes! Who want to sell a doze of eggs for less than 50 cents if the inflation is 5 times bigger than what it used to be. They are dying. And now, these groceries store will also die since no one will buy the fo


'Hackers' behind massive DDoS attacks on US sites say they were

I don't think this is foreign. Ordinary hacker can't perform this huge attack unless they are organized. And most of the time, they are not! This is coordinated attack. Besides, it looks like someone from inside who already know the infrastructure of the US network. If a hacker from outside wants to do it, they will go after something that they can


Parma man gets 18 months for conspiracy to grow and sell pot on public land

Aha ha ha! Some fools will always make a mistake at the end. They should just planted and grow it there and hold the sales somewhere else so the law enforcement agency wouldn't know your sources. Duh! 18 months is nothing compared to his accomplices who get a stiffer sentence.


Time Warner surges after hours on report it could sell for $110 per share to AT&T - CNBC

This is so fu*ked up! Nothing in the US that promote a healthy competition. By selling Time Warner to AT&T, now they can control pretty much most of live streaming TV or PPV in the world. This is how legal or patent works in the US. Whenever a bigger company start buying the smaller one, they will absorb all of their patent and then suing anyone wh


Incessant Consumer Surveillance Is Leaking Into Physical Stores

This is a good argument by the author. People are so dumb that they never realize that once they are signing up for credit card, frequent flyer miles or any other stores or banks perks, they ere exposing their own personal data to them. Even when you sign up to open an account at the bank, you are exposing yourself on their network to everyone. Peo


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Tacos vs. Trump! Food Trucks Create a 'Wall' Outside GOP Nominee's Vegas Hotel Before Debate

That was stupid actually! If I were them other than protest, I will also sell tacos in that truck. Hey, when you could get thousand of hungry demonstrators and journalists outside Las Vegas hotel in just couple of hours. I will monetize that situation by selling tacos and be a demonstrators. It's always perfect when the people who protest the polic


How Hackers Plant False Flags to Hide Their Real Identities

If you're an intelligence agency, say the NSA, you have access to a lot more data. In that case, pointing the finger is possible, but saying how they did it isn't. That's typical NSA job. If they can blame anyone else in this planet but themselves. This is how the war started. Putting other people lives in jeopardy by letting them killing each oth


The Feds Won't Buy This $19 Million Stealth Boat-or Let It Be Sold Abroad

Well, that's the best what government can do. Instead of making him to work quietly and secretly, they issue him a gag order and not letting him to get funding nor sell it to the other countries. So, all the resources that he has put in into his invention is going down the drain because of military bureaucrazy. Perfect! And if he sells it to foreig



If I were you, I would go to a antique shop first. But not just one, go around, check prices and see how people would value that cannon ball. After that I would go to a local museum and try to learn a thing or two about the history of that cannon ball. Next step is to decide what to do with it. If it has low value, good thing to do would be to dona

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