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Bosses win surveillance rights

He said the surveillance could already occur inside the workplace “in limited circumstances, and with safeguards”. So, government employee is spying on other employees and got blessed by the legislature by passing a bill to legalize it. If the government employee think that their peer's work is lousy, then they can report it to their


Bomb attacks show how Belgium became an incubator of terror - Washington Post

But because of the country’s penal code, which prohibits raids between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m. unless a crime is in progress or in case of fire, police were ordered to wait until dawn to pursue him. WTF! What kind of law is this? First time I heard about this. Does the judge that authorize to issue warrant is also asleep? Remember, Belgium is the


Bitcoin-seeking Ransomware Scam Busted

Play with fire, you get burned. It's amazing that these two perp can do by creating these ransomware with 14,000 decryption keys. Wow! Well, no matter how good they are, finally it has to come to an end. One simple mistake apparently made the law enforcement official able to trace the ransomware to its creator, thus nabbing these perps. Anyway, in


The Intercept - Part 7: The Drone Papers – The Life & Death of Objective Peckham

So, the CIA, MI6 along with their cohorts the NSA and GCHQ has been tapping Berjawi, aka, “Objective Peckham”, but did not arrest him years before the execution on the ground, maybe, just maybe, it may make him reveal his associates in UK or elsewhere. Instead, they decided to revoke his citizenship then issue an order to attack his p


EU Is Like a Fish Wanting a Bicycle

Merkel orders Cameron to support plans for EU ARMY in exchange for EU referendum talks ... DAVID Cameron is facing pressure from German Chancellor Angela Merkel to drop his opposition to plans for an EU army, it was disclosed yesterday ... Merkel is pressuring Cameron to drop his opposition against an EU army The Prime Minister is to be told that G


SharpVision Weekly Newsletter 06/16/2015

Top posts... The Associated Press explains, "Australian doctors told not to prescribe homeopathic items as 'they do nothing'." The attack on homeopathy thus continues in Australia. Royal Australian College of General Practitioners says pharmacists should not stock such products because there is no evidence they are effective in any way. The Roya


Snapping images of thunder's clap

How cool is that? In order to capture the true structure of a lightning in close proximity, scientists fired a long wire of copper into a lightning-prone cloud. The result is breathtaking! Lightning fired down and followed the copper wire's source. A colorful hit, as the copper wired turned from red to blue to green due to overheating. Standby came


Are Police Eavesddropping?

The Ann Arbor News, Sept. 10, 1985, SHARON RUBINSTEIN Would it bother you to know that it is possible for people more than 300 feet away to hear your conversations as if they were at your shoulder? It bothers Glen Roberts. He is bothered because the Ann Arbor Police Department bought a listening device called the “Bionic Ear” which, when aimed, cap


To: Ed who's just a little confused

My libertarian leanings involve a desire to live in a place where the people see an advantage in having a limited government. In the U. S. we have a heritage of a country with a limited government at that's as close as we get to limited government. Like the impoverished in our Great Depression of the 1930's, who spent a lot of time in movie theater


HBO GO... go go away... please!

I recent wrote about the Amazon Fire and some of my frustrations with it. What should have been plug in and be entertained is more a source a frustration, growing by the moment: My main complaint with the Amazon related part (ie: not the apps, like Hulu Plus and their "blame the customer" style of customer anti-service) is that they mixed in paid

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