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Fed up with media, Trump launches his own 'nightly campaign coverage' - USA TODAY

Craps! No wonder Thiel donates 1.25 million bucks for his campaign. Trumps uses Facebook to campaign! And I bet you, Facebook user time of staying will increase especially when he speaks online at the platform. Yes, a bunch of idiots who listen to him on Facebook! I thought Facebook was supposedly filter any racism or criminals activity. This doesn


New on Facebook: Ordering Food & Buying Tickets

Woot! This is similar like Yelp! And the Facebook Marketplace is similar like E-bay or Amazon! I wonder if Yelp or TravelAdvisor will sue Facebook for their cut and paste "recommendation" type platform. Anyway, Facebook idea to let people stays in their network is getting worse and worse. I don't see anything new and in fact, it's no longer a socia


Facebook censored a cartoon breast cancer awareness campaign - Engadget

This is really stupid! People are so easily offended these days. And in social media where the reach is worldwide, there is no use where the image that has been accepted is considered offensive by the internet giant. Well, they don't get offended with personal naked picture of their users or satanic Halloween costumes.


Surfing the Internet

I can sit all day doing nothing by simple surfing the internet, from watching YouTube of my favorite Popstar Princess, to lurking in Instagram and Twitter and also checking Facebook. Many things I can do in the internet to waste my time.


Facebook Says It Still Isn't a Media Company Despite Deciding What's Newsworthy - Fortune

The social network just said that even if an image or a story posted on the site breaches its community standards, it will leave the post up if it is deemed to be "newsworthy." In other words, Facebook could ban or delete your account, but it will take your worth it content and leave it on the site for the pleasure of their users! Isn't that conten


big no no

It is not just that I mind photos of kids on dating sites, I also hate to see Facebook profile pictures of babies. I mean, come on! I would always try to protect my kid, no matter if it's a baby or a teenager from online predators.


Message the White House with its new Facebook chat bot - SlashGear

Okay! How many people want to complain to POTUS like Obama in regular basis? How many of these are actually bot that were setup by user just in case the White House is using their own politically correct AI to answer people question? I wonder how long before some hackers start flooding the White House message board with some stupid issues!


Facebook Cites 'Diversity' As Reason To Keep Billionaire Trump Donor On Board - Huffington Post

Dude! Zuck is trying to save FB from the wrath of the people. He knows that if the users doesn't want to use it, the popularity will be dwindling. Heck, most of the new generations already leave Facebook for something else anyway. But Thiel is the Don of Paypal Mafia. His background as a lawyer enables him to make lots of money in his heyday. He ha


Facebook is leaking valuable younger users - Computerworld

Well, it's simple. Younger generations are tech savvy and evolving. Of course they do not want to use social media similar to what their grandmother use. But, as long as Instagram were up, Facebook will still get the profit. The problem is when people start going to Snapchat. And today, it seems that Facebook is copying Snapchat features. Who knows



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