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It became boring

With the introduction of Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter, Friendster became outdated and it wasn't able to cope up with the variety of entertaining offers of its competitors. Facebook in itself introduced different games and communities which hooked people from all over the world. In contrast, Friendster never made an action to match its competitors o


Five arrested on suspicion of forming European Islamic State cell

[The group used social media, specifically a Facebook page "Islam en Español" (Islam in Spanish), which had over 32,000 followers In other words, the government and Facebook are in bed together. No surprise there. Besides, people should know that whatever they shares over the internet is visible throughout the world. But one thing interest me


Gaming Zone

Friendster is my first social networking that I joined. Then after Friendster different networking sites that came out. Then when Facebook is introduced here in internet, many people including me transfer to Facebook. I think I can't forget about Friendster is the testimonials of your friends. But when I check the site in turn our to be a gaming zo


eMarketer FYI ( sent you 0 files

From: "eMarketer FYI" ("eMarketer FYI" (, To: "Williams Gardner" ("Williams Gardner" (bill), Cc: DotLoop eMarketer FYI ( sent you 0 files in an email. Think you know Facebook advertising? peoplework, not paperwork **IMG** dotloop is the largest network in real estate where over 900,000 professionals come togeth


Pedophile charges nearly filed against me.

I would like to share an experience while living in Quezon city. A girl contacted me via Facebook super cute asking me would you like to meet? Sure I said after several chats.


Facebook the Key to Being Alone Online

This story is inspired by #thestokedlife. Some people that probably have a decent business and some great stories. But they chose to spam me on Facebook. They are by far not the only ones. They go by the name of "The Stoked Life". After going in circles with them on Facebook, ie: sharing my views on their posts on my Facebook wall, views which were


The Mobile Phone App You Can't Live Without

The Mobile Phone App You Can't Live WithoutAdmit it. It's hard to move around these days without our mobile phones. Our most precious files, accounts and whatnot are there, not to mention hundreds of photos of videos we keep. Virtually almost everyone has access to one or more, as if mobile phone will run out of supply the next day. With the except


Cumbria council's snooping rulebook amended to allow covert Facebook surveillance

Well, duh! Unless you set Facebook page as private, then everyone in the world can see it. Remember, whatever you upload into the internet is for the entire world to see wherever you are or whatever it is. The question is when the law enforcement official start using Facebook to lure people into committing crime or by other definition is to incite


Facebook accused of censoring Palestinian journalists - The Verge

I hate to say this and no pun intended whatsoever. But Zuck is an American who has Jewish background. Do you think there is a connection between those? Of course there are lots of speculations going around. But one thing for sure, the US never acknowledge the creation of Palestine as an independent country as long as they are in bed with the Israel


Facebook post on Islam leads to Jordanian atheist writer Nahed Hattar's murder - CBS News

That was stupid! Now the meatballs that shot him are charged for first degree murder and then he will be probably faced death penalty as his sentenced. One interesting thing though: The US is kept sending money to the Jordanian where the country doesn't even bother about free speech issue.

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