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How Facebook Has Become a Staple of Expat Life

I think around 2006, 2007 there were a lot of expats publishing blogs. Blogs that had detailed and interesting accounts of their adventures as an expat. Some where extremely positive, some not so much. Some with a good mix of everything. But, they all seems to really give you a sense about how the expat was doing in their life in a strange land. Go


Dark Net Markets Are Booming From Better Quality & Safety

Of course. It's normal anyway. If law enforcement are blocking it, they are even bigger and better. If you look at the graph above, the issue is not only illicit drugs, but also prescription drugs that people can get through the dark net. This brings up question, if the government health care system is so good, then there is no need of the dark net


HHS Issues New Ransomware Guidelines For Healthcare Sector

This is really stupid. Encouraging hospital or health care provider's staff to regularly backup their data is pretty much useless. The issue here is stupidity and don't say that the hospital staffs are already overworked so this material is too much for them. Why don't they just make it easy and block any internet access to the outside world? Easie


Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare vehicle breakdown and weapon design

Infinity Ward give us a sneak peek at weapons and vehicles in Infinite Warfare. Infinity Ward's vehicle and weapons leads, Dan Savage and Sean Byers, delved further into Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare 's vehicle and weapon designs during a recent Facebook Live event.


Facebook isn't trying hard enough to increase its diversity - Engadget

Well, if you aren't qualified, then you aren't qualified enough! Forcing a company to diversify more because of affirmative action while you are not talented and acts like an offended person will not solve the problem either. Hiring someone without any merit given in favor of affirmative action will not do good in the long run either. People should


Thinking Outside the Box; Silliness on Facebook

Silly Facebook message: How to think "outside the box": 1. Define what's "in the box." 2. Write it down and draw a box around it. 3. Now think of something else. First problem: A box is three dimensional. What you described is drawing a square around it. Almost solution: "Hah! I call that and I raise you a 'Why not draw a representation of a 3D box


Facebook Finds Another Way To Increase Its Possessive Control - Forbes

I agree with the assessment of the author here. By doing this, Facebook force publisher to share their revenue with them and no question asked. This is not a new things. Since second half of 2015 when Facebook start using the Instant Article features, they already push lots of contents into their platform. After all, prior to that, Facebook was kno


The 2016 Deadspin Awards Are Live!

The Deadspin Awards are on the air. Join us on Facebook Live , or watch them below: Read more... ..


Another Pokemon pic

Israel's president posted a picture of a Meowth at his presidential residence with the text: "שמישהו יקרא לאבטחת אישים" that roughly means something like: "Someone call Security". I am not joking! The


Inside Facebook’s Artificial Intelligence Engine Room

These are the new computers Facebook created to accelerate its machine learning research...

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