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A morning in my life: Sauna, Work, Sensory Deprivation

I will start responses with a fairly boring start. I will overview the most routine part of my life, my mornings. Though, I suspect this will raise as many questions as it answers. I like to begin the day early. Shortly after 6 AM on most days. My cats are pretty good insurance that I won't oversleep. For some reasons they require me to be out of b


Forum: Trouble starting

Post: Trouble starting, Chevrolet-Blazer has some good posts. Here is a preview. "After driving for approx 1 hr and a half and I stop my SUV, (turn off the engine), It takes me about half an hour before it will start" I have a 1998 chevy silverado with a 350 in it. Its a 2wd truck. When I try starting it in the ... Where is the thermosta

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