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Check PCM plugin for oxidation-dash guages??

Dead dash guages on '03 f250 6.0 diesel-found the 3 plugs (multipin) on PCM were oxidized. Pull them out of the PCM after dropping all power from batteries (pull ground cables). Had no idea it might solve my 3+ year hunt for this problem! 3 plug ins to PCM have off colored cam over locks that you release and push out to free the multipin plug. Remo


Forum: 2000 7.3 Diesel quit running after fuel filter change

Message: 2000 7.3 Diesel quit running after fuel filter change, Ford-F250 has some useful comments. Here is a sneak peek. "I changed the fuel filter on the 2000 F250 7.3 diesel - drove the truck about 30 minutes then turned it off - when I restarted the truck -" check fuel heater connection at lid for filter. there's a O RING AND SOMETIMES


Forum: F250 Diesel Starting Problem

This forum conversation: F250 Diesel Starting Problem, Ford-F250 has some excellent resources. Here is a lead in. "I currently own a F250 diesel it turns over but does not start. Now I wet down a rag with some gas and put it over the intake filter" I don't know if this is your particular case, but a common problem with the Navistar diesels


Forum: super duty electrical

This forum post: super duty electrical, Ford-F250 has some good comments. Here is a snippet. "strange problem with 99 superduty 7.3 diesel. tail lights not working, brake lights and signal lights work. when i turn off key a buzzing" horn don't work and the compass / gas mileage read out on the roof don't read don't know where to ... 2006

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