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New Zealanders are Australia's most unhappy expats

...because they don't get the same access to government benefits like other immigrants do. If the government benefits are the one you expect when you migrate to other country, then you better stay at your current place. No one want to be dependent on government especially their welfare program. Deep down their hearts, no expats or immigrants want t


'Fake' certificates with many expats working at KU, private universities - Thousands of owners fail ...

Of great! Not only they fake the Visa and perhaps passport, they also fake the diplomas. I wonder what this people jobs are. Some of them even has their PhD listed. Guess, this could impact the quality of education in Kuwait as many people probably take classes with this fake professors. Duh!


Shanghai to allow expats over 60 to work

I know that the Chinese immigration policy sometimes regional and not solely depends on the central command (Beijing), as long as you stay within the boundary of the regional areas. I know Hong Kong and Macau like that, but because they are SAR or Special Administrative Region. But for Shanghai to open up like this will flood the city and it's metr


Unemployed expats pose security threat: Committee

Yeah, so what are they going to do about it? In my opinion, having expats to work in the public sector caused more damage to the Kuwaiti in general. Of course the idea is to enrich the culture and give broader insight to the locals. But with the advancement of technology, they should reduce the number of expat that works for the government. Reducin


Chinese Airlines Eye Expat Pilots

I know about the shortage, but not only in China, but throughout the region. The reason is that the traffic is alarmingly tripled for the past 10 years, even the smaller cargo plane is needed to reach a remote areas. This is a good opportunities actually for expats. The only thing that could hinder them is the immigration process in China is very t


UAE Expat Alert: Your final chance to move to Canada without a job offer

This is only applies to Quebec. There is one thing that I noticed from Quebec immigration policy is that they prefer people who are able to speak, read and write in French language. In fact, this is the minimum requirement to migrate. As far as the program goes, they might bend the rule for a little, but the selection process is tedious only on the


China best place for job seekers

Really! I know Shanghai, Guangzhou and Beijing is the most favorite place for expats to work on. But majority of expats in China are English teacher and domestic workers. If the IT workers are high paid, they are normally concentrated in the Pearl River Delta. But Hong Kong is out of question right now since the cost of living is too high.


It's our country vs. you don't like to work!

This is similar everywhere in the world. Even in the US, I experienced it myself. One thing that expats do is to thrive whenever they live in different environment. The reason is simple, number one, they are under contract to perform the job that their employer wants, so they must fulfill the obligation by working as hard as they can. This attitude


More expats are leaving UAE, say relocation companies

That's not surprised. The reason is that lots of middle east countries are also want to return into their roots. Philosophically, those labor that doesn't have a specific skills will be cut. Not only in the UAE, but also other countries in the world. The question is whether the country of origin can receive back the influx of their citizen back wit


Australian expat fired after calling Singapore a 's*** country' for not having Pokemon GO

An Australian expat working for property site has been fired from his job after he called Singapore a "f****** s*** country" on Facebook. Free speech shall not be tolerated. Not even in civilized countries. On the other hand, is a game something one needs to become so upset about?

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