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Australian expat fired after calling Singapore a 's*** country' for not having Pokemon GO

An Australian expat working for property site has been fired from his job after he called Singapore a “f****** s*** country” on Facebook. Free speech shall not be tolerated. Not even in civilized countries. On the other hand, is a game something one needs to become so upset about?


Moving To A New Home In Dubai

Dubai is home to many expats. They outnumber the local Emirati people on an 8:1 ratio. Dubai expats are working expats. Very few move to Dubai for retirement and experience the luxuries of life, because you have to be extremely rich to live the Dubai life without working or running a business. And because almost everyone is working, it is very comm


Municipality might lay off 60% of expat employees

Problem with Kuwait is they let expats to take a job or position in the public sector. They should keep it simple like other country that only allowed citizen to do it. Of course, there are plenty of expats that want to work for government, especially in the low income category like street sweeper, park maintenance staffs, gardener, etc. The mistak


Salaries paid, 100 Filipino expats await repatriation

I don't know who's dumb and who's dumber! I've always argued that sending an uneducated or even a skilled worker overseas to work for some meatballs depicting that their country is in deep sh*t! Why! Because they can't even provide a job to their own people. Of course the government doesn't care either since the banking system generate revenue to t


Another Way for Corporations to Avoid Paying Taxes

Let me summarize on how corporate avoid taxes in the US: Move the company overseas, this is called "Inversion" Treat local company as a child company Borrow a large amount of money from their parent Pay the debt along with the interest of that debt to their parent The interest accrued is tax deductible by IRS Tax Code. Voila! This is called "e


Some expats quit and take the risk

This is not surprising. UAE signed an agreement with the Philippines government some years ago to take 100,000 Filipino to work as an expats in UAE. The visa issued was ranging from domestic helper into the high skill workers. Problem was that the quota ratio for unskilled or semi-skilled worker was higher than the high skill worker, thus making th


Ending Services of Expatriates

I agree with Kuwait government in term of Public employee. This is due to the fact that plenty of government in the world try to tighten up their public employee spending and the easiest thing to do is reducing the age required for retirement. And for Kuwait where foreigners can work for the government, this could be interpreted as tightening up th


Expert Expat Spotlight With A Mother Life

Moving overseas is not always by choice. Sometimes, as in the case of Molley Mills from A Mother Life , it was her husband’s job that forced them to move far away from home in Australia to the concrete jungle of New York City.


New rules for expats hiring Filipina domestic helpers

One employer argued that nonworking mothers are not required to hire maids, and went as far as suggesting that they should be stopped from hiring helpers because some of them force maids to work for others in exchange of money. In other words, they are being traded as a slave for the benefit of the actual landlords. Although the landlord obtained t


Expat living Guide for Business, Investment, Insurance Dubai and Abroad

Expat Money has issues an international guide for the expatriates living in UAE and different localities and regions all around the world. This guide describes the overall lifestyle and life matters as well as emerging issues like, investment, starting a new business venture, education, health, job employment and law and legal matters. Expat money

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