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Web portal helps expats change jobs in Saudi Arabia

This is good. Of course not many of those expats aware of it other than the professional one. Lots of foreign worker in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is practically labor force. Workers such as construction and domestic helpers are growing like mushrooms.


Dishonesty policy

That not uncommon even in China. Every expats worker from the west where English teacher are normally in large number are being conned to life in not so standard place plus lack of pay. Of course in a country where local custom is 180 degree difference than what you used to live, those could be a problem. Con artist is not only affecting the low in


Expats leaving airport must pay fees: Jeeran

Looks like another leech try to suck the hardworking expats earning from them. I think Kuwait is so desperate because their people can't handle the workload in their own country especially for labor or public workers. Thus they hire expats to work within their government too. But I never understand why the Kuwaiti government can't give citizenship


Kuwaiti MP proposes expats pass tests to stay in the country

"Does Kuwait need 800,000 Indians and 500,000 Arabs with below average educational levels?" he was quoted as saying, calling for limits on expat numbers. Sounds like Donald Trump, only these expats are legal contract labor whose primary jobs is as domestic helper, construction workers or city sanitation workers. Question that they should ask is whe


Kuwaiti official criticises 'worst nation for expats' ranking

Well, put it this way, the survey was conducted by interviewing expats in the region. So, the report is based on their answer about their treatment in the country and also the attitude of the government toward them. Secondly, the way that government wants to tighten up immigration control is also make it difficult for them to find another job due t


Meet the Vietnamese expats making a difference to Hong Kong's homeless

...the remaining 1,000 or so were issued local identity cards. I don't get one thing here. Hong Kong welfare is considered one of the good one, and if they have a local identity cards, why they do not live in the public housing area. Most of this people got into Hong Kong prior to the handover in 1997, thus they are eligible to get a job or welfare



Paraguay has less English speaking expats in comparison to other Latin American countries so it may be a good idea to learn Spanish. I took a look at the different paraguay classified sites and I found some tech related jobs there. It may be a better idea to work online to make more money as local wages are lower.


New Zealanders are Australia's most unhappy expats

...because they don't get the same access to government benefits like other immigrants do. If the government benefits are the one you expect when you migrate to other country, then you better stay at your current place. No one want to be dependent on government especially their welfare program. Deep down their hearts, no expats or immigrants want t


'Fake' certificates with many expats working at KU, private universities - Thousands of owners fail ...

Of great! Not only they fake the Visa and perhaps passport, they also fake the diplomas. I wonder what this people jobs are. Some of them even has their PhD listed. Guess, this could impact the quality of education in Kuwait as many people probably take classes with this fake professors. Duh!


Shanghai to allow expats over 60 to work

I know that the Chinese immigration policy sometimes regional and not solely depends on the central command (Beijing), as long as you stay within the boundary of the regional areas. I know Hong Kong and Macau like that, but because they are SAR or Special Administrative Region. But for Shanghai to open up like this will flood the city and it's metr

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