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Shanghai easing way for expat talent

Aha! This is a good way to retain great expat to work in Shanghai. But they must know that this permit only works in Shanghai only. You see, China doesn't operate like US. When the Shanghai metro issue this statement, that means expats must continue and work in the Shanghai area and do not leave outside it. I know this since I have a colleagues wor


FATCA Specialist (Bank; 3 months contract)

There! If you interested to suck it up to US government, go work for Singapore's financial services. And since this is posted on Adecco site, you can be sure that the US expats gets a first priority. Anyone who want to explore the most expensive city on the planet, may want to try this.


Expat citizenship could help solve Dubai's economic challenge

Some may not want to work, while others may not have to because of private wealth, or generous government handouts such as free housing and energy subsidies. See, that's the problem. Local are lazy and do not want to work like foreigners do. They tend to suck in into the government free program such as free housing and welfare. People like that sho


Brave Move by Kenya to Banish Unwanted Expats

I guess this move is all over the world. This is the reason why human trafficking are flourish in the under developed or developing nations where people are conned to work in slavery model. Of course it should not affect a highly skilled expat. After all, they should look for local first. One other problem that were faced by country like this is la


Dishonesty policy

That not uncommon even in China. Every expats worker from the west where English teacher are normally in large number are being conned to life in not so standard place plus lack of pay. Of course in a country where local custom is 180 degree difference than what you used to live, those could be a problem. Con artist is not only affecting the low in


VN ranks second among ASEAN destinations for expats

One thing about this survey is that this was done by HSBC which is a banking giant. C'mon, do you put Singapore as number one even if the cost of living is the highest on the planet! One thing about Vietnam that make good destination for expats is that the government give a free work Visa as long as you have a university degree and minimum 3 years


All expats can safely be considered gringos

So should you be offended if someone calls you a gringo? That would depend solely on the intent of the person using that word! Do you know Spanish and/or the Mexican people and culture well enough to know when that (or any other word) is being used as simply a label or as an insult? What if they called you "gordo" (fatso). Insult? You should proba


Two expats jailed for 10 years for online scam

The two defendants were convicted of running a fraudulent online firm and posting non-existent vacancies on behalf of real companies in the country without their knowledge, the daily reported. To bad Nigeria doesn't do the same and clean up their reputation in the international community!


Activists in Mexico urge US expats to derail Trump

Ah ah ha! I wonder how many of them that actually will go to the polls on November 8! There are over 8 millions US citizen who live abroad and assuming that they will participate in this year election. Considered that the media has given lots of buzz about election, the US actually has the lowest voter turnover among the developed country. In fact,


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