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They do not want to mess with it!

Majority of people doesn't have time, do not want to learn or do not want to mess with it. That's the reason why income tax preparer service is thriving as a business in the US. In fact, if you take time to read the material, it shouldn't be difficult. Besides you have one year to review it prior to the deadline. Anyway, if you live as an expat lik


Expats warm up to India, thanks to improved economy, low costs of living

The key to becoming an expat in other country other than work related is the cultural challenge. Personally, I like India, and this article only cover the base for expats that work in the big city. Try to move outside Delhi to any medium size city. The cost of living are affordable and most of people are practically can speak both English and Hindi


Taiwan Tops Global Expat Ranking, While China And HK Tumble

I don't blame them. Most expats concentrating in the big city. And while most of Taiwan manufacturer has been moved overseas to their neighboring country such as China and Hong Kong, the quality of air in Taipei and Kaohsiung are better than in the mainland. Hong Kong problem is real estate and cost of living. It's been like that for the past 25 ye


Wanna lose weight, expats? Vietnamese food should be your choice

Ha aha ha! I know that lots of locals are somewhat not worry about fat or sugar content on their food. I think the issue here is they food is fresh from the traditional market and do not bother with chemical or preservatives in some sorts. On the other hand, if you ask any of these street vendor about the definition of "lose weight", they probably



To retain your US citizenship, you do not need to do anything. Unless you renounce, your US citizenship are valid until you die. Now, from Philippines perspective, if you want to retire there, you need to apply for Expat Retirement Visa. It doesn't cost that much and renewable every five years (check the site for the latest info). Plus you need to


Expats Find Fertile Ground For Bootstrapping Startups In Southeast Asia

Of course, the Southeast Asia market is now a hot bed for any technology startup. The reason is simple, the government is rigorously improve the telecommunication infrastructure that enable them to access the internet. Of course there are certain restriction such as government firewall, but the idea of making a tech business is quite hot since the


A Canadian businessman's fight to get his Mexican hotel back

This is the reason why expat who wants to invest in property especially in the third world country must be careful. In fact, in country like this, they should exhaust their research prior to buying a land. I never get the idea of government allowing foreigner to buy a land without a majority ownership is local. It's too dangerous and this thing hap


Phuket International Hospital launches new services, expat card

It seems that this card only apply at their BDMS Southern Group places in Thailand. It doesn't apply at any other place which indicates that they are a private company that has a privilege to cater to expats. Of course with the booming tourism industry in Phuket, it won't be surprised that the company pick up the slack where national insurance card


Kuwait to cut hundreds of expat teachers

This is stupid. They hired these expats as a substitute teacher from a long time ago due to contract with other country. But, the locals never catch up with them, to the point that when you hire expats, you should learn from them and not using them all the time. This shows that teachers in the country are lazy to learn. It's an irony that the core



Paraguay has less English speaking expats in comparison to other Latin American countries so it may be a good idea to learn Spanish. I took a look at the different paraguay classified sites and I found some tech related jobs there. It may be a better idea to work online to make more money as local wages are lower.

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