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Expats in American enclave air frustration

You know, I don't blame them. But I notice that in Singapore similar to in LA or New York or any big city in the US, expats that come from the same country tend to mingle with their own in a certain areas. Thus making that areas become like American Town or Korean Town or the most famous one, The Chinatown. I don't get it, why American in Singapore


Citizenship for expats in the UAE - progressive or elitist?

The argument here that Arabs and Khaleji sometimes doesn't even talk to each other is correct. In fact, who's the real Arabs. History shows that the original Arabs is only the small fraction that live in Yemen right now. All Arabs or middle eastern that we know now are primarily immigrant from other places. Since the creation of most country in the


Expat Chinese academics promoted more than stay-at-home scholars

Not necessarily! But those who got their higher degree in China tend to be more patriotic compared to their foreign counterpart. It is true that lots of Chinese are returning home and get their professorship at many university. But not to get involved with the politics as the higher ranking professor or administration do is much better rather than


Why Republican expats in Europe are afraid to openly support Trump

I don't blame him. Trump is the most hated candidate in any US election history. Like the expat said, he was worse than when McCain was running for POTUS. Maybe in French where Le-Pen was a far right. But I don't think they will have much support either despite the rising far right movement over there.


Locals come first: the end of the golden era for expats in China?

Most people that left China are soft skills expats such as in the business or marketing, and so on. In fact, the one that stays was the one that has a high skills on their field. I don't blame the Chinese for giving a rating on those expats depending where they stay. The reason is most expats just want to work in the coastal areas and neglecting th


Expats' satisfaction with life in Vietnam improves significantly

That's good to hear. I think the government openness toward expat regulations as a method to boost up revenue works. They are also inviting and giving anyone free work visa as long as they are graduated from college and has experience for at least 2 years in their field. Moreover, there are more and more Vietnamese people that return to their count


Keep out: 'Locals' not welcome in this elite Diwali party for expats in Mumbai

This is really stupid! In fact, Diwali should be celebrated on the street among locals. The sole purpose is to celebrate the biggest Indian day of the year without any restriction. Similar to Christmas in the western nation, the Diwali is no longer stick with tradition. In fact, that's called a festival of lights that should be celebrated outdoors


LAUTENS: Persecution by paperwork at hands of IRS bullies

So, this is what US expats in Canada thinks about FATCA: Persecution by paperwork Terrorizing people Threatening people by confiscation Fascism America So, what are you waiting for, renounce your US citizenship so you will no longer become US minion anywhere you live in this planet.


EU Passports For Sale To Wealthy Expats

Looks like Cyprus will soon become a honey pot for tax haven country in Europe. This is similar to many tax haven country, they give away permanent resident or green card to many wealthy expats under the condition that they will put their money there and give them tax holiday for many years.


Major Hong Kong Lenders Plot Blockchain Mortgage System Launch

Mortgage valuations? What about land title registration system? The cost of property in Hong Kong is the highest on the planet to the point that the number of expats are start dwindling especially the one from the western nations. They move up to Shanghai or Beijing or just across the Pearl River Delta in Guangzhou or Macau to get a better rate.

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