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I love movies, but...

Books rule. They co-make my living in a way movies never could. I can take them wherever I go and they can make otherwise irksome travel palatable. Not only I dig the entertainment value. Books give a boost to your vocabulary and improve your writing skills. I love movies though. Unfortunately, the last time I enjoyed one must have been in 2012. I


Brent Brown Wants To Build America's Next Great Family Entertainment Franchise, His Investors Want To Know Where Their $100 Mill

Oh lol, it is very simple I guess. He scammed you boys, well not boys but you got the point. Not like any boy will have that amount of money to invest. Anyways, I don't really believe in this, I mean how would you invest in something or to someone that you are not 100% about trustworthy. RIP


Romantic Place for all

Yes, right in my home town where i was born. It is a big city full of lively activities and different cultural entertainment during the festive period, but one of the place where you can take your girl for relaxation in my town is by the side of the river, where the sea breeze blows and makes the environment so very cool where you and your girl can


What was the last movie that you watched?

We can't live without movies, they are good entertainment when you are bored. What was your last genre? Which genre do you love to watch the most? Have you ever cried over a movie if yes then why? Share your story with us.


Obama calls off meeting with Philippine leader after 'whore' jibe - BBC News

Not Obama that calls off the meeting. Most likely Duterte already mentioned that he will not entertain any western leaders except the Korean and Russian president. He even turned down the UN secretary general for bilateral talks. People can expect the new style of statesmanship from Duterte. Of course this is the first for anyone to be able to meet


Bitcoin Bandit, When Gaming Goes 'Paid-To-Play'

From time to time, I like mobile gaming. It's kinda another part of entertainment for me to kill time, and this one is no exception. But, despite its promises that user can convert their winning to bitcoin, the APK want to know everything about you by accessing your account. So, why bother to play to collect bitcoin if you can do it at other place


Only 3% of UK adults feel ashamed at wasting food, poll finds

So, you save the energy by turning off light and heater, but toss away the food that you buy. What the difference does it make? You still waste both of them. Turning off lights when its not being used are not much different than leaving it on because it's low energy. LED lights are so low in wattage to the point that leaving it on all day would not


Duterte to arrive in Laos Monday night for Asean Summit

Who cares about the UN anyway! Apo Duterte is right about one thing. He will entertain any ASEAN leaders on the side including the Chinese, Russia and US, but he will not entertain the UN Secretary General. Some people could learn from Duterte on how his method could clean up the drug trades in Philippines. After all, he has 91% approval rating.


SingularDTV Bug Bounty Program Sees Great Community Interest

I can see why people hunting for bug in the system. But despite the idea is marvelous due to community involvement, it doesn't mean that the system can't be broken. I saw this at their site. One thing that I notice is that despite their efforts to make this for the entertainment industry the system might not work outside their environment. As alway


Mexico Bitcoin Exchanges Ready for Boom as Trump Promises Suppressing Money Transfers

This is really stupid! For the following reasons: First, Trump ain't gonna win as POTUS. The joke so far is just to give people of USA a political entertainment for her majesty Hilly to become the next POTUS. Second, if the meatballs Trump forbid transferring money from undocumented migrant but a bitcoin exchange can have a US bank account, then th

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