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Do you prefer to watch movies in the theater or in the comfort of your own home?

There was a time when the only way to see a movie, was to pack up the Family and go visit the "Drive-In Theater" or go to and indoor movie theater. How times have changed - Movie theaters have become entertainment havens and there are very few "Drive-ins" around anymore.. Better yet, those movies can be seen on your own (likely large-screen) TV's,


Andaman Tourism

Tourism in Andaman has seen a huge bump, with more investments going in, making Andaman one of the hot and happening places on the map. Andaman is an ultimate traveller's destination as Andaman isn't short on history, nor entertainment. Andaman is famous for its beaches, with some being the most beautiful beaches in Asia and the world. For more det


Devilish Cartoon Takes Reddit By Storm; Spoofs Internet of Things, Ransomware, Bitcoin

Aha ha ha! I saw that some of the cartoon and more of it on subreddit. But think about it that bitcoin got nothing to do with it. The hype with the IoT today is just too much. Lacking of security is actually bite those big corporation back as they can't even secure their own devices. But, hey, good morning entertainment anyhow.


DECENT Blockchain Gains Support from Adult Entertainment Industry

I wonder what are they trying to do. People can just buy their DVD and crack the code or private key on it then uploaded back into the internet through torrent. In fact, if they use their own token, it would make it challenging but not impossible to crack. Unless they are using bitcoin blockchain where the security has been proven for the past 7 ye


Do not intend -- just freaking write it!

We all seem to lean towards cynicism these days and I'm bored with it. I'm bored and fed up with all the dumb negativity just as much as I hate faux cheerfulness. So just like always, since most of mainstream media turn us deeper into brainwashed war mode every minute, since a certain amount of evil will always prevail and look for a way to materia


Your Favorite Family Guy Character

Your Favorite Family Guy CharacterOne of the most controversial cartoon program ever created, Family Guy is set in the fictional city of Quahog in Rhode Island. It mainly revolves around the Griffin family and the eccentricities of its other major characters. Some say Family Guy is the bolder version of The Simpsons, often talking about taboos and


It became boring

With the introduction of Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter, Friendster became outdated and it wasn't able to cope up with the variety of entertaining offers of its competitors. Facebook in itself introduced different games and communities which hooked people from all over the world. In contrast, Friendster never made an action to match its competitors o


Djokovic vs. Sharapova: The Challenge

Great video, I mean what else would you except from this two legends. Novak Djokovic and Maria Sharapova playing 4 different challenges. You will enjoy watching it, skills and entertainment in one place. You know Novak and his jokes, right? Check it out!


I love movies, but...

Books rule. They co-make my living in a way movies never could. I can take them wherever I go and they can make otherwise irksome travel palatable. Not only I dig the entertainment value. Books give a boost to your vocabulary and improve your writing skills. I love movies though. Unfortunately, the last time I enjoyed one must have been in 2012. I


Brent Brown Wants To Build America's Next Great Family Entertainment Franchise, His Investors Want To Know Where Their $100 Mill

Oh lol, it is very simple I guess. He scammed you boys, well not boys but you got the point. Not like any boy will have that amount of money to invest. Anyways, I don't really believe in this, I mean how would you invest in something or to someone that you are not 100% about trustworthy. RIP

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