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I do not want such a change

I would not want such a change even for a day. The menu is quite nice in my female body. I can see how the men. Also they like us. If you distribute jobs and live with a conversation and deal easier for us. I still think it's easier for me to be a housewife and do my housework, take care of our child's education, but it is constantly working out. I


Germany: Turkish expats told to spy on Erdogan critics in German schools

This is really stupid. Merkel wouldn't stand for it. How in the world that other countries could dictate the educational system in one of the most developed country in the world? The fact that Erdogan and his administration starts to get paranoid like this is a sign of political instability in Turkey, even it comes from their internal party.



My son suffers from dyslexia, I try to help him as much as I can. Dyslexia is a learning disorder of reading and / or comprehension, while maintaining sensory himself general ability. Children have difficulties in mastering reading skills despite systematic training and other suitable educational, psychological and social factors. Eating manifested


There are no rules

I think there are no rules when growing up children. He did not rule whether it is growing up with a single parent or with both together. It depends on what the child is and how any parent enter the education of the child. There are marriages where the child does not have a chance to see some beautiful moral values and manners. Parents, for example


The February Business of Talent

From: Bersin by Deloitte (, To: william.malatestinic, Cc: ! To view this email as a web page, href= "" >click here **IMG** Business of Talent Newsletter William, Welcome to the February edition of the Business of Talent newsletter. This email includes links to new research, upcoming


Stop bullying

When we open the newspapers, we can read a lot of news of violence in our society. The most vulnerable are children, especially the teenagers. They don't have constructed personality and it is easy to manipulate them. They are learning from their elders and nowadays, violence is solution for everything. Teenagers copy the behavior which they can se


Same-sex marriage laws tied to fewer teen suicide attempts - Business Insider

This is another stupidity. Didn't occur to them that they might prevent suicide attempt if and only if the school provide a non-bias counseling to these LGBT youth? If the target of the samples is 15-24, then they should know better on why the educational system was failed in the US, not the suicide prevention program. Duh!


It is easy to be trained hard to be educated

Education level is acquired drum and persistence, education is acquired by constant expansion perspective, curiosity and desire to do our best all-round, high-quality person. The big problem is that today's young people do not read. Almost never. These are people to whom the future, who will manage the country tomorrow, heal people, to build bridge


Life expectancy to break 90 barrier by 2030 - BBC News

"[Society in the US is] very unequal to an extent the whole national performance is affected - it is the only country without universal health insurance. "And it is the first country that has stopped growing taller, which shows something about early life nutrition."] That exactly the problem. First is the nutrient. The US society is too much depend


Reimagining education: MIT holds its first Festival of Learning

On Feb 1-2, over 200 students and faculty gathered in MIT's Building 10 to discuss and share recent advances in education technology. This first-ever - and first of its kind - " Festival of Learning " was co-sponsored by the MIT Office of Digital Learning (ODL), the Teaching and Learning Lab , and the offices of the deans of undergraduate and gradu

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