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Good, viable, effective idea for earning a butt load of cash without getting up from your chair is to win the lottery. Other possibility is to play hazard games but if you are so lazy probably won't work. Actually even to lottery maybe not possible for you, end you need to fill up a ticket.


Find a web hosting.

Find a good web hosting first. I personally used HostGator for 2 bucks a month. After that, you could buy your own domain through GoDaddy which is the most popular one since they are reliable. Once you get your Web hosting and domain names set, tell your host to update their DNS so it can be routed there, based on the information that being provide


Google will punish sites that use annoying pop-up ads - The Verge

These new changes will go into effect next year, beginning on January 10th. From that point on Google will start lowering the rank of sites "where content is not easily accessible." The definition of "not easily accessible" is still vaguely described on Google algorithm manifest. Of course when you have 30K PhD works for them, things could change o


Can Bitcoin Help Curb Corruption in Government Offices?

Yeas and no. Criminals will always find a way to corrupt the system regardless. The power in bitcoin is in the underlying technology, the blockchain. It's immutable database system. Whether the data is right or wrong is still being debated. But once it's load into the chain, it can't be changed or corrupted by anyone.


South Korea Says It's Investigating Google for Anti-Competitive Behavior - Fortune

This is similar to the Russia case. Why don't these South Korean justice department see that Android OS is an open source OS. Even Samsung acknowledge that and they are using it on their smartphone. Maybe Korea skipped Samsung and go straight to Google where the issue lies in internal Samsung operations where they load their version of Android with


Best Way to get Rich with No Effort?

I am really lazy and I need to get lots of money. I am looking for good, viable, effective ideas for earning a butt load of cash without getting up from my easy chair.


US approves US$1.15 billion tanks, military equipment deal with Saudi Arabia

What did I say in my previous post? War is good for business. US sold Jordan and Lebanon last week, and this week, drop a mother load to the Saudi Arabia. What else is new? The west need the middle east to be in the warring state so they can support the military industry. Of course with the backing of the central bank that keep printing money and t


A Few Things To Consider Before Getting a Bitcoin Debit Card

Unfortunately, every debit card loaded with Bitcoin is still issued by a bank Not really! They could be issued by any exchange that has connection to a banking system. Does the exchange consider a bank? I don't think so. Of course the idea is to make the hybrid system works until the adoption of technology is there to make people pay with bitcoin d


Offer for SEO Services: Not Spamming

A silly email I received this afternoon, but like one I often receive. I changed the name of my domain to "IGNORAMUS". On Fri, Jul 29, 2016 at 8:58 AM, wrote: Hello IGNORAMUS, Hope you are doing good. I found your details from the internet and thought you might be interested in getting a new website designed. Redesigning websites today isn't just a


Street Fighter 5: Juri moves list

Street Fighter 4's sadistic SIN agent is back, but she's missing an eye and carrying a load of new special moves. Back to Street Fighter 5 guide Street Fighter 5: Juri moves list Of all the characters added in the Street Fighter 4 series of games, Juri is probably the one that caught the fan attention the most.

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