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Win an Alienware Alpha gaming PC worth $699!

Win an Alienware Alpha gaming PC and loads of in-game cash for MMORPG Shakes N Fidget. We're giving away an Alienware Alpha gaming PC and bundles of in-game currency for MMORPG Shakes N Fidget .


New For Honor information to be revealed at E3 and gamescom 2016

For Honor will be featured at bot of this year's big gaming conventions. New For Honor information to be revealed at E3 and gamescom 2016 Ubisoft has revealed in a new video that loads of For Honor news will be revealed at E3 and gamescom 2016.


One Woman's Story Of Growing Up On The Seedy Underbelly Of The Internet

“It’s funny, I remember loading, and was definitely a porn website,” Merritt Kopas, author of Internet Murder Revenge Fantasy , recalled. “This was like, early 90’s, so I’m sure Nintendo bought it back, but it used to be a porn site. ” Read more... ..


The Division – over 50% of players play solo, the number of jumping jacks, other stats

Loads of jumping jacks were performed during the first month of The Division's release. The Division – over 50% of players play solo, the number of jumping jacks, other stats Ubisoft gave us a look at some interesting stats The Davison players generated during the game's first month on store shelves.


Expanded Panama Canal to enter service on June 27 with draft restrictions

This is what big cargo or container ship has been waiting for. Despite the draft restriction which is necessary to prevent damage due to incoming dry season's water level, the width and depth of the new locks can handle bigger and heavier ship. Of course, now the Chinese can ship 13,000 TEU to the Caribbean, eastern part of South America and wester


Battleborn open beta recruits should watch this Bootcamp trailer

The Battleborn open beta starts tomorrow on PlayStation 4 , and while you're pre-loading it, check out the new trailer for the online shooter. The Battleborn Bootcamp trailer above stars playable heroes Oscar Mike and ISIC in what's basically a recruitment video.


Hitman PC gets promised patch to reduce load times, add Vampire Magician pack

The PC version of Hitman received the promised patch to bring fixes to issues reported since launch. Now that Hitman players on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have been enjoyed the latest content update for the game, and the included fixes, it's time for PC players to catch up.


FDA releases final rule to ensure food safety during transport

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today finalized a new food safety rule under the landmark FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) that will help to prevent food contamination during transportation. The rule will require those involved in transporting human and animal food by motor or rail vehicle to follow recognized best practices for sanit


Rainbow Six: Siege update 2.3 focuses on improving ranked play

Rainbow Six: Siege gets a hefty patch this week. A new Rainbow Six: Siege has been detailed, with loads of inetresting and much-requested fixes and balance changes.


Twitter taught Microsoft's AI chatbot to be a racist asshole in less than a day - The Verge

@TheBigBrebowski ricky gervais learned totalitarianism from adolf hitler, the inventor of atheism — TayTweets (@TayandYou) March 23, 2016 Aha ha ha! This is the reason never trust Microsoft to create an AI bot. Worse, they don't test it first. Just load all the public perception from all sources into the knowledge database then deploy it.

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