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I must say that for long time I myself thought that woman can not be a good driver. But I was wrong. Its not the gender that decides who is better driver. It's the mental picture of a person that decides it. I mean, I saw some really lousy drivers on the road. But its not just females. Cause honestly, I like to drive, I like the feeling. And I like


How To Renew Your Passport in DFA Lipa City

Renewing your passport in the Philippines can take a lot of time, especially if you plan to renew from the Department of Foreign Affair's Metro Manila offices. You need to schedule an appointment from their website, either for renewal or for new applications. This process streamlines everything, unfortunately, appointment schedules are always fully


Driving Examples From The Philippines

Here are some videos of the realities of driving in the Philippines. Enjoy! Drivers seriously don't watch where they are going: When there's a traffic jam, drivers often go up the wrong side of the road to get ahead of the traffic even if it ends up in a fruitless exercise at the end, ... ..


Weak stomachs on Cambodian roadways

My eyes gazed out the car window at bullocks pulling hay carts, slate blue houses perched on stilts and school children riding bicycles. My body lurched from side to side as the driver dodged and weaved around motorcycles, trucks and buses on the busy, narrow road heading away from Phnom Penh and toward the seaside town of Kep.


Bitcoin A Viable Option For Arcade City NYE Responsible Drivers Program

This article got nothing to do with bitcoin. This is a typical government BS. This guy want to help by gathering volunteer to drive incapacitated people from party safely to their home and the government want to fine them if they take donation. Well, they can use cash, one of the most lovely medium that even the criminals love it because it's untra


The good side of Customer Service in Paraguay

Customer service seems to always get a bad rap in Latin America. I think a lot of it is unwarranted. Yes, customer service from cell phone companies, internet providers and the like tends to be much less than one would hope for. However, it's the same (if not worse) in North America. I think one of the biggest differences is that the top management


Link from 2004 Chevrolet Avalanche Ac Blows Hot Air On One Side: 14 Complaints

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Link from AC only blows cold on one side of the truck? - Chevrolet Forum - Chev

Confirmed link from to Bit Soap Box; All Sites Combined: Search on Bit Soap Box; All Sites Combined for: First click through viewed: 11/07/15 10:21


Mercedes recall cars to fix rear tail lamp problem

Mercedes is recalling more than 30,000 cars in the United States to fix faulty LED tail lamps. According to Mercedes, the lamps may not properly light on the sides, which can increase the incidence of car crashes if the lamps malfunction and other drivers fail to see the car in the dark. The repair will be done for free by dealers but Mercedes has


Quick Tips for Getting Settled in Uruguay

I started in May of 2005 just before I moved to Uruguay. At that time there were no significant expat resources for Uruguay and very little information in English. In June 2005, I hopped on a plane from tropical Costa Rica and came to Montevideo in the middle of Winter. I've been living here ever since with only an occasional vacat

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