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Vancouver Real Estate Tax Hike May Drive More Chinese to Bitcoin

Oh that's great! While most country try to create a stimulus package by reducing property tax for first time buyer, Vancouver is increasing it. Who said politics and conspiracy is not interesting. This is a chance for the government to suck out more anyway since over one third of real estate market in Vancouver is owned by the Chinese. Aha!


Former Burnout devs begin work on new driving game

It's official, Burnout creators at Three Fields are working on a driving game. Three Fields Entertainment is a small indie studio made up of Burnout and Black creators.


Bar Girls Are Driving The Philippines Growth

This is a story of how young bar girls are in fact driving a corporate empire in the Philippines. Where one business of the “world's oldest profession” is driving another business – infrastructure development, corporate salaries, police jobs etc – and subsidized largely AND driven by US commercial interests. A corporate em



Elon Musk Sees Pickups, Semi-Trucks, Solar Panels and More in Tesla's Future - Top Tech News

Hey! Musk will not stop at just one darn accident. Of course he will move forward with his idea to populate the society with clean and green self driving car. The only people that can stop him or stifle the innovation is just the congress where they will his and his team's life harder than it has been.


Build your own Sega Genesis/Mega Drive classics bundle at BundleStars for very low prices

Select the Sega Genesis games you want and pay very little in BundleStars' latest promotion. Digital retailer BundleStars is offering a big collection of Sega Genesis/Mega Drive games for very cheap prices.



I don't not agree with the author opinion in this issue. This is more like someone who need to get their money back from his former educational institution. Of course for a person that used to work in the banking industries and dealing with Forex on day to day basis, his opinion seems to try to drive public perception to stay away from bitcoin. Hec


Pokémon Go Player Hits Cop Car, Captured On Camera

Don’t Pokémon Go and drive. You’ll do something stupid.


Bitcoin is all grown up, study finds

Our results suggest that some recent concerns regarding the use of bitcoin for illegal transactions at the present time might be overstated Funny! This is what all bitcoiners has been saying all along. The media especially the western media are too dumb to figure it out since they are paid to drive public policy. Even a common human being has more


International Health Issues: PEPFAR Welcomes the Return of the International HIV/AIDS Conference to Africa

PEPFAR Invests $85 Million to Drive Innovation for Adolescent Girls and Young Women This week, the U.S. President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) joins thousands of partners for the 21 st International HIV/AIDS Conference (AIDS 2016) in Durban, South Africa. The conference returns to Africa for the first time since 2000, coinciding with t

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