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RE: S.E. Stamp for WA (TGE16-7223)

From: Canon Furth (, To: "joe" ("joe" (joe), Cc: , x-originating-ip: [] ! Hi Joe, Did you happen to receive my email this morning? Thank you. Cheers, D. Canon Furth **IMG** D. Canon Furth, E.I. Project Manager l Specializing in Structural Engineering WA, OR, NV, ID, MT, WY, CO, AZ, CA, NM, TX, NE, MO, T


S.E. Stamp for WA (TGE16-7223)

From: Canon Furth (, To: "joe" ("joe" (joe), Cc: Peter Nussbacher (, x-originating-ip: [] ! Joe, I am putting together a calculations packet for a cooler box in Seattle, WA. Could I get your electronic S.E. stamp on the packet and drawings? No hard copies are necessary.


Yes and No, but I do not know

If Tesla is the world greatest camping car. Is left for those who manufacture it and for those who bought it. Every car that is being manufacture by the manufacturer has it own advantage and disadvantaged. The car mention above is one of the comfortable car that man has ever made, because of its powerful and sophisticate function it has. You can dr


Fwd: Direct Debit Advance Notice Pure Gym Ltd

From: Date: Mon, Oct 24, 2016 at 8:32 PM Subject: Direct Debit Advance Notice Pure Gym Ltd To: mailto:frehs (frehs) **IMG** IMPORTANT - Confirmation of the set-up of your Direct Debit instruction, including future payment schedule Account name: JSO SJJ Primary Club: London Oval Sort code: 30-**-** Account No: 4876**** Reference: 00190013047801 Mem


Decentralized Internet Can Be the Answer to DDoS Problems

The SAFE Network is powered using the unused hard drive space, processing power and data connection of its users. That's the problem. If you want to use your hard drive space, how big is the data once it gets larger and larger. Further, what if the user that access the internet is predominantly using smartphone. Can they spare that empty hard drive



I like taxi. I usually use it only in Sarajevo, otherwise I drive my car. In the center of Sarajevo it is full of taxi's. So, you will never wait longer than a minute or two to catch a cab. And it is cheap.


Introduction to Freenet: A Censorship-Resistant Network

Interesting project, but this is still on the surface of the internet. The buzz that I heard from down below is that once you install it, it hard to get rid of it from your PC since it takes chunks of your drive as a file sharing drive (similar to torrent). Use it at your own risk. You could downloaded here: //l[2]


Food drives gaining momentum in Japan

This is a great way to get involved with the community. I was surprised myself when I hear this since the Japanese society is not known to do this type of things. But, the era has change. The era of sharing economy is here and we might as well help each other while we can instead relying on the government subsidy.


6 hours drive

Well it was 2 years ago when I was visiting my father in Italy. It was around 6 hours or so. It was from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Banja Luka to Molfacone, Italy, around 400 KM. That was actually fast arrival since we were driving on highway and wasn't many cars on borders. Was fun trip! Good old memories.


Better to take a bus

If you're originating from Oaxaca, it's better to ride a bus due to the long ride going to Veracruz. It's around 5 hours travel time if you drive it using your car and around 6 hours if you take the bus. Veracruz is 445 kilometers from your point of origin. Better be safe, so just take the bus and enjoy the ride.

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