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Dodge caravan Running rough 4 codes

I have a 2003 dodge caravan 3.3l. It was running great then one afternoon went into a store and when i came back out and started it up it ran very rough and the rpms jumped all over and then it died. the check engine light came on and while its running the battery light comes on. It has 4 codes: P0122 throttle position sensor voltage low P0106 Bar


93 dodge caravan will not start

1993 caravan won't start, cranks/turns over fine, but wont fire off to start. So far we've replaced the fuel pump, crank sensor, cam position sensor, checked/swaped the ASD relay with a new one. No spark at plugs when jumped from plug wire to eng block ground. The van was running badly for a while then while driving 45mph or so, it sputtered, stall


Forum: Chech Engine Light Error code P0445, P0442

The forum resource: Chech Engine Light Error code P0445, P0442, Dodge-1500 Pickup has some interesting discussions. Here is a "I am looking for a solution to me ck engine light that keeps coming on. I am getting an error code of P0445 & P0442. Can anyone assist in" Dear Robert Falls, Those codes are for the EVAP system, the 442 is a medium

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