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help with 1993 dodge caravan SE

The other day while driving my 1993 Caravan SE it suddenly started this "Hiccup" thing. Whenever it did this, the speedometer dropped to "O" then right back to the speed I was driving. I made it home, and the van started several times without a problem. I decided to take it to Lowe's and get some supplies I needed. BIG MISTAKE....on the way it star


Forum: Dodge Caravan Speedometer

The forum resource: Dodge Caravan Speedometer, Dodge-Caravan has some interesting conversations. Here is a sneak peek. "We have a 2001 Caravan with the speedometer needle on the wrong side of the peg. It just happened one Sunday morning and it is a pain to" 1998 dodge caravan- the service engine soon light keeps coming on, and then going of

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