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Radwanska Reflects On Singapore Success Ahead Of WTA Finals Return

Interview with Radwanska about Singapore as main subject and her next goals in tennis career. I am excepting semi finals at least from Radwanska, if I am going by her previous games and tournament. However, everything changes, new tournament, new day. Good luck.


New Aunt Simona Halep Readies For Singapore Run

New aunt indeed, congratulations to Simona Halep! She should be motivated even more now to play better and if possible win comes up, so she could say thanks to that little girl. Anyways, interview with Simona, all information and her current form is in there, check it out.


Keys Rolls Into Singapore Eager To Upset Red Group Rivals At WTA Finals

Interview with Keys Madison, her preparation for this tournament, is she ready for it, going on by that she retired from her last match because of some kind of injury. Every information that you might need to know, check it out.


Pliskova Primed For Singapore Debut Following US Summer Surge

Interview Caroline Pliskova and all information that you would possible want to know, such as her form and what plans does she got for this tournament. I think that she can't even pass group phase going on by previous matches and few previous tournament after US Open, but we will see how will go.


Muguruza Maintains Perspective Ahead Of Second Singapore Appearance

Big dust is up because of the last tournament in Singapore, everyone is talking about it, everyone is excited to finally watch best 8 WTA tennis players and journalist are gone crazy about it. Here is an interview from Muguruza, she is talking about her current form and what she expects from this tournament.



Finally, Singapore is here! People were talking about this often and it is finally here. You can see all schedules at the link below, all interviews and everything with Singapore. I cannot believe it, honestly, it is end of the season, like it was yesterday when I was watching Australian Open. Oh well, good luck to EVERYONE!


10 Things You Need To Know About Simona Halep

Yeah, nothing new or shocking. I already knew it all, I mean nothing surprising in this. A little interview with her and some facts what she accomplished in this season and in her career in general. Just more one article.


Inside Serena's WTA Finals Withdrawal Announcement

Well, that is it from Serena Williams for this season, which wasn't that great for her. I mean, whole season, even beginning was so bad. Hopefully she will come back stronger than ever in next season. As you already may know she was supposed to play on the last tournament and one of the largest after grand slams for closing season but she didn't. L


What short paragraph could you write that generally describes you?

We haven't asked this question in great detail, aside from the interviews section of the site. This one asks you to describe you. Are you funny; the class clown? Serious, The School Valedictorian? Active, Physical, Curious??? Come and let the forum family know more about you in one short paragraph... you might realize something new about you.


Duterte: Sea dispute will be discussed, but no bargaining in China visit

"We will stick to our claim. We do not bargain anything there. We continue to insist that that's ours and that the international tribunal decision will be taken up. But there will be no hard impositions," said Duterte, whose state visit to China will be the first for the Philippines since 2011. At least we know that President Duterte is not against

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