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Jimmy Carter got me my Green card I never applied Shoyinka

Renowned Nobel laureate Professor Wole Shoyinka is back in the news again with another mind blowing story, he was on a interview when he was asked why he applied for the green card hence he treating to throw it away and he said "I never applied for the green card it was giving to him by Jimmy Carter" read more below


It requires training and plenty of experience!

It requires training and plenty of experience! Seriously, it's easier to learn about body language whenever you talk to your girlfriend. Learning to see people behavior through someone eyes is harder than say it. In fact, the expression "look into someone's eyes" has plenty of meaning to it. Try to look into your politician eyes when they were inte


I was never arrested - Seun Egbegbe Grants first interview

It's been one cover up story or another since Seun Egbegbe was allegedly caught for stealing 6 iPhone 7. Now the news is not about his stealing but the news is that this guy is a on a celebrity status. Now this is his first official video. What do you think?


Venezuelan Dealer Trading Mercedes-Benz Cars Worldwide For Bitcoin

Since retailers in the country have been suffering due to devalued currency, many will have to start using bitcoin to hedge against the economic collapse. This article has an interesting interview regarding how he is utilizing bitcoin to reach international markets.


Trump, in Interview, Moderates Views but Defies Conventions

This is just the first week after he won the election. It's not even official yet and not even being inaugurated yet. And he already broke most of the promises. Imagine if he takes office after January 21, 2017. Those promises that he made to the people to get elected, well, it's not even worth a roll of toilet papers.


No-one past 30 should go to a rock gig

At least some people say this. I remember reading an interview with John Lennon wherein he mentioned hating to see old faces in the front rows as he played the gigs with the Beatles. Rock and all its forms still kinda please my ears, but I wouldn't dare going to a wild rock concert anymore. So, as a guy who's now morphing into an old fart, I don't


Barack Obama, Neural Nets, Self Driving cars and the future of the world.

Interesting interview between Ito, Obama and Dadich! Anyone who like to listen or watch the video may click it in this page since 'wired' is not publish it on commercial video sharing sites like YouTube or others. Anyway, we are living in the most interesting era. Similar to our ancestor who went through the great industrial revolution in the 18-19


INTERVIEW: No cancer machine working in Nigerian hospitals - Health Minister

Minister: Mr. President actually is like a prophet. He said we should expect challenges, on polio when I met him. Buhari is a prophet? Something wrong with this guy! Duh! Anyway, the report from the UN is that even polio is still rampant in Nigeria. Moreover, people are going to Benin for bone marrow transplant and to Ghana for cancer treatment. Ev


What would it be, about your life

One thing that I could learn and answer about my life is the fact that I missed the chance to become a soldier in my country when I was a teenage. I was having a sickness that do always disqualify me whenever am about to go for an interview in the military barracks. Because of the sickness, I went under surgical operation for three consecutive time


Edward Snowden: Don't fear Trump, fear the surveillance state

I agree with him. Last night (11/10), he was on live interview on RT and he mentioned about the same things. Politician will do anything to get elected, but once they're in, things change to fulfill their personal agenda. Similar to what most people worry. The key to the nuclear weapons, one of the world most powerful military and the vast array of

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