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Indonesia's most-wanted awakens new generation of jihadis

Not necessarily. The author seems to look at one place in Solo, central Java. Moreover, the majority of the people here, besides those three religion describe above, are Roman Catholic. Yes, one of the largest native community that embrace the Roman Catholicism are in Solo rural areas. Author seems to base his opinion on interview with FPI or what


Link from ( WireNews: Exclusive Interview: Tarik Kaddoumi, Dubai's Leading Bitcoin

Confirmed link from to Profit Bitcoin: First click through viewed: 07/27/16 11:08


Your child, the literary talent

When author Ruth Krauss and illustrator Maurice Sendak collaborated on several acclaimed children's books in the 1950s, such as "A Hole Is to Dig," their ideas came, in part, from interviews Krauss had conducted with kids. That might surprise some people, who may assume that adults writing for children draw primarily from their own imaginations.


GameStop CEO may have just mentioned PS4 Neo's release window

Sony's PlayStation 4 Neo may launch this year, if we're interpreting this quote from GameStop CEO correctly. In a new interview, GameStop CEO Paul Raines may have revealed the release window for Sony's PlayStation 4 Neo.


Deadspin NFL Says Marky Mark Is Full Of Shit, And Roger Goodell Never Called Him To Complain About B

Deadspin NFL Says Marky Mark Is Full Of Shit, And Roger Goodell Never Called Him To Complain About Ballers | Jezebel Stephen Colbert Hijacks the RNC Stage, Delivers Anti-Trump Burn | Gawker All the Most Excruciating Moments From the Trump/Pence Nightmare 60 Minutes Interview | Gizmodo SpaceX Just Landed a Rocket At Cape Canaveral | Read more... ..


In post-Chavez Venezuela, health care ails, food is scarce and crime is everywhere

Thing are getting worse and worse down there. As you can see from these people that they were interviewed, they still believed in Chavizmo created by Chavez long time ago. They are all agree that for the last 3 years, after Chavez has died, the government mismanagement the country by not hedging the drop in the price of oil. Lots of them will not l


Overseas Exile: US Trying to Prevent Americans Giving Up Their Citizenship Overs

Used my CLN... but I think that though the US is a pain in the ass and expensive... they aren't really stopping anyone. I wonder why all these articles on the topic seem never to interview anyone who actually renounced?


Collected Department Releases: Interview With Xhevdet Sfarca of RTK

Interview With Xhevdet Sfarca of RTK Interview Victoria Nuland Assistant Secretary , Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs Pristina, Kosovo July 10, 2016 Question: Madam Assistant Secretary, welcome back to Kosovo. This is your second visit to Kosovo in a year.


How I Know Dr. Roscoe C. Brown

Photo by Metropolitan Transportation Authority / Patrick Cashin This is a guest post by Dr. Sam Gellens, interviewer for Remembering Riverdale: Our Neighborhood Oral History Project at Riverdale Library. Sam conducted his first interview for the project with Dr. Roscoe C. Brown on May 12, 2016.


What Expats Are Really Like

This is interesting interview with lots of expats who live in central America. But I put this in Panama since the feed comes from Panama. I want to share one statement here and I'll quoted: "It just doesn't matter how much money you have in Boquete like it would in the US," she said. "There are a lot of people here who have a lot of money, but they

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