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Stan Wawrinka thinks he'll never become world number one

Stan Wawrinka In an interview with American talk show host Charlie Rose said that he thinks he will never become world number one. It was surprising moment, because tennis players should be optimist but he was honest. However I think that he has good chance to become number one only if he plays more than Novak Djokovic, because he is currently so s


Svitolina Upsets Muguruza To Complete Tokyo SF Line-Up

Another great match today in Tokyo tournament. Both players did play very well. However Svitolina proved that she is better than Muguruza and won. She is now in semi finals of Tokyo. As she said in interview, it was great match, both were fighting and both were playing good. Was not that easy at all.


YouTube Threatens Blogger Over Tough Questions To The European Commission President

No surprise there. When you are small company, you are a champion of free speech and liberalization. But once you get big you colluded with the government to protect their own interest. This is how totalitarian and fascist system were born. Leave YouTube at any cost if you want to interview any members of the government.


Radwanska Hails Tokyo-Singapore Express

Interview with Radwanska with Tokyo Express. She is preparing for Tokyo tournament and she is looking to go hard in this next match that is coming up. Radwanska is having great season for sure, I have no doubt that she is going to do well in this tournament as well. Good luck, Radwanska!


Hyperledger Director Draws Dividing Line With 'Umbrella' Statement

In preparation for the "Umbrella" article, Behledorf said he interviewed developers and other employees of member companies that might otherwise form tribal connections. "tribal connections"? That sounds like the Hyperledger project is only for businesses. I don't want to undermine Behlendorf credentials here, but Bitcoin and the rest of digital cu


Making Sense of Blockchain's Summer of Stupid (On Perfect Illusions)

Aha ha ha! I somewhat agree with Rizzo in this matter, but I think he should give Bitcoin Uncensored more credit with their open and 'no holes barred' type of interview. Of course with the DLT that being pushed by major institution currently, they still could figure out how to topple the bitcoin blockchain. After all, we have seen nothing yet.


An Interview With ViaBTC, the New Bitcoin Mining Pool on the Blockchain

They are not new actually. But since they put efforts to build their own mining facilities that big enough to be noticed, then everyone seems to see them as something new. ViaBTC has been the proponent of bitcoin core since the beginning and they are quietly climb into the list of miners as one of the top ten largest in the world.


This 86-Year-Old Woman Got Robbed And Was The Wrong Damn Woman To Mess With

Lol, that lady. She is 86 years old and she is still a huge bad ass. I support her, why would she be nice towards woman that she robbed her? I mean for real? Anyways you can check out full story down below and there is also interview with that 86 year old lady.


Kuwaiti official criticises 'worst nation for expats' ranking

Well, put it this way, the survey was conducted by interviewing expats in the region. So, the report is based on their answer about their treatment in the country and also the attitude of the government toward them. Secondly, the way that government wants to tighten up immigration control is also make it difficult for them to find another job due t


BitSoapBox - The Key to Top BTC Rewards

If you are referring to BitSoapBox, BTCHarvest, BTCInstantWin, BTCStory, BTCMicroTasks, the key is to read the FAQ. Then keep in mind the following points: The best rewards come from being creative (ie: sharing your opinion, views, and thoughts). Forum posts, responses, etc less than 40 words are not counted toward any rewards. (the submit button

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