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Pouille To Play For First ATP World Tour Title

Lucas Pouille, 22 year old is chasing his first ATP World tour title. He is into grand finals of tournament in Metz after he won his match against second seed on tournament David Goffin. I need to say that I didn't pay attention on his previous tournament in this season except US Open, but as far as I did see, he is playing very good.


Goffin Grabs SF Spot In Metz

The second seed David Goffin, won his match against Nicolas. Even that all prediction was that David Goffin grabs two easy and fast sets in that match, that was not how things were going. It was very intense and hard match for David, but that at the end he proved that he is experience enough for it. He is now in semi finals of Metz, France tourname


Simon, Goffin Advance To Metz QFs

Well done for Simon and also David Goffin. They both passed to quarter-finals on Thursday. They had an incredible match, was very intense and really interesting. Was match that if you don't have your favorite, you will enjoy it, beautiful shots from both sides.


18 Times David Mitchell Was Just Really Fucking Brilliant

That guy must be a comedian!? Not really some of his lines are ''cool'' and good way to defend himself while being ''attacked'' by journalist. I mean there is still good thing in it, to think fast enough and respond normally when someone asks you a tricky question. we all know that sometimes when someone asks something unusual, we respond fast with


Fwd: *Internal Use Only: R J McLeod - PL policy: LB348871 - ZEUS claim: 20-50-085175

From: David Toogood Date: Tue, Sep 13, 2016 at 8:48 AM Subject: *Internal Use Only: R J McLeod - PL policy: LB348871 - ZEUS claim: 20-50-085175 To: mailto:jerry.cutler (jerry.cutler) Hi Jerry - Here's a copy of the policy schedule. Regards David Toogood Senior Claims Handler Construction & Engineering Team Zurich Insurance PLC PO Box 9942, Birmingh


21 Times David Beckham Was A Cute And Cool AF Dad

Awe, only 21 times? David, David, what are you doing if you are not taking care about your kids? I think that David Beckham should post more pictures of him and his kids while having fun so portals like BuzzFeed don't make such articles like this. Don't worry Beckham, if you are not good dad, you are still good player! (Just kidding)


Finally Released 'Uber Killer' Decentralized App Disappoints Supporters

I don't think this will work. But if it works, then bite me! The issue is not the apps, but David himself. He owes lot of money to people and not even try to pay them back. So, you can assume all the money that he got from VC's could be gone for his own personal agenda.


CDC Director: 'Essentially Out of Money' to Fight Zika - CBS Local

Florida GOP Rep. David Jolly, "If we can't get Zika funding by the end of September then we're nothing but a bunch of idiots up here." You are an idiot! How in the world you do a massive spraying of chemical that not only kill the mosquitoes, but also honey bees? More political BS from Washington! $1.1 billion for planned parenthood in Puerto Rico?



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