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Changing of Name

If i want to change my name base on official reason i will like to choose a Christian name that will attract the blessing of God to me. I have to go through the Bible and look for a historical person name that can bring me favor all the time. Names like David, Moses, Abraham, Joseph, Jacob, Solomon and so many of they.



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Blockchain: The Little-Known Innovation Quietly Disrupting the Financial Services Industry

David: How will private entities creating proprietary blockchains protect them? Lou: They won't. They'll try, of course. But as we've seen in every area of technology, nothing is completely secure. Even a Wall Streeter agree that blockchain is a fancy database and there is no way that they can secure a private blockchain nor making it universal wit


Pouille To Play For First ATP World Tour Title

Lucas Pouille, 22 year old is chasing his first ATP World tour title. He is into grand finals of tournament in Metz after he won his match against second seed on tournament David Goffin. I need to say that I didn't pay attention on his previous tournament in this season except US Open, but as far as I did see, he is playing very good.


Goffin Grabs SF Spot In Metz

The second seed David Goffin, won his match against Nicolas. Even that all prediction was that David Goffin grabs two easy and fast sets in that match, that was not how things were going. It was very intense and hard match for David, but that at the end he proved that he is experience enough for it. He is now in semi finals of Metz, France tourname


Simon, Goffin Advance To Metz QFs

Well done for Simon and also David Goffin. They both passed to quarter-finals on Thursday. They had an incredible match, was very intense and really interesting. Was match that if you don't have your favorite, you will enjoy it, beautiful shots from both sides.

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