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Yeah, I've been in car accident once. Not having any significant injury other than shock since I spill my coffee that I put on my dashboard (I used to carry coffee in a paper cup similar to Starbucks coffee cup). It wasn't that scary since the guy that hit me was ignoring the red light, but the damage was not that bad since he didn't drive that fas


Link from dashboard symbols and meanings

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the black wire

Yes my 2001 jeep Laredo started with--headlights (only highbeams ok)-power windows-dim dashboard -top computer console not working -indoor lights not shutting off-well tried the black wire trick--well had someone else help-my black (wire) was exposed -so he souted it-electrical tape-back together--but Nothing--next move trying taking negative cable


2010 Mercedes Benz CLS Class

German automaker Mercedes Benz has finally released official photos of their 2012 CLS class, after a series of spy photos and leaked images surfaced in the online world during the last few weeks. //l[1] Mercedes Benz is essentially the inventor of the modern four-door coupe segment, in which up to this day is the top seller in the category. With th


O/D light flashing

Hi, my name is Samson, I got a Toyota Camry 1994 model, and just recently the o/d light on the dashboard starts flashing after like 10min of running and it drags when climbing or picking up after slowing down. Kindly assist to get solution for my car problem.


1988 Chrysler New Yorker in the Dump

During a recent visit to a friend, I was able to witness the sad fate of a once elegant car from Chrysler, the New Yorker. At first I was not able to distinguish what kind of Chrysler was it. It's old and rusted, the badges, lights and hood damaged. Its owners were not able to maintain it, and I was told that after getting involved in a car acciden


Headlight/Dashboard light flashing on 06 GC

My headlights/dashboard lights are flickering on & off in my 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. This is happening when the headlights are on. The garage does not know what the problem is because it, of course, didn't do it when they looked at it. I called the dealership and they said they have never heard of this problem. Can anyone help?



ACTROS 2646 LS Engine Mercedes-Benz OM 501 LA : 12 litre V6 turbocharged with intercooling. Four-stroke diesel with direct injection. Telligent® engine management. Maximum power 335 kW (456 hp) @ 1800 rpm. Maximum torque 2200 Nm (1625 lb.ft) @ 1080 rpm. Emission level : ADR 80/00, Euro 3. Bore : 130 mm. Stroke : 150 mm. Capacity :


Forum: dashboard symbols

Forum resource: dashboard symbols, Volkswagen-Jetta has some excellent posts. Here is a snippet. "an engine light that said check suddenly appeared. what could be wrong? i drive a tdi year 2000. thanks for info in" Hello, i have a vw polo, year 2000. The engine sympbol with a line going through it appeared on my ... I got a symbol that


Test Driving Santa Fe

##pic=class/Sam_Heisin/Hyundai_Santa_Fe##pic It was 4am, the sun hasn't risen yet. The foggy atmosphere that early wants me to bed. But the loud noise on my gate forced me to wake up. It was my friend, Tim, knocking furiously. I forgot, its the test drive day. He recently received a gift from his mom for finishing high school with flying colors. He

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