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warning light

i have a 2007 volvo v70. the dealership determined that the alternator bearing was going to go out. we had someone at honda put in a new (rebuilt) alternator. everything works fine but the "message" says "power system service urgent". volvo told us that the new alternator was wired incorrectly and the battery would soon fail. we had another alterna


Forum: ignition problem

This forum discussion: ignition problem, Hyundai-Elantra has some interesting comments. Here is a sneak peek. "car will not start, clicking of solenoid and clock reverts to 12:00 indicating a loss of battery. this has happened twice over a period of" I am having the same problem. It is weak on startup, but then is fine. same problem with th


Forum: dashboard symbols

Forum resource: dashboard symbols, Volkswagen-Jetta has some excellent posts. Here is a snippet. "an engine light that said check suddenly appeared. what could be wrong? i drive a tdi year 2000. thanks for info in" Hello, i have a vw polo, year 2000. The engine sympbol with a line going through it appeared on my ... I got a symbol that


Forum: Door ajar warning

This discussion: Door ajar warning, Ford-Ranger has some useful information. Here is a snippet. "I have a 2002 Ford Ranger Edge with extended cab. Even when the doors are closed, the dome light stays on and the door ajar light is on" We have the same problem with our 2002 Ford Ranger did you ever find out what is causing it. ... I also h

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