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Link from Dash lights and parking lights don't work - Nissan Forum

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Link from dashboard symbols and meanings

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electrical gremlin

have 1997 s10 blazer 4x4. When key is in run position or vehicle is running the ABS light on dash stays on and the power windows and blower motor wont work. At first ABS light would go off and everything would work, but now the light stays on and windows and blower will not work. help please as windows are down and rain is in the forecast. Thank yo


Cayenne Pepper in your Eyes!

How's that for something exciting to do today? Put some cayenne peppers in your eyes. Even for those that enjoy a dash of spice in their food, that probably seems a bit extreme. Now, as you all know, I am also a bit extreme I am not not so much for supplements, but would prefer to see a bit of purity in our diets and attain life and balanced life-f


4x4 on the fly not not working

Hi My f-350 on the fly in not working to engage the transfer case and the 4x4 lights/on dash, also not working. Help I am in baja


error messages and "done"

2003 Chrysler Voyager 3.3 liter has 170k miles, starter seems to be going out and we have the round light on the dash display for the security system that stays on, the word "done" that appeared at least once and my wife said she saw the letter P, which may be something of an error code? Any help with how to check what's going on?


Jeep GC will only start first thing in the morning

Apologies for starting as a noob and going straight into the plea for help; but was wondering if anyone had any ideas... I have an '02 Jeep GC Ltd Edition automatic which has been in the family since new, it has 133k on the clock and other than a recent problem with the speed sensors has been relatively trouble free. In the past month it started to


97 geo tracker will not start until i push

I have installed a new starter got it tested first. when you turn the key the lights comes on on the dash board and nothing happens.don't go on first gear have to push on 4th or reverse. please help


Forum: 4x4 wont work?

The forum discussion: 4x4 wont work?, Ford-F250 has some useful discussions. Here is a preview. "I have no 4x4. I have a 01 f250, and when I turn the switch to 4x4 nothen, no lights nothen... any help would be great" did you try to respound to my ... yeah it is your fourwheel drive module it is located behind ur glove box they cost aroun


Forum: 1999 Explorer manual

The conversation: 1999 Explorer manual, Ford-Explorer has some good comments. Here is a lead in. "I am trying to find an owners manual for a 1999 Ford Explorer XLT. Just got it and no manual with it. Any clue on getting the fog lights to" there should be a button on the dash (just right of where the radio is). It is the button just ... 1

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