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Disease: 'Phenomenal' progress in fighting tropical diseases

Well, Gates and the rest of the UN's agency and NGO knows that Trump will cut the health and humanitarian aid budget throughout the world in order to fulfill his idealistic view. This doesn't mean that privateer like Gates and other should also stop working. In fact, they could do the same thing like now. Of course there is no doubt that corruption


Don't Silence Emir Saudi, NBA President caution Northern Elites

Of course he shouldn't be silent and look hands akimbo to the ills of his root, his only religion is been misunderstood and that's why he had to step up and make the needed comments regarding the nature of how they take things out of point. The Emir is well educated and have done many things while as CBN governor.


Money transfer hack: Threat is real and what to do about it

This is the reason why people should use bitcoin as a medium for money transmitter. The fact that it has a secure system and also safer compares to traditional banking system proved that it's the better platform for remittance. Of course, educating people is as important as ever. Hacker is still lurking on the internet like beast. Practice safe bro


Pakistan: Young entrepreneurs urged to go digital

Of course! Where else do you wanna go in this digital age? If you want to stuck on the old days, then your days are numbered. While most of the people in the world is moving away from traditional economic style into more a digital economy, the only thing that can hinder them is just the infrastructure. Encouraging the millennial to go into e-commer


Conspiracy Theories: Why More Educated People Don't Believe Them

Of course the don't and the final paragraph says them all. The more educated you are the more analytical your mind is. Thus making it harder to believe in such witch hunt. But make no mistake, government doesn't want their people becoming smarter than them. As we can see in many places in this planet, they are not willing to give free education for


Development of Unbanked Regions: Business Games and the Prospects of 2 Billion People

The concept is great like educating people about the benefit and advantage of digital currency. But giving an affiliate rewards is similar to MLM which in turn it can be a ponzi scheme. Of course it's still too early to decide since it's still in early stages. But the prospect looks quite enticing, although it may face some problems down the road.


Education: To beat hackers, think like them, pupils told at Cyber Quest contest

Of course, that's exactly the point. But beyond that, you have to share or respect other people thinking on your creation. Even the most powerful organization on the planet, the US DoD or Pentagon even higher outside hacker to make sure that their system is on track. The question now is what would happen if these kids start hacking government infra


Economy: What Makes Millennials Disturbingly Different?

This sounds like Millennial are much more socialist rather than capitalist. Of course the far right will think that there are communism rising in the US. But hey, don't get me wrong, education should be free for the people and it's basic rights and not based on how much money you have.


Of course, I've been scammed before

Actually, my experience coincide with my education on investing on the internet. I bet you that most people probably going through this type of scam once or more in their endeavors. Anyway, I used to get involved with HYIP and crypto currency cloud mining in the early days. When the investment went awry, I learn my lesson there. These days, I won't


Business: The entire coal industry employs fewer people than Arby's

Of course, coal is the past. We all now moving toward a cleaner and greener energy. This is just a number of miners that work. Considers that most people that work in the mine suffers from black lungs, this would also add up to their health care cost in the future. But Trump doesn't care. Instead of educating this people, he wants to make more mone

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