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China's Biggest Economic Challenge

China's government is not averse to economic reform. Where is this idiosyncrasy come from? Of course this is from an editorial board of Bloomberg who with their western capitalism thinking doesn't know anything about the Chinese economy! How in the world you expect to "promote consumption" albeit I agree that China should not depend on export alon


Case Study: Filipino OFWs and Bitcoin

Interesting post at national publication, but this is nothing new since lots of educated OFW already look at bitcoin as a medium for remittance back to their home country. The problem is the uneducated OFW such as domestic workers or laborers where the number is staggering. Of course it's somewhat a duty for a bitcoiners to educate them. On the oth


3 things you can do with a bitcoin you didn't know about

These three have been going on for couple of years now. Of course, from educational point of view, once people understand bitcoin, even on the surface, they could see many benefits on it. Furthermore, this article seems to lack of weight since it discuss something that people already know.


4 Easy Ways to Accept Payments Online

E-check and ACH works fine in the US, but for international e-commerce site or even regular user, other than credit card, Paypal or Bitcoin is much more feasible. Of course the adoption of bitcoin is still in infancy. But with education, it's faster, low fees and also a great investment value.


Why Bitcoin And Ransomware Seem To Go Hand In Hand

Of course they are hand in hand. Who wants to be tracked by the law enforcement agent if they are collecting ransom! Duh! Rather than worry about the bitcoin or the ransom, why don't they tighten up their cyber defense and educating people on how to lessen stupidity.


Singapore official urges Asean members to aim for economic and financial union

Yeah, right! Singapore is thinking of their own stomach to keep laundering people money in ASEAN. Do you think that the rest of 9 members state doesn't want to reach economic stability. Of course they want, but after the economic community works first by making sure that people are educated enough and have health care and shelter that can cover the


Snapping up cheap spy tools, nations 'monitoring everyone'

This is not a surprise. The question next is whether the people of Peru will sue the company and the previous government along with the US government if applicable under conspiracy to spy on their people. And with the level of educated people in Peru especially with the indigenous people, I doubt they will do it. Of course they could take it to UN


Alibaba Group's Ant Financial Creates Blockchain Solution for Philanthropy Sector

If they do it correctly, this could be a breakthrough. The reason is simple. In China, the crackdown on money laundering are very extensive especially under Xi's administration nowadays. While lots of NGO and charitable organization in the west use it to launder the money, the Chinese even want to be more transparent with it due to the law. Of cour


The Rise Of The Machines

For the time being, I don't think you need to worry. Of course if you do not have a will to educate yourself and keep doing a mundane work day after day, then the ball is with you. There is no one in this world that can stop the advancement of machine learning, artificial intelligence, etc. Technology will develop so rapidly to the point that soon


Will Blockchain Technology and Smart Contracts Steal Jobs from People?

I don't think it will steal jobs from people. Depend on how you look at it. It will steal a repetitious job from people but it will not taking away jobs that requires monitoring or human based reasoning anytime soon. Of course this could be the reason on why people should keep track with the advancement of technology. By keep learning on how the so

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