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Determined to make a change

The first education course Ruth Park took at MIT explored the history of U.S.’s education system, its complex, deep-rooted problems, and the many reforms that have backfired in some way. While many of her classmates were disheartened by what they learned, Park had a very different reaction. “I found it really empowering,” she s


US-funded abstinence programs not working in Africa - Fox News

Of course it's not working. What they need is not education about HIV/AIDS, practice safe sex and abstinence, but the real education for the future. Education that put all of them pass the K-12 quality school. Telling lots of uneducated person about AIDS is practically useless because they still have the old way of thinking.


Helping engineers refine their negotiation skills

Engineers are master problem solvers; however, many struggle to navigate the complicated, interpersonal dilemmas presented by high-stakes negotiations. To help address this unique need, MIT Professional Education recently introduced a new digital course, Entrepreneurial Negotiations: The MIT Way . “Negotiations in the entrepreneurial arena a


Peru’s Gold Reserves Are World’s Sixth Largest, Mining Chamber Says

So, if they are the sixth largest, how come the country is in turmoil for the last couple of decades. They should use the money they sell from the gold to build the country, improve infrastructure, health care and education. Of course, you can't do it when the upper echelon is full of corrupt officials.


Abu Dhabi cost of living forces expats to send their families home

Money is inflationary and even a rich country like UAE feel the worldwide economic slowdown. Of course the problem with low income worker like domestic helper and general laborer brought their families with them. This is typical since they are contract workers and besides they believe that their children can get a better education in UAE rather tha


Concerns over China ' s economic policies unfounded : leading economist

What you read on the media is primarily a propaganda created by the west and tell China to boost up its economy. Heck, they are survivor. They know what they're doing even before the west was born. The west simply can't accept that China is much more prosperous country if and only if the number of people are the same like them. Of course switching


IDB: Half the students in LatAm don't finish high school

Normally I don't believe in some statistics, but whenever I see something about educational level of country's resident, I'll consider that stats especially like this one. Of course since the statistics is worldwide accepted this should give the respected government an alarming rate. Of course, if they allocate enough money from their GDP to the ed


New Pakistan poverty line of Rs 3,030 shows 60 mn citizens are poor

That roughly are almost 30% of the population. Of course this alarming rate are higher than 5 years ago. So, what the government can do. So far, the PM has been implicated in the Panama Papers and also on corruption. But there is something that actually need to be added into this number, which is the non food expenditures. If the cost of education


MIT Professional Education announces new online course on the Internet of Things

MIT Professional Education has announced the introduction of a new online course, Internet of Things: Roadmap to a Connected World . Making its debut on April 12, this first-of-its-kind digital course will teach key IoT concepts including identification, sensors, localization, wireless protocols, data storage, and security.


Report: Uruguay has Latin America's oldest population

Oo! The 19% of over 60 yrs old is quite alarming. It means that there is almost no retirement for aging worker since they are less likely to be replaced by a younger one. On the other hand, if educational system in Uruguay is solid, they could start switching their base economy into a more productive one such as automated industry or service sector

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