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Japanese TV Show 'BitGirls' to Feature Interactive Blockchain Voting ICO

The Japanese society has high tolerance for young girls naked whether it's a cartoon or a real person. No offense, but I noticed that when I visited Japan many years ago. Of course pretty face on the screen could make people get educated and then jump in to participate into digital currency community. After all, their society is very tech adept eve


Unlike Fiat, Bitcoin Isn't Meant for Everyone

Ah. This is just a common misconception about bitcoin in the eye of general population. Of course I heard about BitX in Southeast Asia. The issue with these people is just education since there are lots of people that do not trust or even understand the banking system in the regions.


Bitcoin & Mobile Messaging Startups Partner to Tap $500 Billion Remittance Market

The biggest challenge for the remittance market could be contending with an offline population. That's true. The telecommunication infrastructure in many countries are not sufficient to support even an internet access. Moreover, the ability for general population to convert from bitcoin to local fiat and vice versa. Of course time would tell, but t


The Blockchain: An Experiment in Governance Without Power

I think the author argument about the difference between government and governance is valid. But at the end of the article, in the last paragraph, author seems to recommend hard fork, which could be interpreted as full blown bias toward hard core bitcoiners. Dully noted that the governance in consensus system doesn't have a central authority. The b


ITT Technical Institutes shuts down after 50 years in operation - Washington Post

Well, there is a good student and there is a bad student. Of course there were mixed feeling about this place since many people thinks that they are not accredited. Why? Because the college credit you got from ITT can't be transferred to any other colleges. Making it a reason for students to stay within the institute to graduate. But, there are als


Going beyond the economy in the ASEAN community

The main issue is always the same year to year. Education! Only people that enter the school formally understand the concept of ASEAN. Despite the fact that most newer generation from generation X to millennial at least has some formal education, but on the surface, the concept of ASEAN itself is harder to swallow by them. Of course, like the artic


Bitcoin Continues To Turn Heads In The Online Gaming Industry

Well, that's true that bitcoin is perfect for online gaming community. Its anonymous nature and its irreversible transaction make it perfect for online gambling site to not accept bitcoin. What's the problem is that lots of these sites are not ready to accept the volatility of bitcoin price with respect to fiat. Of course with a right education and


OP-ED: There is Good Reason to be Confident about China's System

Interesting that this comes from western journalist in China. Of course they are confident. Unlike their western counterpart who blames the Chinese because their economy are tanking, the Chinese has survived for millennia. Certainly they know what they are doing. China is not much dependent on other country compared to the western nation. Their att


Engineering Student Admitted Selling Drugs He Ordered From Dark Web

US District Judge Richard J. Arcara asked him: "How did you get involved in something like this?" "I ask myself those same questions every day," Wang answered. He should say that he needs the money to pay an expensive college education because of inflation. I think if he doesn't use the substance personally and the reason is clear, pleading guilty


If bitcoin is not money, then what exactly is it?

Bitcoin can be money, currency, property or commodity. Depends on how you look and consider it, the protocol can be anything you want since it has some value in it. Of course from this publication point of view, it seems the adoption of bitcoin in Ireland hampered by regulations and educations. They should throw away government efforts to regulate

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