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India's Digital Payments, Bitcoin Adoption Will Grow to $500 Bln by 2020, Study Shows

I believe that will happen as long as the infrastructure that support the network is there. I know that the country is revamping their telecommunication infrastructure as we speak. And the only thing left is just to educate the people on how important bitcoin is. Of course, not to mention that the government is the primary hindrance if and only if


Western Union Revenue Drops amid Rise of P2P Services such as Bitcoin

Not surprising there. The more people use bitcoin, the least amount of people will use these giant crapola money transmitter services. Of course part of it because bitcoiners are educating more and more people about the advantages of bitcoin compared to traditional fiat transfer.


Bitcoin Gains Popularity as Fiat Systems Collapse into Uncertainty

It is not surprising. Bitcoin is much more stable than any fiat currency out there since it operates outside the government and financial institution. Of course in the hard hitting areas like Greece, Venezuela and some parts in Africa, bitcoin could thrive beyond belief. The only thing we as bitcoiners need to do is to educate people about bitcoin


China's Genetically Modified Food Dreams Face Bitter Harvest

In China, genetically modified crops are largely banned from food destined for dinner tables. Of course! The law in China is actually stronger than in any western world. This is to avoid public unrest. But despite the regulations, the knowledge that each farmers have are limited to the point that they will grow whatever can generate more profits to


How to CPU Mine Some Popular Cryptocurrencies

Well, in the beginning, back in 2013, I used to mine dogecoin and litecoin along with other smaller crypto with my laptop. Of course the result is small and sometimes insignificant due to the fact that I enter the race quite late where the hashrate already high. But, if you want to experience and learn how to mine crypto, like the article said, Min


BitcoinTalk's Theymos On Free And Open Discussions

Okay Justin, I take your opinion seriously. But IMHO, Theymos was right in many things. Not only he censored lots of non bitcoin comment, but some of those comments are just trolls and do not constitute a very educative comment. Of course the forum TOS is clear. The discussion must be about bitcoin. Moreover under subreddit /r/bitcoin, lots of thos


The secret war in Japan's sushi industry

That is one of the biggest problem in sticking with a tradition. The people should realize that the spread of the cuisine is faster than the expert itself. If it takes more than 10 years to become a sushi chef, then most of the sushi restaurant worldwide is not run by a real sushi chef. Of course their number is stagnant too due to the tradition an


A New Economic System for a World in Rapid Disintegration

The only problem in the contemporary period is that the class struggle raging on has been largely one-sided, with capitalists doing all the attack and the working classes taking all the blows. That exactly what the world condition right now. Silently, there is a cast system in the world where the upper 1% is controlling the other 99% through polic


If Only Spain Embraced Bitcoin and Zero Governance

One biggest problem with the Spaniards is that they do not realize that soon or later, their entire government will collapse. Spain, Portugal and Italy could be next that will secede from the EU although Italy is unlikely. Spain is a combination of multiple kingdom. It has been like that for centuries. And now, even the Catalonia and the Basque has


How Hard Is It To Be A Millennial Entrepreneur In Asia?

What I find particularly exciting is that some of the most successful young entrepreneurs I encountered from the 30 Under 30 list and at the mushrooming startup events around Asia, seem to be motivated by passion, rather than money. That's the reason why Oriental entrepreneur is different than in the west. Lots of them are not money motivated. They

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