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What Twitter can tell you about your stereotypes

"Real Men Don't Say Cute"! Of course they don't. Hey, who want to expose themselves on Twitter. Even bots do not react like that. I partially agree with the the issue of educational level and bots here. The one that make the bots could be educated, but it doesn't meant that such person understand the emotion of the other party. AI is still a long w


Migrant Workers Attract Remittance Startup Bitspark to Southeast Asia

Well, they kinda behind. There already bitcoin dot co, BitX, and others that already planted their root in Southeast Asia. In fact, they have a better market if they can enter the US. Of course entering the US market doesn't mean that they can do it easily, go to their neighbor first like countries in Central America then educate their people. Besi


The Indian caste where wives are forced into sex work

This is the reason why humanity must change. As you can see, this is similar to the Roma in Europe or now, they are facing refugee from middle east that doing the same thing. As a nomadic tribe, agriculture or animal husbandry are normally their primary jobs. Of course when you move from one place to another, the needs of money is becoming an issue


Yes I do have a job!

Yes, I do have a job. You see that every morning I do a typical house chores like sweeping the mop then washing the dishes after I eat or doing the laundry. If that not consider a job, then humanity is in deep trouble. Job doesn't have to be remunerated with money. But if the intention is to pay for your education, then that's a different type of j


The many ways lasers help us see the world more clearly

For over 50 years since it's invented, only now that people start appreciate the application of lasers. One thing that people still afraid is the radiation or the negative implication of it toward life form. Of course, with proper education, those things are no longer a hindrance. Still it's expensive to generate a powerful and safe laser for scien


Age 16 is fair enough

I think it will be hard for any parent to stop their kids from engaging in the act of dating especially in their early teenage years and i do not think just setting an age limit would be of much help. For me at age 16, i can allow my kids have dates but under wise monitoring like talking them into bringing their respective dates home so i can know


International Interest in Bitcoin Payments on the Rise in the Marketing Sector

Of course. Imagine that you can have e-commerce that serves all over the world by using bitcoin as a medium of payment. Then you do not need to worry about the fees and foreign exchange fluctuations anymore. As much as they want to market their product, the mindset of the people must be change through education. In fact, those are more powerful sin


India Economy Falls into Chaos - Dollar Rise in Huge Demand

The reason that Indian is not ready for bitcoin is because most of them prefers cash and gold as a safer way to keep their assets. Hey, it's not often that India printing the new currency denomination. Of course this already created a chaos. In fact, there are other option such as bitcoin, except the educational and background level of the populati


Robots Will Take Two-Thirds of All Jobs In the Developing World, UN Says

Of course! Automation is inevitable to the point that it will take over the low skills, labor intensive jobs. The question is how in the world the people are going to do? Education is the most important part in your life. It's an ongoing process to the point that learning is a continuous process until the day you died. Never stop learning and alway


'Sold like cows and goats': India's slave brides

The problem is not politics, cultures, law or traditions within the locals communities. This is more toward lack of empathy against other human being. Even if the government outlaw human trafficking, this thing would still occurs in the rural areas due to poverty and the needs of money. In fact, educating them is the key solution. Of course if they

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