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Scheduled Scaling Updates for the Bitcoin Network Are Getting Closer

I got a feeling that some of the miners that already support segwit2x will turn back and cancel it once it hit the threshold node. As of now, the support for original segwit already reaches 60% and they are not stopping yet. Most core devs are not supporting segwit2x since it has 2MB block hard coded on it while the original segwit is not even full


Top Secret? Bitcoin Scaling Plan Segwit2x Leaves More Questions Than Answers

I think the idea is to activate Segwit first. The proposal is actually want to make the Segwit activation quicker and then work together to increase the block size. But whether core developer will increase the block size after Segwit implementation is yet to be known. After all, isn't that statement listed on the //l[2] means.


Which Universities Are Offering Blockchain Courses?

You know, consider that the number of experts in this world are very rare, I wonder if they are really comprehensive when they offers this course. But make no mistake, it's still in infancy and it's still a long way to go. On the other hand, if you truly willing to do it, you could learn yourself on the internet by downloading the bitcoin core mas


SegWait Is Over! Bitcoin Network Shows 80 Percent Support For Segwit-2x

The Segwit-2x is guaranteed that the current Segwit core by Wuille will be implemented and then proceed with the 2 MB block in the near future. That was the agreement. But if the network already signal over 70%, I think we could hit 80 or even 90 by August 1, 2017. That means we will be looking at bigger block next year.


Bitcoin Miners Are Signaling Support for the New York Agreement: Here's What that Means

As of today, over 80 percent of miners (by hash power) are including the letters "NYA" in the blocks they mine. This follows the publication of letters ( translation ) in which a group of Chinese Bitcoin companies - notably including most mining pool operators - announced that they would signal support for " the New York Agreement ." Here's what th


Bitcoin Core 0.14.2 released

New Bitcoin core has been released. They had fixed the old module where people still using UpnP. The module was disabled back in v10 where lots of Win virus masked itself as UPNPC system call. Among other is the fix on the bitcoin smart fees due to the last month fiasco. This one will show the final fees calculation before you send it, so you can a


Bitcoin Scaling Proposal Segwit-2x Moves Ahead With Initial Code Release

The deadline is on August 1, 2017. And right now is the third week of June. Do you think people that already switch or signal the original Segwit core would be easily be swayed away? As of June 18, 2017, there about 70% of the entire 7000 bitcoin nodes already using the Segwit core. What's the odds that the other 10% will switch to it to fulfill th


Coinbase to White Hat Hacker: We Don't Want Your Bitcoin

First, Coinbase is heavily regulated. Anyone who has a good common sense and a crypto enthusiast should know better especially this guy. Secondly, "white hacker" my sweet end! A hacker should know how to use bitcoin core. Worse, this dude is not even a script kiddies. He used his mommy's name to open an account at Coinbase! Duh! At least he become


Chinese Mining Pools Support Segwit-2x and aim for Activation by July 31st

You know I never get this political BS among miners man! Seriously, the core already have Segwit, now these people wants Segwit-2x or Segwit part deux! Why we can't get along and proceed with the Segwit implementation instead of putting people in limbo all the time. Fartsniffer2x... I like that Swayzeghost!


Amazing Facts About Samsung Galaxy S7 That Could Make You Fall In Love With The Phone

As for those who could not afford the newly released Samsung galaxy s8 can still go for the previous release, Samsung galaxy s7, the difference between them is not quite much but for durability and little functionalities, it is lesser that the new release. Here are some of the high specifications of the phone. Samsung Galaxy S7 is powered by 1.6GHz

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