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Entrepreneur ( sent you 0 files

DotLoop Entrepreneur ( sent you 0 files in an email. 6 Hard-core Steps to Take to Retire at 50 peoplework, not paperwork dotloop is the largest network in real estate where over 900,000 professionals come together to get work done. 700 Pete Rose Way, 4th floor, Cincinnati OH. Call us at 1 (513) 257-0551 Message ID: 99


Ex-Citibank IT bloke wiped bank's core routers, will now spend 21 months in the clink

Aha ha ha! What so stupid is this meatballs intentionally do it while working on the Citibank in Texas. Moreover, he was bragging that he's the one that do it. Of course this would give a moral lesson to the company that not only outside hacker can do it, even their internal employee can do more damage than an international hacker. Duh!


Veteran Tor Contributor Exits, Takes Critical Node Down

Well, looks like another core-dev of one of the popular browser for privacy is leaving the project. After Applebaum, now Green will also leave. I don't think it will affect the node since lots of those codes are open source and I'm pretty sure they will pick up the slack. But in my opinion, this got something to do with politics more than just tech


Steem Provokes Doubt of Market Observers

Hmm! I think this is more like a Pyramid scheme. Despite it's decentralized in nature, but the core-dev admin is maintaining all of the steems. I don't know what you guys think, but I can see that this protocol has some questions that I think they hide it from us. If most of the alt-coiners buffs do not agree with it, then it's alarming.


Zurich Falls Behind in Bitcoin Adoption and Fintech Development

What do we care? Even if other cities has been aware of the situation and try to adopt bitcoin as a method to entice tourist and fintech investment, Zurich is still laden with the old tradition of fiat currency. After all, who doesn't know about the core of Swiss bank where secrecy is kept closely guarded. Issue is much more political rather than e


No Man's Sky devs meeting with Dutch company to discuss patent claims

Hello Games will talk to the company accusing them of using their Superformula in the game. Last week , No Man's Sky developer Hello Games came under fire for potentially using a patented Superformula to create the unique procedural generation system that's at the core of the game.


'No Scaling Agreements' Planned for July Bitcoin Industry Event

Hell ya! If segregated witness is fully operational, the scalability issue that has been plagued the core developers for the last 3 years will be out of question. In fact, the old BIP 102 where the block size will be increased to 2MB is already in place and just need to be deployed if necessary. Better to enjoy the day and do some cultural exchange


Former Google Engineer Develops Blockchain Core OS for Banks

Fundamentally, the Vault OS kernel helps run the core funds of the bank on a centralized and permissioned cryptographic ledger. Isn't that what Mikey and his R3 working right now? Developing a permissioned and centralized blockchain ledger to replace the current ACH and SWIFT system. The article just scratch the surface although it could be interes


UK Gov’t is Trialling the Blockchain for Welfare & Pensions

GovCoin Systems brought together a team with deep expertise in core financial services infrastructure and global transaction services to build a platform with the potential to improve people’s lives. Another government bull cookies? Who are these experts that claimed they are deep in core financial service infrastructures and global transact


How Big Should Bitcoin Blocks Be? Depends on Your Values

Interesting editorial if I might say, especially it comes from the senior editor at the Cato Institute. Of course the application of Lightning Network will push back the bitcoin scalability issue until further notice. But the network itself is fine and despite most of the core developers and the miners couldn't reach consensus on the block size, th

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