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South Africa Loves Bitcoin

The biggest adoption in South Africa seems to be investors using it as a store of wealth. If investor would like to keep bitcoin, then BitX is not their logical choice. This Singapore based company is similar to Bitfinex which is providing a hot address as a temporary trading address. If they do, they should opt for bitcoin core or even a cold wall


Gavin Andresen Causes A Stir With Controversial Ethereum Nodes Comments

After all, he was fooled by Craig Wright into thinking he was Satoshi Nakamoto, although the evidence presented could have fooled other people as well, in most cases. Well, since Buntinx put it that way on his final sentence of this article, then it ain't matter what Gav's said. He already create a stir among the core devs that made him get kicked


A Controversial Bitcoin Alternative is Seeking a Comeback

It ain't matter. The key is the number of miner that actually adopt the system. Of course one or two might try and see what happen. But based on the miner network so far, 150 nodes out of over 6000 that runs bitcoin core, the campaign will be longer than what it takes.


Dissent in Bitcoin Community Become Visible, NodeCounter Voices its Opinion

I saw that earlier when I checked the first block that bitcoin dot com claimed was mined by using bitcoin unlimited software instead of bitcoin core. It think this PSA is motorized by Ver and his cronies due to the fact that they were so adamant to increase the block size and was proud that bitcoin unlimited finally mined a block.


Google Penguin Released, Now Running Real-Time in Google's Core Algorithm

Really! The question now, what are Google Penguin parameters to increase the rank of the site? I know backlinks are considered worthless, but the content itself could be masquerade with their own G-Ads placements. Another thing is that even if this is now running in real time, what is the timing process in reality.


First Block Mined With Bitcoin Unlimited Gets to China in Milliseconds

Really? This article is more like opinion and not a news. Only about 150 nodes in the world that runs on bitcoin unlimited. You can see the full distribution of the entire bitcoin miners worldwide here: //l[3]. The first block of bitcoin unlimited can be seen here: //l[2]. Of course it's nothing compare to the number of bitcoin core nodes worldwide


German Economic Outlook Weakens Along With Eurozone; Investors Eye Fresh CPI Figures

If the German i slowing down, then the entire EU will be slow too. The reason is that Germany has been the backbone of the entire EU economic output. In fact, not only 70% of their economic output are in the service industry, but also manufacturing are the core of their industry. But if China dwarfing them then their foreign investment especially i


Podcast: Christopher Jeffrey - Bitcoin Bike-Shed

I found out that BCoin is quite reliable system. The only thing that I'm concern is that they are recording the entire public key that is loaded into the chain. Interestingly, they are implementing most of the BIP even before it being integrated into the bitcoin core. Seems like a tester node, but so far, it serves the purposes. One more interestin


Ethereum Devs Applaud the Audience at Devcon's Closing

How you are going to have a blockchain in a cloud system without being worried of getting hacked? The concept of ethereum blockchain is "smart contract". I don't think it's smart if you have it run on Microsoft cloud system where the core of the OS is so buggy.


Bank of England Considers Blockchain Compatibility for Settlement Service

"It is however unlikely that this technology will prove sufficiently mature to form the core of the next generation of RTGS itself." WTF! Even the current RTGS system is screw up! RTGS or Real Time Gross Settlement system supposedly operating in "Real Time"! Do they operate in real time? Nope! And the statement that bitcoin blockchain as a "however

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