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Natasha Annie Tonthola: My fight against Malawi's 'hyenas'

Sometimes, tradition or local custom or tribal law override the national law. The only thing that they can do is to push for government intervention so this thing can be changed. On the other hand, if the mindset of the people is still stuck on the old ways, then it would be harder to implement. Even with a great education but custom is the hardest


Is a Decentralized Internet the Solution to Outages?

Yes, of course. When it was first designed, the internet is supposedly a decentralized platform, but one by one, it was taken control by big boys. As the technology mature, the idea of decentralization is coming up again. But the core of it is mathematically harder than saying it. Yes, the Geo location topology is harder to implement rather than ca


European Banks Fall Behind Wall Street in the Blockchain Race

The reason is they are still being controlled by the old core that thinks that they can rule the world. Heck no! In fact, they are begging the EU government to outlaw bitcoin or any digital currency with massive campaign to spread the news about its illicit activity. ECB is dying and so its derivatives in every EU countries. They probably will not


Roger Ver Thinks OneCoin is a Scam

He thinks! Most of core devs and bitcoiners already reach that conclusion three months ago. Why now? Another Ver comment to make more credibility for his evangelism efforts. Try to reinvent the wheel to make it better but a wheel is still a wheel no matter what.


Bitcoin Price Surges as Chinese Miner Conference Concludes

Nope! This got nothing to do with the Chinese Miner Conference. I know that they have a small meeting in inland China but the price jump on bitcoin got nothing to do with them In fact, the core miner will still adopt the v13.1 with Segwit in it and the ViaBTC still fooling around with the BU.


The Rise of ViaBTC: How A Mysterious Miner Could Decide Bitcoin's Future

Well, rumor said it was backed by Bitmain, the ASIC chip maker in China. But most the antminers are equipped with Bitmain ASIC chip anyway. I think this what happen by X-mas this year. The Segwit will be implemented by 90% of the miners that use bitcoin core on November 15, 2016. Then once its fully runs two week after, ViaBTC could mine an orphane


Bcoin: A 'Menace to the Network' or an Enrichment of the Bitcoin Ecosystem?

I consider this (//l[3]) as a menace to the network. Even Mr. N already stated back in 2010 on bitcoin talk (//l[2]). There is no way you can do consensus protocol with JavaScript! Even core developer Peter Todd agreed to it. One satoshi different between one node to another will create a mess throughout the chain.


Yours Introduce World's First Micropayments Wallet, Inspired by Bitcoin Core's Lightning

Good for them. The problem is just I can hardly wait to test this platform rather than reading about it. And I agree with the author assessment on steemit. The idea is noble and grandeur, but the system behind it, is still having more questions than answers.


Global Banks Test Ripple's Digital Currency in New Blockchain Trial

12 member banks of blockchain consortium R3CEV have completed a series of trials using distributed ledger startup Ripple's native asset, XRP. Aha ha ha! 3 years in the making and they are using Ripple all of a sudden? Duh! What the heck Gav, Hearns and the rest of their cronies doing for the past 3 years? I though they used to be a bitcoin core dev


Ethereum Forks But Blockchain Attacks Keep On Coming

"A successful hard fork round two would resolve this for the short and medium term as it would make the state possible to put in memory again," Duh! They underwent two hard fork already and the third is coming up in a short time period? People will ask the credibility of the network nonetheless. In fact, they probably raised a question whether the

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