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Samsung Actively Investigates Blockchain For its Core Operations

Another hearsay that could be a vaporware. But I give a credit to them since they are capable of doing it. What I want to see is how they can create a peer to peer network among user that use Samsung phone. Thus making it as a new standard for internet connection. Difficult yes, but it's not impossible. But for financial product, there are other th



Applicants must submit scores on an approved core test of mathematics, language art and writing. This requirement can be satisfied by taking the following: the ACT plus the ACT writing test


Blockchain Executives Sign Pledge to Address Governance Issues

There is a difference between government and governance. Government could not control bitcoin since it's outside their jurisdiction. But governance in the community is held by the consensus. Even miners and core development couldn't beat that since it might backfired if they break the consensus. Ethereum is a perfect example of it, despite the tech


Blockstream Won, Says Bitcoin Miner in Blocksize Debate

Does the author has a bone to pick with Maxwell here? It seems like it. Let me give you something, you might not get response from Maxwell or any other core devs, but from other people from the financial system point of view. This shows that your depth of knowledge about bitcoin is too shallow. Furthermore, why bother answering someone from busines


Kuwait to cut hundreds of expat teachers

This is stupid. They hired these expats as a substitute teacher from a long time ago due to contract with other country. But, the locals never catch up with them, to the point that when you hire expats, you should learn from them and not using them all the time. This shows that teachers in the country are lazy to learn. It's an irony that the core


What Venture Capitalists Need to Know before Investing in Bitcoin

Good article. At least I agree with most of author points here. It's true that most of startup are redundant since they are not providing anything new other than a better UI/UX for user. But for bitcoiners, they are sticking with one wallet only, the one that they hold their private key. If VC interested to jump into the bandwagon, VC should invest


Attack On Krypton a 'Dry Run' For Ethereum?

Let this be a lesson on many alt-coin especially a startup one since it's easy to attack by buying a hash power from the third party. What interesting is that the hacker rollback the transaction afterwards to prove their theory that ethereum based blockchain is not immutable by some sorts. This is similar to the Ethereum after the hard fork. While


Blockchain: It's not just for finance anymore

The blockchain is basically an encrypted database system where the main core value is immutable and verifiable ledger. Like the article above, of course the blockchain could be used for many applications. The concept of verified ledger make it possible to transmit data from one place to another without worrying about the truthfulness of data. The q


Bitcoin Unlimited Roadmap Includes Incentivized Network Nodes

Actually, you can configure your SPV into a full pledged node without running a mining subroutine with bitcoin core. If you want to make it easy, just download the bitseed core. It's developed by MIT and it's allow you to charge the fees based on what you predetermined before. Of course in term of scalability, bitcoin unlimited core is less popular


How a Cryptographer Named After Harry Potter's Archenemy is Helping Solve Bitcoin's Biggest ...

I read his paper. This could be breakthrough and the chat over the network is also positive. The primary issue is that the v13 soon to be deployed and if this theory which is an improvement over Mr. N original paper, could be implemented on the next version of the core, this could be awesome. For the time being, the core dev is looking at another a

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