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Xapo is an online Bitcoin wallet, right? No, I don't use it. I use the program Bitcoin Core, which is the original Bitcoin wallet. I just feel like my Bitcoins aren't safe in an online wallet, since technically the owner of the site can run away with everyone's money any time they choose. It's safer to use an offline wallet.


Republicans Asking For Investigation On Federal Employees Using Encryption App Signal

What a nuts! They do not want anything escape from them. They even sent a stupid letter (//l[2]) to the EPA. Less than a handful core EPA employees are using Signal encryption at this moment according to //l[3]. But the government want to know everything on their phone so they do not miss if this people are spilling their beans even in the toilet.


Blizzard Retires Classic Cards In Anticipation Of New Hearthstone Season

Blizzard announced changes today to the Hearthstone standard and wild sets in anticipation of 2017, which it dubs the "Year of the Mammoth." Several core Hearthstone cards are being retired from the competitive scene, in order to open up new options for deck construction. Read more... ..


My Favorite Laptop

I have actually used series of laptops from different manufacturers but none has ever beat an HP product I used. Elite book core I5 has been my favorite laptop, it's strong, metallic, run on 2.4ghz processor, 4gb ram, 500hd and a good 9 cell battery. I really missed this laptop


We are living in the world that....

We are living in the world that has been taken by evil wizards. The entertainment industry has been taken by the Weinstein Brothers. The gold market has been taken by the Rothschilds. The oil market has been taken by the US. .... The internet has ..... Anyway, this evil genius underestimated the people. Let's assume the world is the matrix that com


Hazeltine 2000

The only terminal you'll never need and the core memory made it really cool! The Hazeltine 2000 terminal was introduced in October, 1970 at a price of $2,995. In April, 1977 the price was reduced to $1,950.


Complete Review on SegWit vs. Bitcoin Unlimited: Arguments and Clarity

Well, some of these argument doesn't make sense at all. As much as I'm on the core side, I support Segwit more than BU. Similar to Antonopoulos sentiment that Segwit will lay down the path for future improvement of bitcoin network compares to the BU.


'Dangerous, Reckless': DCG's SegWit Reflections Get Tepid Response

I completely agree with the article here especially the argumentation from BeautyOn on medium. The facts that most people do not understand the core or even Segwit then try to advocate them by adding some spices into the discussion creates more and more FUD among bitcoiners. Why don't these wide open mouth people are just shut up and leave the core


Should ViaBTC Stop Opposing Segregated Witness for Bitcoin Scaling?

They should! The problem seems to be that their top level apps that speed up the transaction still corroded their mind. The fact that it's just a top level and do not enter the bitcoin's blockchain shows that it still useless in the long run. Moreover, more and more miners are supporting the Segwit core anyway. The longer they wait, the more fall u



No, I don't like the current education system. In the United States currently, we have common core. Common core is just horrible. It makes the kids spend more time explaining their answers than it does actually having them work. I've seen many schools where the correct answer isn't even for credit. The work is all that matters. That's not how it is

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