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Yahoo, ACLU Press US Government Declassify Secret Surveillance Orders

When you or your company enter the PRISM program or FISC, it's becoming a don't tell don't say policy. Why? Because all of those conversations were made behind the closed doors. Even the court is met behind the closed doors without anyone knowing it. I don't think the government needs to explain the reason why they want Yahoo to scan all emails. On


The Obama-Clinton banana republic - Washington Times

I think it's more than just banana republic. Like many other normal people on the street, their lack of understanding about security follows all the way to the number one person in the country. Hoping to have conversation through private email like this might not be in the hand of FBI, but it's in the hand of everyone else in the world. No wonder t



Uber walk is a term we (my boyfriend and I) just made every time we walk while holding each other hands. Walking is my favorite way to go when traveling. It is also a good way of exercising without noticing it. I also find it a great way of being familiar with a place. While you are walking, you can notice more things, appreciate the beauty of the


250 Quality Conversation Starters: The Only List You'll Need

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In the upcoming hours or days there will be a significant system update. In general the changes won't have any effect on user interactions (except for grubs, bugs, aliens and/or weasels lost in the code). So, please bear with us during the first few days. Of particular note for users include the following: Chat nickname All nicknames in the chat w



A website is an online combinations of variety of web pages. You can even have your own website for free or for a fee. A website depends on the owners perspective, purpose and the way the owner wanted it to be. It could be a place where the owner can dump all his files for sharing, something where he can blog or engage in conversation, for promotio

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