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Press Releases: Remarks After Meeting With Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi

Remarks After Meeting With Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi Remarks John Kerry Secretary of State Cairo, Egypt April 20, 2016 Well, let me express what a pleasure it is for me to be back in Cairo. I’m very grateful to President al-Sisi and Foreign Minister Shoukry for their welcome and for the serious conversation that we just engaged


Greg Maxwell: Lightning Network Better Than Sidechains for Scaling Bitcoin

Over the past year or two, the main topic of conversation in the Bitcoin community has been how the system is going to eventually scale to millions or billions of users. Two concepts often brought up during these sorts of discussions are the Lightning Network and sidechains .


Feeling Healthy: A Reading List from Open Book Night

Our conversation about FEELING HEALTHY at Open Book Night in April tended toward books on eating well and understanding the industry and labeling around food in America. We also thought about gardens and ways to find peace with past trauma in our lives.  Open Book Night meets at the Mid-Manhattan Library on the second Friday evening of the mon


Constitutional Court deprives security service of surveillance access keys

What is the access keys? What constitute an access keys? So they can still tap to other people conversation and record it but can't match it to the people databases? this means that they won’t have a right to copy and store data that may identify individuals. Looks that way, but it won't stop the Secret Security Service, moreover, they are n


David Kirsh to speak on the cognitive value of working with tools and the physical world

On Thursday, April 28, the MIT International Design Center (IDC) is hosting a design conversation featuring David Kirsh, professor and past chair of the Department of Cognitive Sciences at the University of California at San Diego. Kirsh will bring his decades of experience studying how manipulable objects become interactive tools for thought to th


The Untold Story of the Teen Hackers Who Transformed the Early Internet

On October 12th, 1983, Bill Landreth called his friend Chris in Detroit to chat. Chris frantically explained that the FBI had raided his house. “Don’t call me anymore,” Chris said in what would be a very short conversation.


Total conversion mod brings the moon to ARK: Survival Evolved

Ark Moon Survival is a new mod for ARK: Survival Evolved. ARK: Survival Evolved mods keep getting better.


Verizon CWA & IBEW Union Members Go on Strike: America's Communications Future is at Stake. - Huffington Post

Well, there it is! Typical workers union who think that they are in the customer side. The one that need to be examine is their superior officers. Verizon and AT&T doesn't want to fix customer line if they still use copper. They want customer to upgrade to fiber as soon as possible. But on the other hand, the regulations mention that both of compan


Here are all the Facebook Messenger bots we know about so far - Engadget

Holy crap! Now, you're not talking to real human while doing business with company that has interface through Facebook. You are talking to a bot who will take care your problem,... unless the bot is crappy and stuck. Of course there is a thin line between human reasoning and AI, but for a time being, seems like AI has beat human in this case becaus


Jim Rickards on Why Bitcoin Is a Legitimate Money

Jim Rickards , the New York Times best-selling author of Currency Wars and The Death of Money , recently discussed his latest book, The New Case for Gold , during a hangout. Although the majority of the conversation focused on Rickards’ new book, the economic commentator also shared some thoughts on Bitcoin.

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