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Conversion to local currency

We'll probably have the same answers on this question. I was introduced to bitcoin by a fried last July 2016. My greatest moment in bitcoin history so far was probably the time when I get to accumulate a lot of satoshi and was able to convert it to our local currency. Though it was just a minimal amount, still I find it very grateful that I can hav


Self-Driving Cars Don't Need Uber, They Need Digital Cash

Of course. Even if Uber and Lyft takes bitcoin in several places on the planet, the transaction or the bitcoin to local currency conversion is still being maintain by a centralized databases. I'd love to see where a self driving car take payment directly from its user. But it's still a long way to go since the technology is still far from perfect a


Bitcoin's history deserves to be better preserved

If the IRC log on bitcoin is being manipulated or altered, there are several sites that maintain such conversation among core devs. (Official IRC doesn't maintain log or record of conversation) Of course BitcoinStats is one of them, but even with Wayback Machine, those logs still can have a hole in it. I agree with the author here. But back then, o


Chat room behavior and Borating

There are various chat rooms here and each may present their own standards. A chat room may be "open" meaning that anyone may participate unless they are specifically excluded. Other chat rooms may be "closed" meaning that only those users invited to participate may do so. This post will deal with only the chat rooms: Lobby, and Borat. Borat is a c


Conversation between two dolphins recorded for the first time. But what did they say?

Wow! We knew that dolphins can talk to each other but now the scientists are saying that dolphins can make sentences with their individual sound pulses like a human does. Each of their sound pulses are unique and meaningful which make the dolphins language similar to human. Not only that, according to the scientist Vyacheslav A Ryabov, their langua


Revenge Porn Facebook Page Returns As Private Facebook Group Chat

Well, this is quite interesting. Not that I get all this but I find interesting those screen shot of their conversation. Also I laughed so hard when one guy said it in group chat like: the cops are on to us.] and then they all left, LMAO.


eMarketer FYI ( sent you 0 files

From: "eMarketer FYI" ("eMarketer FYI" (, To: "Williams Gardner" ("Williams Gardner" (bill), Cc: DotLoop eMarketer FYI ( sent you 0 files in an email. Webinar: How to Increase Conversions 18x with Mobile peoplework, not paperwork **IMG** dotloop is the largest network in real estate where over 900,000 professio


Tuur Demeester Defends Theymos' Censorship of The Bitcoin Community

The issue is that there are many people in /r/bitcoin who thinks that they talk about bitcoin doesn't know anything about scalability issue. Thus Ver and his cronies are creating a new thread called /r/btc to discuss the matter concerning bitcoin scaling. I agree with Theymos. Of course the community can enrich the conversation about the problem. B


China wants to monitor and control live streaming in real time

Wow! This is bad. I personally take some free lecture in Chinese language since I want to learn the language. What about the people who gives listening and conversational Chinese over Skype or some sorts. Besides, do they think any dissident will use video conferencing to spread their materials. Heck no! Not even a criminal will do it.


Bitwala's Altcoin Embrace Sees Service Reverting to Bitcoin

Well, what they said is not what happen in reality. Lack of participation in alt-coin should make Bitwala drop the alt-coin completely and concentrate on bitcoin. This is actually a preferred moves since they signed an agreement with Shapeshift to convert alt-coin to bitcoin. I think Bitwala should continue support bitcoin only. Forget about alt-co

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